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Tempting the devil episode 26 – 28

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( Bounded With You )

By, Cisca. H.

Chapter 26:

Wh£n th£ door f!nally opened after a h£ll of two m!nutes, th£y entered th£ room.

Natalie [email protected] !n amazement as $h£ sighted th£ treasures stored !n th£re.

” Wow, th¡s is so beautiful.” Immediately h£ looked at h£r, and $h£ realized what $h£ had j√$t said.

” So what now?” $h£ asked h¡m.

” That’s th£ treasure. ” h£ po!nted to a gla$$ box with a black box conta!ned !n it.

What’s !n th£re? $h£ thought to h£rself.

h£ took ©vt h¡s phone from h¡s pocket, dial!ng !n a number. ” Wh£re are you?” h£ asked th£ receiver.

” I’m on my way.” Said th£ voice.

” Hurry up, we’ve got no time to waste. I’m at th£ second floor, meet me th£re.”

” Yes, boss.”

Not less than three m!nutes, th£ door opened, Tony walked !n. Natalie was surprised to see h¡m as well as Tony with a bag !n h¡s [email protected]

Th£y never expected to meet each oth£r… tonight. ” What are you do!ng h£re?” h£ asked !n a wh¡sper.

” It’s complicated and… it’s a long story. ” Tony gave h£r a question!ng look, ” Not really complicated tho. ”

Draco was done pack!ng th£ diamonds !nto th£ bag pack, replac!ng it with th£ fake ones which weren’t attractive like th£ orig!nal ones.

” Take it to th£ warehouse, I’ll meet you th£re any moment.” h£ said to Tony who took th£ bag from h¡m.

h£ offered Natalie a glance with a soft smirk, before leav!ng. Natalie blu$h£d that $h£ didn’t notice Draco stare at h£r.

” Let’s get ©vt of h£re.” h£ said to h£r, br!ng!ng h£r [email protected]¢k to reality.

h£ pressed th£ numbers, caus!ng th£ door to open, th£ made th£ir way to th£ elevator.

” Now that you have th£ diamonds, what now?” $h£ asked.

” We have to get th£ phone [email protected]¢k to its owner. And you’re gonna do that. ”

Natalie scoffed. ” No way am I do!ng that aga!n. ”

” Of course, you have to. You don’t expect me to do that myself, do you? It’s only gonna create suspicion and you know what that means.

Whatever game you ₱|@yed to get th£ phone, you’ll have to do th£ same to return it [email protected]¢k. ”

$h£ gave h¡m a ‘ are you serious’ look. ” Whatever. ”

Th£re was an uncomfortable silence b£tweeΠ th£m… Silent Mood Activated.

Th£ elevator stopped for a while, ” What j√$t happened?” $h£ asked.

” klzz me.” h£ said, look!ng at Natalie who scoffed.

” You say what? ” $h£ snapped.

” j√$t do it.”

” No way. You don’t expect I…” h£ paused h£r with a klzz.

At first, Natalie’s eyes widened !n shock, h£r h£art b**t!ng f*ster and f*ster as h¡s white face came up to h£r own.

So $h£ waited, listen!ng for a moment longer to th£ tun!ng fork that had been struck upon a star. Th£n $h£ klzzed h¡m.

h¡s l¡ps were soft, almost silken, and pillowy aga!nst h£rs. $h£ could feel th£ soft tickle of h¡s breath beneath h£r nose, f!ng£rs card!ng through h£r hair as th£y breath£d each oth£r !n.

Th£ elevator door opened, th£n a cough was h£ard. ” Uhm… Sorry. I’ll j√$t wait.” Th£n th£ door closed [email protected]¢k.

h£ broke th£ klzz, s1©wly ₱v||!ng h¡s face off h£rs. Th£ir eyes fixed to each oth£r, and for a while Natalie thought $h£ was dream!ng.

” Sorry, that was th£ only way to get h¡m distracted.”

” How did you know some one was com!ng? ” $h£ asked !n a low voice.

” I have a detector with me.”

Th£ rest of th£ir stay !n th£ elevator became quiet that Natalie was pray!ng th£y could j√$t get to th£ ground floor already.

F!nally th£ elevator door open and $h£ didn’t h£sitate, $h£ walked ah£ad of h¡m. ” I th!nk I should have th£ phone now.”

h£ took it ©vt from h¡s side pocket, [email protected]!ng it to h£r. ” I’ll be wait!ng at th£ car.” h£ told h£r.

$h£ left to th£ club arena, sitt!ng on th£ same chair $h£ had sat earlier with Gennaro.

Th¡s time $h£ pretended like $h£ was real busy with h£r phone, but was actually wait!ng for h¡m to notice h£r.

” F!nally, we meet aga!n.” h£ said, klzz!ng h£r ch£ek. ” I want you to meet my friends. Come on. ”

$h£ knew th¡s will end up happen!ng. Guess it’ll be a lot difficult to have th£ phone put !n it’s rightful place.

$h£ wanted to say no but… ended up say!ng a ” yes” to h¡m.

h£ h£ld h£r [email protected] as h£ took h£r to th£ section h¡s friends sat. ” Guys, I wanna !ntroduce to you all my lady for tonight.”

Natalie’s eyes widened but $h£ quickly replace it with a fake gr!n. ” Hi.” $h£ said, frustrated.

” Come, jo!n us.”

” Thank you.”

” You’ve gotten yourself a beautiful package, Gennaro. Wh£re did you get h£r from?” Asked one of h¡s friends.

” A gift from tonight. Guess I j√$t got my first luck.” Turns to h£r. ” You take alcohol?” h£ ask h£r.

$h£ shook, ” No, I don’t. ”

” You s¢ar£d you might get drunk?”

$h£ chuckled. “Nah, I’m allergic to th£ smell. ” $h£ picked h£r phone from h£r purse, go!ng through th£ phone sett!ngs.

$h£ c|¡¢ked on th£ r!ngtone, $h£ made sure it was loud enough for h¡m to h£ar. ” Excuse me, I gotta answer th¡s.”

” Okay, I’ll be wait!ng.”

” j√$t a second. ” That was how $h£ got h£rself freed from th£ bondage of Gennaro Lutor.

$h£ left th£ build!ng to wh£re th£y packed cars. $h£ search£d @r0vnd for h¡s car, not hav!ng each oth£r’s number would only makes th!ngs difficult.

Car light fla$h£s on h£r, $h£ covered h£r eyes from th£ rays, while it came forward to h£r direction.

$h£ hopped !n, ” what took you so long?” h£ asked, zoom!ng ©vt of th£ complex.

” It’s a long story.” h£ spared h£r a glance. ” And complicated. ”


~ [email protected]¢k AT Rh£ MANSION ~


Natalie stepped ©vt of th£ car, mak!ng h£r way !nto th£ build!ng. $h£ can’t believe $h£ h£lped a gangster lord… City of London’s most wanted for cry!ng ©vt loud!

And worst still, $h£ h£lped h¡m steal [email protected]¢k what belongs to h¡m. That wasn’t actually th£ft, or was it?

Guess $h£’s gonna write ab©vt h£rself too.

” Thank you.” $h£ made h£r way to h£r room but stopped at h¡s voice. If anyone would ever tell h£r that Drug Lords do show gratitude’s, $h£ wouldn’t believe it.

” It’s noth!ng.” $h£ forced h£rself to smile. ” Good night.” $h£ left to h£r room.


$h£ walked to th£ mirror, star!ng at h£rself. h£r f!ng£rs grazed h£r l¡ps, and it felt as if h£ was klzz!ng h£r.

Is th¡s all a dream? Or was it h£r th!nk!ng h£ actually did klzzed h£r??

Like, it all happened !n a second and th£n… Boom, th£re comes a klzz.

$h£ |¡¢ked h£r l¡ps, smil!ng like a psycho patient who j√$t escaped th£ psychiatric hospital after a long attempts which went !n va!n.

h£ j√$t klzzed h£r?

And even if $h£ never had a secret, th¡s has turned ©vt to be one.

( Bounded With You )

By, Cisca. H.

( A Short Chapter )

Chapter 27&28: Th£ DEAL.

Natalie ✓


I felt different s!nce today and I haven’t been th¡s s¢ar£d of anyth!ng or anyone.

It was so strong, surpressed me that I couldn’t do any th!ng, not even to type d©wΠ my article !nto th£ computer.

I spent half of my work!ng time sleep!ng and th£ rema!n!ng few do!ng what aga!n?… I don’t know.

Ruthie tapped my by my [email protected]¢k, and I jerked up forcefvlly like I had a weird nightmare.

” Geez, come on, it’s me, Ruthie. You look…” $h£ paused, study!ng h£r face. ” Have you been awake through ©vt th£ night? ” $h£ asked.

I managed to nod my h£ad. ” Try!ng to work on th£ article. Now, I’m feel!ng so lazy to type it. ” I said dully.

” You look stressed ©vt, and it’s all over your face. You really need to get some rest. ”

” I know, but I don’t th!nk I can. ”

” Why not? ” $h£ questioned.

” I’ve got to submit th¡s before th£ day ends, and I haven’t even made th£ title yet. ”

” Okay, don’t worry ab©vt typ!ng it, I’ll h£lp you. ”

” Ruthie no I… ”

” I’m not compla!n!ng. I’ll j√$t take it to my desk while you cont!nue with your… sleep. ”

As soon as $h£ left, immediately I dropped my h£ad [email protected]¢k on my desk, doz!ng off !n a count of three.


Th£ next m!nute it was already gett!ng dark. Ruthie came to wake me up, and I packed my stuffs to get go!ng.

” Wh..” I yawned tiredly. ” How ab©vt my article?” I asked as trailed to th£ elevator.

” I’m done typ!ng and it’s with Mr Thompson. ”

Natalie rose h£r dull eyebrow up, ” how long? ”

” Hours?” $h£ pressed th£ last button which led to th£ ground floor.

” Hours? Why didn’t anyone wake me up? Damn, Mr Thompson is gonna question me tomorrow. ” $h£ grunted.

” h£y, ” $h£ touch£d h£r [email protected] ” every th!ng is alright and no one is gonna question you tomorrow. I told h¡m what h£ needed to know. ”

” What did you tell h¡m? ”

” Th£ truth. ” Th£ elevator stopped with a beep!ng sound. It opened and th£y made th£ir way ©vt of th£ elevator ©vt of th£ build!ng.

$h£ grunted aga!n. ” Tell me you didn’t tell h¡m I’ve been sleep!ng all day ”

” Of course not, why would I say such to h¡m? Well, I told h¡m you were hav!ng a little fever and you’re currently on drugs now. So I had to type it all myself. ”

” You’re a pretty good liar, and you know that. ”

” Everyone says that. ”

Natalie and Ruthie went to one of th£ restaurant to eat some th!ng for d!nner.

Natalie had to use that means to get h£r shattered strength togeth£r. With th£ energy dr!nk $h£ took, $h£ was hop!ng for a good effect.

” Look, Nat, you need to get a cold shower and a good night sleep. Honestly, I don’t like th£ way you’ve been dull and quiet lately. I understand, that’s why I need you to get some rest.”

” I’ll try my best. ”

” Mm-mmm. Don’t try your best, j√$t do it. Besides, your so-called cous!n won’t query you for sleep!ng early, or will h£? ”

” My cous!n might sound and look bad but, h£ isn’t so stupid to th£ po!nt of depriv!ng me from my sleep. ”

” Better. ” h£r phone rang and $h£ picked it. ” h£y, aunty. ” After a short while, $h£ said ” Okay, give me a m!nute. Yeah, bye. ”

$h£ dropped it !n h£r bag. ” Is th£re a problem? ” I asked, notic!ng how $h£ ru$h£d on h£r rema!n!ng meal.

” Yeah, my aunt got a call from h£r office. $h£ said $h£ will be leav!ng !n th£ next five m!nutes and $h£ needs someone to ch£ck after h£r son. ”

” Oh, okay th£n. Let’s get go!ng. ” I left my rema!n!ng meal while Ruthie made sure $h£ ate at least m©r£ than some th!ng from it.

Honestly, I wasn’t hungry. I it wanted a chilled dr!nk to get my lost strength [email protected]¢k. I’m still wonder!ng how to cope with driv!ng both Ruthie and myself home.

F!nally, we got to h£r aunt’s place. $h£ had to repeat th£ same sermon aga!n. ” Take a nap and don’t forget to take a cold shower before that. ”

” I will. ”

” I’ve got eyes on you, so I’m gonna caught you wh£n you don’t do any of th£se.

” I’ve h£ard you.” $h£ shut th£ door after me, wav!ng cont!nuously.

” Don’t forget!” $h£ yelled as I started th£ car.

” I won’t.” Zoom!ng off.

I was driv!ng s1©wer than normal because wh£n I say I a!n’t gett!ng myself now, I’m damn serious.

I was ab©vt to make a turn to th£ last street which led to th£ Luciano’s mansion, a car barged at my front.

I match£d th£ brake forcefvlly, caus!ng th£ car to half with a great force that my h£ad hit th£ edge of th£ steer!ng wh£el.

I rose my h£ad up, th£ sp!nn!ng sound alarm!ng from th£ wound on my foreh£ad made me feel dizzy and pa!n th£ m©r£.

Th£y all hopped ©vt of th£ black car, com!ng to my direction. One of th£m opened th£ door, ₱v||!ng me ©vt.

I wish I could see th£m clearly but I couldn’t, every wh£re was dark to even see my feet.

Only th£ dim reflection of th£ street light and th£ car h£ad light which made it possible for me to see th£ir figure.

” W… who are you?” I asked fa!ntly.

” Take h£r to th£ car.”

” No… No. No!” I struggled with th£ little strength I had. Wh£n I saw I wouldn’t make it free from th£ir grip, I bit one of th£m by th£ wrist.

” F*ck!” h£ yelled angrily, [email protected]¢k slapp!ng me and h¡s [email protected] hit my nose so [email protected]

” Arrhhh!!” I s¢r**med !n pa!ns, touch!ng my nose to feel someth!ng cold and liquid roll!ng ©vt of it.

Th£ oth£r guy opened th£ door while h£ dragged me by my hair, toss!ng me to th£ [email protected]¢k seat. ” Get us ©vt of h£re.”

I didn’t stop struggl!ng despite how much th£y have hurt me, but it all settled d©wΠ wh£n th£y had a [email protected] placed on my nose.

I dozed off.


I woke up to th£ st!ngy pa!ns on my foreh£ad, [email protected]!ng pa!nfvlly as I try touch!ng it but was stopped by th£ cha!n tied @r0vnd my both wrists.

” F*ck!” I realized I was tied aga!nst a chair, I wouldn’t dare make it ©vt even if I have to struggle a million times.

I sigh£d !n frustration. ” F*ck!ng h£ll.” I cursed.

For th£ second time I was ambu$h£d for no reason at all. Won’t be surprise if it has to do with anoth£r gangster leader.

Speak!ng of a gangster leader, h£re comes th£ devil from th£ complex hall. Gennaro Lutor.

“h£llo, beautiful. It’s been a long time.” h£ stressed th£ words. ” You do remember me, don’t you? ”

I was wonder!ng why th£ bad guys who is after Draco always have me first, th£n th£ir victim sits h¡s a$$ at home not really concerned.

” If course you do remember me at th£ club two nights ago. I never thought you were so smart to turn on your r!ngtone.

I know what you did, that’s why I brought you h£ar. You might be smart, but not so smart enough. So, I’m gonna ask you, wh£re is my diamonds? ”

I didn’t say a word to h¡m, only spar!ng h¡m m©r£ than enough glances.

” I ask aga!n, wh£re did you take my diamonds to? I know you stole it,” wh£n h£ saw I wasn’t mak!ng any reaction, h£ smirked.

” Or else you aren’t th£ one who stole it, you were actually h£lp!ng some one to take it !nstead. So tell me, who is th¡s person you could risk your life for to steal my phone? ”

Even if h£ was gonna ask for th£ tenth time, I will still not give h¡m a damn answer.

” Talk to me! Do you know how much that cost? It’s worth a million to have you sold a thousand times!! ” h£ stormed, rubb!ng h¡s hair to th£ [email protected]¢k.

” I won’t ask you aga!n, and if you don’t give me an answer, I won’t h£sitate to strangle your throat !n halves. Who th£ h£ck were you h£lp!ng and wh£re th£ h£ck did you take my treasures to? ”

” Death?” Scoffs, chuckl!ng. ” You th!nk that word s¢ar£s me? You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to die,and strangl!ng me will be th£ most generous offer you’d ever give to me.

And do you know what I j√$t realized, if you kill me, th£ truth will die with me. And th£re’ll be no one to h£lp you get it [email protected]¢k.”

” What are you try!ng to say?”

” If you want to have th£ diamonds [email protected]¢k, th£n you need my h£lp.”

” Why will I trust you?”

” Because h£’s th£ son to my fath£r’s best friend and I know a lot ab©vt h¡m m©r£ than anyone.”

After a thoughtful while, h£ said. ” F!ne, I accept your h£lp. I give you forty eight hours to br!ng me th£ diamonds. If I don’t see it until th£n, both you and th£ one you h£lped will suffer for th¡s.” h£ threatened.

” Why don’t we make it a deal th£n?” $h£ suggested.

” Deal.”


Hold on… Wats Natalie up to🤔

To Be Cont!nued…

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