Tempting the devil episode 29 – 30

( Bounded With You )

By, Cisca. H.

Chapter 29&30:


Natalie spent the first twenty four hours thinking on how to get things done with and have the diamond in her possession.

She’s got twenty four hours left or else Gennaro will be having her dead.

She was beginning to regret why she had accepted to help Draco at the first place.

She always ends up being the first target for some thing she didn’t do.

She bit her first finger, pacing to and fro in her room. She’d sit down on her bed and when she notice she wasn’t feeling too comfortable, she’d pace again.

At work, she sat restless. Her mind was busy with how to get the diamonds and hand it over to Gennaro then continue her life like nothing ever happened.

Within this few months she’s been with Draco, life has been really complicated for her.

She thought of how to ask Tony for his help in getting into the warehouse without getting caught.

But on the other hand, Tony might end up asking her questions she doesn’t want to answer.

Or she might turn out putting him in trouble. She’s got a different plan.

She packed her stuffs hurriedly, first driving Ruthie to her home before she left to hers.

She checked on the time, she’s got more six hours to go before 48 hours is over.

She quickly had her bath, then a little makeup on. She changed to a black joggers and a black canvas with a black hoodie all to match.

She went to Tony’s apartment to check on him. He was almost done washing the car, only the carpets and tyres were still unwashed.

” Hey, Tony.” She called. He stopped washing, turning to look at her.

” Hey, Nat, what are you doing here?” He asked, surprised to see her.

” I need your help. ” She said.

” Okay. What help if I may ask.”

” I need to know the location of the warehouse. ” She requested.

He stared at her with a surprise look. ” Is there a problem?” He asked again.

” No, not at all. I was… I just wanna check on Draco, you know… ” and the rest of the words were difficult to say.

” Oh. ” He chuckled. ” Oh, I see.”

She grinned at him, surprised her plan would work. ” I’m not done with the washing but, I think we can still go with it. ”

” No, don’t bother, we can use my car. ”

” Okay. ” He stopped washing, drying his hands on a dried rag. ” Let’s get going.”

He started the car and we were off to the warehouse. ” Is he there?” I asked, hoping he isn’t.

” I don’t think so. I overheard him talking to Charles this afternoon, he said he was going outside the state. ”

” Did he mentioned when he’ll be returning back? ”

” No. Even if he did say, I didn’t hear that part. Well, he must have changed his mind on going, let’s not conclude yet. ”

She was praying he did travel outside the state so that she can have her way in without anyone seeing her.

They finally got to the warehouse, it was miles from home and built in a place one can never think of.

She got down from the car, ” I think I’ll take it from here. See you at midnight. ”

” Midnight? ”

” Yeah, midnight. Crazy things might happen, who knows. ”

” O… kay. Midnight it is. ” He drove the car back to the mansion while she made my way to the warehouse.


Natalie ✓


I covered my head with the hoodie to avoid being seen.

I searched for a corner where I can get in without using the entrance door. There was a small door built by the corner, it wasn’t locked.

I gently bent the knob, quietly pulling the door open. I looked at both sides, sneakily making my way in, shutting it after me.

It was dark in here, I picked my phone from the side pocket of my trouser, turning on the touch light.

I glared around the room, packaged drugs were stored in rows and sections. Many of them and they’d be reaching about a thousand of them.

But that isn’t my problem, I need to find the diamonds first.

I exited the room to another room which was a bit empty. Then I got to another where I started hearing chattering voices and laughter.

I poked my head out, staring at both directions. I heard footsteps and immediately, I hid back in the room waiting for the footsteps to fade.

” What about boss? He isn’t back yet?” One of them asked.

” Not yet.” Said another. ” But he’s on his way now.”

” Fu*k,” he cursed. When I couldn’t hear the footsteps anymore, I sneaked out of the room.

I quietly followed the direction those guys went, until I got to a larger room with many people both male and female sat.

Some were busy with counting the money while the others counted the packaged drugs, jotting the estimated number of each cartons.

This is really serious.

I turned in search of any place one can guess something special are kept.

There was a metal door built at one end of the warehouse, some where no one can ever think about going to.

Now here comes the problem. It’s a metal door, and how the fu*k am I gonna get in there. I checked on my wrist watch, five hours left.

Guess my days are numbered.

I tried attempting on special code numbers to unlock the door, but I ended up being disappointed by the buzzing noises.

” Wrong pin code.” the computer would say. ” This is fu*ked up!! No, this shouldn’t be happening!”

I gave up after more five failed attempts. I walked passed a door, I could hear voices chatting almost in a whisper.

I was able to identify one of the voices to be that of Charles and the other… Fu*k he can’t be here so soon.

Turning to leave, I mistakenly stepped on something on the floor which caused a loud noise. I’m dead.

I took to my heels but got distracted by the whozed sound of a knife shot at my direction.

I barely dodged it with a shift, and it landed on the wall.

” Any move, and you’re dead. Turn around.” He commanded.

I hesitated. ” I said, turn around.” Slowly I turned. I pulled out the knife throwing it back at his direction not minding where it landed while I searched my way out of the house.

I finally got out of the warehouse, running out to the street. One, two, three of them came running after me.

I kept running, turning back after every ten seconds. He dashed his car before me, hopping out of the car. I turned to use a different direction but the men had already surrounded me.

” Don’t bother your strength, there’s no running this rime. Turn around.” He said again and I did, my face looking to the ground. ” Take off the hoodie.” I hesitated. ” Take it off.”

I took it off, exposing my identity to him. He didn’t look surprised, he just smirked at me. ” So it’s you after all.”

He leaned against his car, ” How did you get to know this place? ” He asked.

I wouldn’t want to get Tony involved so I had to lie. ” I’ve been spying on you.”

He chuckled. ” Hmm, spying. So what are you here for, trying to steal from me or what exactly?”

I made no statement.

” Are you gonna talk or do u have to force the words out of your mouth? ”

” He’s gonna kill me if I don’t get it for him. ”

” Who’s that? And what are you talking about?”

” It’s Gennaro. He knows I was helping someone to steal the diamonds and he’s after me to get it back. ”

” No one is taking anything to anyone. ” He finalized, about to enter into his car.

” He gave me 48 hours and I’ve got five hours left to live. He’s got eyes every where and no matter how far I run to, he’s gonna find me. ” He stopped.

” Did you tell him it was I? ” He questioned.

” No. I only promised to help get it back if he spares my life.” He walked close to where I stood.

” You did a good job but we still have a lot to discuss about this. ” He grabbed my hand, pulling me to his car.

” Let go off me!! Fu*king let go!!” Taking my hand off his grip. “Where the heck are you taking me to!!” I yelled at him.

” If you don’t wanna die before your forty eight hours is over, then you better shut the fu*k up and get in,side the fu*king car. ” He threatened.

Natalie instantly grew quiet, and she obediently entered the car, saying not another word.


To Be Continued…

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