Tempting The Devil

Tempting the devil episode 29 – 30

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( Bounded With You )

By, Cisca. H.

Chapter 29&30:


Natalie spent th£ first twenty four hours th!nk!ng on how to get th!ngs done with and have th£ diamond !n h£r possession.

$h£’s got twenty four hours left or else Gennaro will be hav!ng h£r dead.

$h£ was beg!nn!ng to regret why $h£ had accepted to h£lp Draco at th£ first place.

$h£ always ends up be!ng th£ first target for some th!ng $h£ didn’t do.

$h£ bit h£r first f!ng£r, pac!ng to and fro !n h£r room. $h£’d sit d©wΠ on h£r b£d and wh£n $h£ notice $h£ wasn’t feel!ng too comfortable, $h£’d pace aga!n.

At work, $h£ sat restless. h£r m!nd was busy with how to get th£ diamonds and [email protected] it over to Gennaro th£n cont!nue h£r life like noth!ng ever happened.

With!n th¡s few months $h£’s been with Draco, life has been really complicated for h£r.

$h£ thought of how to ask Tony for h¡s h£lp !n gett!ng !nto th£ warehouse with©vt gett!ng caught.

But on th£ oth£r [email protected], Tony might end up ask!ng h£r questions $h£ doesn’t want to answer.

Or $h£ might turn ©vt putt!ng h¡m !n trouble. $h£’s got a different plan.

$h£ packed h£r stuffs hurriedly, first driv!ng Ruthie to h£r home before $h£ left to h£rs.

$h£ ch£cked on th£ time, $h£’s got m©r£ six hours to go before 48 hours is over.

$h£ quickly had h£r bath, th£n a little makeup on. $h£ changed to a black joggers and a black canvas with a black hoodie all to match.

$h£ went to Tony’s apartment to ch£ck on h¡m. h£ was almost done wash!ng th£ car, only th£ carpets and tyres were still unwa$h£d.

” h£y, Tony.” $h£ called. h£ stopped wash!ng, turn!ng to look at h£r.

” h£y, Nat, what are you do!ng h£re?” h£ asked, surprised to see h£r.

” I need your h£lp. ” $h£ said.

” Okay. What h£lp if I may ask.”

” I need to know th£ location of th£ warehouse. ” $h£ requested.

h£ stared at h£r with a surprise look. ” Is th£re a problem?” h£ asked aga!n.

” No, not at all. I was… I j√$t wanna ch£ck on Draco, you know… ” and th£ rest of th£ words were difficult to say.

” Oh. ” h£ chuckled. ” Oh, I see.”

$h£ gr!nned at h¡m, surprised h£r plan would work. ” I’m not done with th£ wash!ng but, I th!nk we can still go with it. ”

” No, don’t both£r, we can use my car. ”

” Okay. ” h£ stopped wash!ng, dry!ng h¡s [email protected] on a dried rag. ” Let’s get go!ng.”

h£ started th£ car and we were off to th£ warehouse. ” Is h£ th£re?” I asked, hop!ng h£ isn’t.

” I don’t th!nk so. I overh£ard h¡m talk!ng to Charles th¡s afternoon, h£ said h£ was go!ng ©vtside th£ state. ”

” Did h£ mentioned wh£n h£’ll be return!ng [email protected]¢k? ”

” No. Even if h£ did say, I didn’t h£ar that part. Well, h£ must have changed h¡s m!nd on go!ng, let’s not conclude yet. ”

$h£ was pray!ng h£ did travel ©vtside th£ state so that $h£ can have h£r way !n with©vt anyone see!ng h£r.

Th£y f!nally got to th£ warehouse, it was miles from home and built !n a place one can never th!nk of.

$h£ got d©wΠ from th£ car, ” I th!nk I’ll take it from h£re. See you at midnight. ”

” Midnight? ”

” Yeah, midnight. Crazy th!ngs might happen, who knows. ”

” O… kay. Midnight it is. ” h£ drove th£ car [email protected]¢k to th£ mansion while $h£ made my way to th£ warehouse.


Natalie ✓


I covered my h£ad with th£ hoodie to avoid be!ng seen.

I search£d for a corner wh£re I can get !n with©vt us!ng th£ entrance door. Th£re was a small door built by th£ corner, it wasn’t locked.

I gently bent th£ knob, quietly ₱v||!ng th£ door open. I looked at both sides, sneakily mak!ng my way !n, shutt!ng it after me.

It was dark !n h£re, I picked my phone from th£ side pocket of my trouser, turn!ng on th£ touch light.

I glared @r0vnd th£ room, packaged drugs were stored !n rows and sections. Many of th£m and th£y’d be reach!ng ab©vt a thousand of th£m.

But that isn’t my problem, I need to f!nd th£ diamonds first.

I exited th£ room to anoth£r room which was a bit empty. Th£n I got to anoth£r wh£re I started h£ar!ng chatter!ng voices and laughter.

I poked my h£ad ©vt, star!ng at both directions. I h£ard footsteps and immediately, I hid [email protected]¢k !n th£ room wait!ng for th£ footsteps to fade.

” What ab©vt boss? h£ isn’t [email protected]¢k yet?” One of th£m asked.

” Not yet.” Said anoth£r. ” But h£’s on h¡s way now.”

” Fu*k,” h£ cursed. Wh£n I couldn’t h£ar th£ footsteps anym©r£, I sneaked ©vt of th£ room.

I quietly followed th£ direction those guys went, until I got to a larger room with many people both male and female sat.

Some were busy with count!ng th£ money while th£ oth£rs counted th£ packaged drugs, jott!ng th£ estimated number of each cartons.

Th¡s is really serious.

I turned !n search of any place one can guess someth!ng special are kept.

Th£re was a metal door built at one end of th£ warehouse, some wh£re no one can ever th!nk ab©vt go!ng to.

Now h£re comes th£ problem. It’s a metal door, and how th£ fu*k am I gonna get !n th£re. I ch£cked on my wrist watch, five hours left.

Guess my days are numbered.

I tried attempt!ng on special code numbers to unlock th£ door, but I ended up be!ng disappo!nted by th£ buzz!ng noises.

” Wrong p!n code.” th£ computer would say. ” Th¡s is fu*ked up!! No, th¡s shouldn’t be happen!ng!”

I gave up after m©r£ five failed attempts. I walked pa$$ed a door, I could h£ar voices chatt!ng almost !n a wh¡sper.

I was able to identify one of th£ voices to be that of Charles and th£ oth£r… Fu*k h£ can’t be h£re so soon.

Turn!ng to leave, I mistakenly stepped on someth!ng on th£ floor which caused a loud noise. I’m dead.

I took to my h£els but got distracted by th£ whozed sound of a knife sh°t at my direction.

I barely dodged it with a shift, and it landed on th£ wall.

” Any m©v£, and you’re dead. Turn @r0vnd.” h£ commanded.

I h£sitated. ” I said, turn @r0vnd.” s1©wly I turned. I ₱v||ed ©vt th£ knife throw!ng it [email protected]¢k at h¡s direction not m!nd!ng wh£re it landed while I search£d my way ©vt of th£ house.

I f!nally got ©vt of th£ warehouse, runn!ng ©vt to th£ street. One, two, three of th£m came runn!ng after me.

I kept runn!ng, turn!ng [email protected]¢k after every ten seconds. h£ da$h£d h¡s car before me, hopp!ng ©vt of th£ car. I turned to use a different direction but th£ men had already surrounded me.

” Don’t both£r your strength, th£re’s no runn!ng th¡s rime. Turn @r0vnd.” h£ said aga!n and I did, my face look!ng to th£ ground. ” Take off th£ hoodie.” I h£sitated. ” Take it off.”

I took it off, expos!ng my identity to h¡m. h£ didn’t look surprised, h£ j√$t smirked at me. ” So it’s you after all.”

h£ leaned aga!nst h¡s car, ” How did you get to know th¡s place? ” h£ asked.

I wouldn’t want to get Tony !nvolved so I had to lie. ” I’ve been spy!ng on you.”

h£ chuckled. ” Hmm, spy!ng. So what are you h£re for, try!ng to steal from me or what exactly?”

I made no statement.

” Are you gonna talk or do u have to force th£ words ©vt of your m©vth? ”

” h£’s gonna kill me if I don’t get it for h¡m. ”

” Who’s that? And what are you talk!ng ab©vt?”

” It’s Gennaro. h£ knows I was h£lp!ng someone to steal th£ diamonds and h£’s after me to get it [email protected]¢k. ”

” No one is tak!ng anyth!ng to anyone. ” h£ f!nalized, ab©vt to enter !nto h¡s car.

” h£ gave me 48 hours and I’ve got five hours left to live. h£’s got eyes every wh£re and no matter how far I run to, h£’s gonna f!nd me. ” h£ stopped.

” Did you tell h¡m it was I? ” h£ questioned.

” No. I only promised to h£lp get it [email protected]¢k if h£ spares my life.” h£ walked close to wh£re I stood.

” You did a good job but we still have a lot to discuss ab©vt th¡s. ” h£ grabb£d my [email protected], ₱v||!ng me to h¡s car.

” Let go off me!! Fu*k!ng let go!!” Tak!ng my [email protected] off h¡s grip. “Wh£re th£ h£ck are you tak!ng me to!!” I yelled at h¡m.

” If you don’t wanna die before your forty eight hours is over, th£n you better shut th£ fu*k up and get |ns!de th£ fu*k!ng car. ” h£ threatened.

Natalie !nstantly grew quiet, and $h£ ob£diently entered th£ car, say!ng not anoth£r word.


To Be Cont!nued…

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