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Tempting The Devil episode 3

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( Bounded With You )

By, Cisca. H.

Chapter 3:


It’s four days now to start my new job at th£ Ma$$ Comp.

I have to go shopp!ng to purchase some new cloth£s and shoes too.

Mr Luciano has been so nice to me yesterday, tho it still isn’t that easy for me to get adapted to th¡s place, I’m beg!nn!ng to see myself gett!ng used to everyth!ng h£re.

I was th!nk!ng h£’d have me kept under watch all th£ time, but I was wrong.

!nstead, h£ gave me th£ opportunity to do whatever I want to do and go wh£rever I wish to go.

I zoomed off to one of th£ shopp!ng mall !n town. I’ve h£ard a lot ab©vt Westfield Stratford City but I’ve never thought of myself go!ng th£re.

I had to purchase some new cloth£s, shoes with new make-up kits too.

After I was done, I decided to take a walk @r0vnd. I took a lot of ph°tos and videos for my !nstagram account.

After spend!ng ten to fifteen m!nutes of my time hav!ng fun, I decided to go [email protected]¢k to th£ mansion.

I was at th£ exit door of th£ mall wh£n I h£ard someone rak!ng !n anger and wh£n I rose my eyes to look at who it was,

It was com!ng from th£ direction I had parked my car. Th£ man looked angry and pissed off like h£ had j√$t left an argument centre.

I hastened my footsteps to drive my car away before b£d do someth!ng crazy to it, but h£ halted me with abusive words.

” Now you take th¡s h£ll shit of a car ©vt of my way! ” h£ growled.

” I’m sorry, I’ll j√$t do that now.” I said, sound!ng politely than ever.

I opened th£ door but h£ slammed it [email protected]¢k, and it almost had my f!ng£rs cut off.

” h£y, what’s gone over you? ” I couldn’t hold th£ anger anym©r£. ” I said I’ll clear th£ way for you, isn’t that enough for some little patience? ”

” You f*ck!ng dared to yell at me, huh? Now listen, bitch, you clear off th¡s shit trash right now or you see th£ worst of me. ” h£ threatened.

” You started th¡s first, remember? ”

” Shut th£ f*ck up and do what I say! ”

” You can as well clear off so I can pa$$… Please. ” I said, still hold!ng my peace.

h£ rose h¡s [email protected] high almost close to hit my ch£ek. I didn’t m©v£, I left h¡m to do whatever h£ wanted to do.

j√$t th£n, someone h£ld h¡s [email protected] halfway. ” Don’t ever th!nk ab©vt do!ng that. ” I h£ard th£ figure say.

h£ dropped h¡s [email protected], focus!ng h¡s gaze at me. ” Are you alright?” h£ asked with concern.

I couldn’t let my eyes off h¡m. Damn, h£ was someth!ng else from j√$t an ord!nary human be!ng.

h£ is a god !n a human f|£$h. h¡s blue eyes were th£ most beautiful eyes I have ever seen, and th£y had a shade of crystal colour !n it.

I realized myself, nodd!ng cont!nuously at h¡s few-m!nutes-ago question. ” Yeah, I th!nk so. Thanks by th£ way. ”

” Who th£ h£ck do you th!nk you are, a$$h0l£?! ” Yelled th£ oth£r man, but th£ guy seem not to give h¡m attention.

” It’s noth!ng. You should probably go home. ” I dropped my stuffs on th£ pa$$enger seat, hopp!ng !nto my car, as I zoomed ©vt of th£ scene.


I threw myself on th£ b£d, flapp!ng my two legs. Today’s !ncident was a narrow escape to me.

I couldn’t stop from imag!n!ng myself hav!ng a different look all !n j√$t a m!nute.

All thanks to th£ mysterious man who came ©vt from nowh£re to save me from that dreadful a$$h0l£.

Talk!ng ab©vt th¡s mysterious man, I keep wonder!ng why today seem to be a blessed one for me.

Maybe that’s because I had th£ chance to meet a greek god for th£ first time !n my life!

Shit… I’m overth!nk!ng, aren’t I?

I’ve met a lot of s€×y look!ng guys before, but none looked m©r£ s€×ier than h£ is.

I almost got lost if only I hadn’t taken my eyes off h¡m. Those crystal blue eyes……


” How was shopp!ng today?” Mr Luciano asked as we started d!nner togeth£r.

” It was good.” I replied. ” I really enjoyed th£ mall, though. I never thought I’d be !n Westfield !n my life. ”

” It’s th£ best !n town, everyone wants to go th£re. ”

” Mm-hmm. You’ve been th£re before? ”

” Everyone wants to go to th£ best !n town. I mean, who wouldn’t. ”

I smiled. ” Yeah, you’re right. ”

We ate for anoth£r five m!nutes of silence, th£n h£ asked. ” Did you get !nto an accident?”

” Uh? No, why?”

” Th£re’s a scratch by th£ side of your car, I was th!nk!ng you had gotten !nto an accident, that’s why I asked. I hope everyth!ng is alright? ”

Oh my gosh, that bastard j√$t scratch£d my car? I can’t believe I didn’t see that earlier.

” Yeah, of course, everyth!ng is alright. Maybe it must have happened while I was !n th£ mall. ” I faked an a$$ur!ng smile, pick!ng th£ chicken toast with my fork.

” Well, th£re was th¡s man who was sh©vt!ng ©vtside th£ mall, I th!nk h£’s actually th£ one who must have done that to my car. ”

” What man? ” h£ asked, h¡s expression changed.

” I don’t know who h£ is, h£ was j√$t yell!ng at me. You know, h£ almost did hit me but uhm… someone stopped h¡m. ”

” You didn’t call th£ police? ”

” Nah, that wasn’t necessary anym©r£. Besides, h£ didn’t hit me. Like I said, some one stopped h¡m from do!ng that. ”

” Okay, that’s a relief th£n. If h£ had touch£d you, I would have ordered th£ cops to track h¡m d©wΠ th£n have h¡m [email protected]

” Don’t worry, Sir, it’s all settled. ”

I was damn so surprised at h¡s reaction, I never expected h¡m to take it too personal.

And h£ meant every s!ngle words h£ said ab©vt call!ng th£ cops to [email protected] h¡m.

I was star!ng at h¡m, and I was beg!nn!ng to see Dad’s face !n h¡s. No wonder why th£y’ve never left each oth£r’s side.

★ ★ ★ ★

Writer ✓

h£ s1©wly turned th£ knob of h¡s scope, focus!ng th£ red cross hair !nto th£ middle of h¡s sight.

h£ s1©wly rotated h¡s snider rifle, scann!ng th£ five-star restaurant fourteen hundred miles away.

h¡s breath!ng steadied as h£ laid h¡s eyes upon h¡s target. Benjam!n Mark, and h£ was aligned perfectly with!n h¡s eyes.

h£ was an unpleasant look!ng man, to say th£ least. Sk!nny, dark hair, th£ k!nd of smile that makes your sk!n crawl.

No surprise, h£ was surrounded by escorts. But what else can you expect from Mark?

Now th£ question for th£ day: h£adsh°t? Or h£art sh°t?

h£ tapped h¡s f!ng£rs aga!nst th£ trigger lightly while purs!ng h¡s l¡ps.

h£ waited… for a few moments before h£ settled for th£ h£ad. h£ sigh£d, focus!ng on h¡s target, and quickly h£ ₱v||ed th£ trigger.

” BOOM!! Gotta.” h£ smirked, adj√$t!ng h¡s t!nted gla$$.

Th£ entire restaurant has become a mess, everyone had began runn!ng for th£ir lives. Mr Mark’s escorts had taken h¡s b©dy hurriedly ©vt of th£ restaurant.

h£ grabb£d h¡s sniper rifle and quickly began to pack. h£ dusted h¡mself before reach!ng to h¡s [email protected] pocket, ₱v||!ng ©vt a pack of cigarette.

h£ slide one ©vt, lift!ng it to h¡s m©vth as h£ lightened th£ cigarette, puff!ng ©vt a h*g£ amount of smoke.

h£ slide [email protected]¢k th£ box !nto h¡s pocket, grabb£d h¡s bag as h£ made h¡s way d©wΠstairs.

Th£ siren sounded from a distance, h£ smiled know!ng th£y’ll probably clean up th£ mess h£ made.

Th£ sound of h¡s phone buzzed, caus!ng h¡m to stop. Bit!ng on h¡s cigarette, h£ dug h¡s [email protected] !nto h¡s bag, ₱v||!ng ©vt h¡s cell phone.

” h£llo?” h£ said.

” Is h£ taken ¢ar£ of?” Asked th£ cold voice from th£ oth£r side of th£ l!ne.

” Yup, ” h£ said, stress!ng th£ word.

” Good job, Charles. We’ll see you at th£ Warehouse. ” Said th£ voice, quickly.

” Alright, see you soon.” h£ hung up th£ call, puff!ng on h¡s cigarette for th£ last time. h£ dropped it on th£ ground, smash!ng it with h¡s leg.


To Be Cont!nued…

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