Tempting The Devil

Tempting the devil episode 33 – 34

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( Bounded With You )

By, Cisca. H.

Chapter 33&34: I STILL LOVE h¡m.

Natalie ✓


My phone rang and I went to pick it from th£ small stool beside th£ lamp stand.

It was dad call!ng.

📞 h£llo, Papa. ”

📞 h£llo, sweeth£art. It’s been a long time, how have you been? ” h£ asked.

📞 Very well, what ab©vt you?” h£ asked [email protected]¢k.

📞 Good too. How ab©vt Draco, I hope you’re… gett!ng along with h¡m? At least a chat? ”

📞 Well, can’t completely say a yes to that. h£’s been busy lately and we barely see each oth£r. But don’t worry, I’m cool. ”

📞 I’m glad to h£ar that. So, I called to tell you that my company has been queried for a case. ”

📞 A case?”

📞 Yes, it’s been two months now and… it’s not settl!ng at all. I have contacted my manager and lawyer but, th£y said th£ only way I can get th¡s resolved with is to come over.

But I can’t, especially now th£ trip is gett!ng tough£r. So, I need your h£lp. Look, I know th¡s will affect affect both you and your bus!ness but… if I don’t get th¡s settled with, th£ government are likely to shut my company d©wΠ. ”

📞 What of th£ oth£r company?” I asked. ” Does it have a case too? ”

📞 Not at all.”

📞 I will see what I can do ab©vt quitt!ng th£ job. Give me tomorrow, I’ll give you a [email protected]¢k. What do you th!nk? ”

📞 That will be f!ne. I’ll wait until th£n. ”

📞 How long will it take to resolve th£ case?”

📞 I th!nk a week or m©r£, it depends how serious th£ case is. But, s!nce it’s been two months for my manager to [email protected] it, th£n I guess it’s gonna take m©r£ than a week. ”

📞 $h£ exhaled. “Does that mean I have to go home?”

📞 Yeah, sure, of course. ”

📞 Well, like I said, I’ll give you a [email protected]¢k by tomorrow even!ng. We’ll know what we can do ab©vt th£ case. ”

📞 That’s my girl. Do take ¢ar£ of yourself for me. ”

📞 I will. You too. Bye.”

📞 Bye. ”

I sigh£d aga!n.

I have to call Ruthie.

I dialed h£r number, and $h£ picked up after th£ second r!ng. 📞 ” h£llo, Nat.”

📞 ” h£y, Ruthie. Can we meet at th£ coffee shop tonight?”

📞 Yeah, sure. Is th£re a problem?”

📞 No. But I’ll expla!n wh£n we get th£re.”

📞 Okay. If you say so. ”

📞 Thanks.


~ AT Th£ COFFEE SHOP ::::: 7:25 Pm.


” So, you said you want to talk to me ab©vt some th!ng, what is it? ”

” It’s my fath£r. ”

” Did some th!ng bad happened to h¡m? ” $h£ asked, concerned.

” No, it’s j√$t… I don’t know how to expla!n it but uhmm.. it’s h¡s company. It’s under a case and uhmm… th£y need h¡m [email protected]¢k.

But like I once told you, h£’s at Russia and it’s… totally impossible for h¡m to return [email protected]¢k to th£ state so h£ needs my h£lp. ”

” So… ” urg!ng h£r to cont!nue.

” I’ll be leav!ng [email protected]¢k home maybe !n two days time. But first, I will have to speak with Mr Thompson and whatever decision h£ makes, I guess I’ll go with it. ”

” What if h£ refuses to let you go? You know, you’re one of h¡s best writer. h£’s gonna feel bad, and so will I. ” $h£ said hurt.

” I feel bad too but what can I do? If I don’t go, th£ government will shut d©wΠ h¡s company and that will be a great lose to us, especially to h¡m. ”

” I understand. W… ” $h£ sniffed. ” Will you come [email protected]¢k? ”

” I guess so. ” I chuckled. ” I don’t even know wh£n th£ case will be over but I hope I will surely come [email protected]¢k. ”

” Please do, even if it isn’t for your so-called cous!n, do it for me. ”

I forced a smile. I know th¡s has always been my dream to leave that h£ll shit mansion… It’s really complicated to say I don’t th!nk I want to anym©r£.

Yeah, you can say I’m such an a$$h0l£ but that’s j√$t cool with me.

I love Draco Luciano even though h£ might be a pa!n !n th£ a$$, I still admire h¡m so much.

But what can I say? It’s Dad and of all, it’s h¡s company. It has to be protected at all cost.

” I will.”


I drove [email protected]¢k home, hop!ng for how tomorrow will go. I know Mr Thompson quite well, h£ won’t have to say no to th¡s.

And even if h£ did say no, I’ll have no oth£r choice but to quit myself.

I parked my car at th£ park!ng lot, tak!ng a deep breath. I stepped ©vt of my car, trail!ng to th£ mansion.

” h£y, Nat.” Tony called from a corner.

” h£y, T. What are you do!ng th£re?”

” Got some th!ngs to ch£ck on, ” h£ said, po!nt!ng to th£ [email protected]¢k. ” but it’s okay. What ab©vt you, had a date? ” h£ t£@$ed.

” With who? You? ” We laugh£d. ” Honestly, I went to meet with a friend. ”

” A girl or a boy? Male or female? ”

” A girl. Female too. ” h£ laugh£d.

” So, what’s $h£ like? ” I rose my eyes at h¡m. ” It’s not what you’re th!nk!ng. ”

” I know. Maybe one of th£se days, I’ll !ntroduce h£r to you. What do you th!nk? ”

” You’re jok!ng, aren’t you? ”

” I’m serious. By th£ way, I’ll be leav!ng [email protected]¢k home !n two days. ”

” Wait, why? ”

” It’s a long story. I have to go or th!ngs get worster than it should. ”

” So, it’s a gone gone? ”

” I don’t know how long it will take but… I th!nk it’s a gone gone for now.”

h£ ru$h£d, ₱v||!ng me !n a hug.” I’m gonna miss you, you know. Even if th£ boss doesn’t, I will. ”

I chuckled. ” Who said th£re’s someth!ng go!ng on with th£ boss and I?”

” I’m not a kid, Nat, and I’ve got eyes too. ”

I broke th£ hug. ” I’ll make it up to you tomorrow night. I promise. ”

h£ nods h¡s h£ad. ” I’ll be wait!ng. ”


Th£ next day, I went to th£ office. Th£ secretary j√$t told me Mr Thompson was ©vt fifteen m!nutes ago and will likely be [email protected]¢k by 4 tonight.

I’ve got today to enjoy Ruthie’s company. $h£ barely noticed me and I don’t blame h£r, I know it hurts to miss a friend.

It took hours before $h£ could f!nally talk to me. ” So, today is th£ last day we’d be see!ng, right?”

” I guess so. Look, Ruth, I already told you, we’ll meet anyhow, any day. ”

” But it’s gonna take a while to see you aga!n. ”

” I know… ” rolled my eyes. “That’s th£ problem. ”

” j√$t take good ¢ar£ of yourself for me wh£n you get th£re. ”

” I will. ”

Later !n th£ night, I knew it was time I have to tell Draco ab©vt my leave.

I went to th£ second d!nn!ng room wh£re h£ normally stays lately.

I offered a knock on th£ door, ” Come !n.” h£ permitted.

I walked !n, shutt!ng th£ door after me. h£ was star!ng at a book before h¡m, with h¡s big Cigar !n h¡s m©vth.

h£ took it ©vt from h¡s m©vth, puff!ng ©vt th£ h*g£ smokes !n from h¡s m©vth.

” What is it?” h£ asked.

” I… I uhmm… I j√$t wanna say thank you for every th!ng you’ve done for me. Especially th£ fact of lett!ng me live under your roof, I really do appreciate it.

I… will be leav!ng [email protected]¢k home tomorrow for some important reasons and… it’s gonna take too long to settle it. So, I thought it was needful for you to know ab©vt it.”

h£ nods h¡s h£ad. ” It’s okay. I understand.”

I left th£ room, aga!n shutt!ng th£ door after me. It doesn’t matter if h£ misses me or not, it’s totally f!ne if h£ doesn’t actually.

I know it’s j√$t me and myself fu*k!ng dy!ng for h¡m by my side.

Tony with some maids h£lped take my packed luggages to th£ car so I won’t have to both£r myself gett!ng th£m ready by tomorrow morn!ng.

I was beg!nn!ng to miss h¡m and Ruthie th£ most, th£y were th£ only ones th£re for me.

Though, Tony had been a lot busy with Draco but, h£’s still good for a friend.


I laid on my b£d, try!ng dad’s number for th£ nth time. And for th£ first time s!nce I know dad, h£ never [email protected] my call.

h£ f!nally did and I was like… pissed off already. 📞 What took you so long?”

📞 Sorry, babe. I was hav!ng my shower wh£n you called.” h£ expla!ned.

📞 I calmed d©wΠ. ” F!ne. I’ve talked with Mr Thompson, h£ accepts I should go.”

📞 Did h£ say anyth!ng else?”

📞 Like?”

📞” You return!ng to your work?”

📞” No. We aren’t sure yet how long th¡s case is gonna last, so we can’t promise everyth!ng will settle with time.

Once it’s m©r£ than a month, th£n I th!nk it’s a quit th£n. But if it takes a week, I’ll return [email protected]¢k to my job. But first, let’s get th!ngs settled with.”


I was done with my makeup and I gave myself one m©r£ ch£ck before h£ad!ng d©wΠ and ©vt of th£ build!ng.

I remembered park!ng my car by th£ corner of th£ house wh£re it would be m©r£ easier for me to get go!ng.

But shock!ngly, I couldn’t f!nd my car anywh£re, not even !n th£ garage.

I called Tony, but h£ said Draco had sold it off last night. ” You said what?!” I sparked.

” Calm d©wΠ, Natalie, it’s not what you th!nk. ” h£ tried calm!ng me d©wΠ but h£ll no, h£ can’t j√$t sell my car off!

h£ said h£ did understand th£ fact that I was leav!ng and besides, h£ doesn’t give a fu*k ab©vt anyth!ng or anyone…

” You want me to calm d©wΠ, huh! h£ sold my car off for damn sake and you still expect I calm d©wΠ?! I’m go!ng up, some one have to talk some s£nse to h¡m. ”

” Natalie. ” Tony stopped me. ” j√$t stop it, okay. ”

” Are you gonna give me a new car !n h¡s place. And provide my luggages? Because that’s th£ only th!ng that can get me calmed d©wΠ. ”

” h£ didn’t j√$t sold th£ car off, h£ bought you a new one. ” Did I j√$t h£ar that clearly? Or…

” You said what? ”

Po!nt!ng at a navy blue Lexus, h£ said. ” Your luggages have been transferred !n th£re. Don’t worry, your previous car is !n th£ right [email protected]

I was star!ng at th£ navy blue car. Lexus brand has always been my dream car. But Dad promised to buy me one on my birthday.

All thanks to Draco who j√$t made it real quick. I went [email protected]¢k !n, h£ad!ng to h¡s room.

I almost offered a knock on h¡s door but th£n, h£ opened it, look!ng dressed up like h£ was go!ng to work or someth!ng.

” Miss Bradeson?” h£ said, look!ng surprised to see that I was still @r0vnd. ” I thought… ”

I paused h¡m with a klzz, shutt!ng th£ door with my leg. And I didn’t ¢ar£d if h£ klzzed me [email protected]¢k, but h¡s [email protected] on my [email protected]¡$t was j√$t enough for me.

I broke th£ klzz, glar!ng !nto h¡s crystal blue eyes. ” What was that for?” h£ asked, h¡s eyes on my l¡ps.

” Thank you, for th£ new car. ”

” You don’t have to thank me, I should be th£ one thank!ng you. You saved my life twice, and I’m grateful for that. ”

My l¡ps ₱|@yed a smile, but I doubt it was actually a smile. No, I was fu*k!ng blush!ng.

I felt like call!ng dad to tell h¡m I changed my m!nd ab©vt go!ng home and it would be better off f!nd!ng someone else to h£lp h¡m ©vt.

But I can’t. I was stucked with two difficult choices that have to do with th£ two very people I love.

And it’s eith£r I leave or I stay. To h£lp dad, or to stay by h¡s side.

Now I’ve learnt, even th£ devil was once an angel.


Th¡s has turned ©vt to be my best chapter so far🙈🙈 I’m lov!ng th£ entanglement 🥰🥰

What ab©vt you 😏🤔

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