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Tempting the devil episode 35

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( Bounded With You )

By, Cisca. H.

Chapter 35:

I woke up by th£ sound of th£ alarm, I always hated it wh£n th£ alarm r!ngs.

I shut it d©wΠ, [email protected]||!ng [email protected]¢k to sleep. Not up to a m!nute, my phone alarm started r!ng!ng m©r£ louder.

” Fu*k!” With th£ anger and sleep !n my eyes, I almost threw my phone away.

I sat on my b£d, rubb!ng my eyes. It feels good to be [email protected]¢k home. It feels damn good to be on your b£d.

I had a quick shower, and a h°t coffee after. Th£ maids were done with breakf*st, damn, I missed th£ delicious meals.

I ate s1©wly with my napk!n tied @r0vnd my neck. I ch£cked on th£ time on my wrist watch, I was an hour early to th£ work time.

” Make me pancakes tonight.” I told th£ maids, while I picked my car key and my bag from th£ d!nn!ng table.

First day at th£ company, I hope th¡s turns ©vt well.


Th£re were murmur!ng sounds as I walked ©vt of th£ elevator to Dad’s office.

Eyes were on me as if th¡s was my first time to th£ company. Yeah, it’s my second, don’t get too surprised.

” Good morn!ng, Miss Bradeson.” Was th£ least I could h£ar from th£ workers before enter!ng !nto th£ office.

Quickly, th£ secretary and th£ company manager walked !n after.

” Good morn!ng, ma’am.” Th£y greeted !n unison.

” h£re is th£ company’s records for th£ past few months your fath£r has been away.” Said th£ secretary as $h£ drops th£ files !n th£ desk.

” Okay.” I went through th£ files ¢ar£fvlly, star!ng at th£ so much losses th£y have made s!nce th£ past months.

” Is my fath£r aware of th¡s?” I asked.

” Yes, ma’am. We always s£nd h¡m th£ estimate records by th£ end of each month.”

” Why do we have so much loss !n th¡s company? Is it because my fath£r is away and th£re’s no one suitable enough to direct you?”

I yelled and th£y stood quiet. ” I’m talk!ng to humans and not some k!nd of animals!”

Th£ secretary fl!nch£d at my voice, star!ng at th£ manager to make th£ m©v£.

” I’m wait!ng.” I said, my voice a bit low.

” We went !nto th£ crisis with an overcapacity of people relative to demand. ” h£ began. “Th£ crisis has caused additional stra!n on th£ bus!ness due to lower demands and reduced national attrition. !n addition, we have identified structural costs which we need to address. ”

” First, what crisis? ” I asked.

” Dur!ng th£ past two months, we were accused of export!ng some expired goods across th£ country. Th£ goods were detected to be fake at th£ border of th£ United States.

So, we were penalized for it and th£ United State government ordered for some amount of money to clear up th£ crime committed. ”

” Did you contacted my fath£r after th¡s happened? ”

” Yes, we did. And we did !nformed h¡m th£ total amount of th£ company’s money used. We have th£ record !n th£ file. ”

I stared at th£ h*g£ amount of money. Fu*k!ng 5 million USD for some fu*k!ng crime committed?

Funny Americans.

” Second, how much money do we have left !n th£ company’s account? ”

” Half a million dollar. ” Replied th£ manager.

My h£ad almost blasted with anger th£ moment h£ said those words.

That was th£ least amount th£ company can ever have wh£n dad was still @r0vnd.

Despite th£ so much expenses h£ makes for th£ company, it never reach£d even to 5 million dollars !n h¡s account.

I’m so damn disappo!nted !n th¡s.

” And th£ taxes too, what happened to it?” I asked, try!ng to sound cool.

” Due to th£ crisis, we weren’t able to make it up to th£ taxes. ”

” Which led th£ government to double th£ orig!nal payment? ” Th£y were quiet and th¡s gave me an opportunity to b!0w my anger ©vt.

” What k!nd of company manager are you, huh? That noth!ng positive seems to be your result s!nce you walked !n h£re!

I am sorry to say th¡s but I’m so disappo!nted !n you all! It’s j√$t six months. Six good months th£ boss left and every th!ng is a mess !n h£re.

What ab©vt a year, what’s gonna rema!n of us? Noth!ng! No taxes paid, fake products sold ©vt. Wh£re th£ fu*k were you wh£n all th¡s were happen!ng?!

Dr!nk!ng coffee and watch!ng th£ movie show, huh? ”

” No, ma’am. ” h£ said sharply.

” I’m gonna hold th£ both of you responsible if anyth!ng happens to th¡s company. And I’m gonna make sure you two pay for every loss.

And you know what that means, don’t you? So, if you wanna save your life from trouble, th£n you better do what’s suppose to be done. ” I warned.

” Yes, ma’am. ” th£y both said.

” Good. Now let’s get to work.”


I threw myself on my b£d, I knew today was gonna be so h£ctic for me. Wasn’t surprised after all.

It still baffles me to h£ar that’s most favorite company was hav!ng half a million dollars !n its account.

And all th¡s while, h£ never told me anyth!ng until now, because h£ knows th!ngs were gett!ng worster than it should.


Writer ✓


Draco has j√$t f!ni$h£d smok!ng on h¡s Cigar, now h£ was watch!ng as h¡s men counted th£ money wh£n a bullet flew pa$$ h¡s h£ad.

h£ was alerted by th£ whozed sound of th£ bullet, sight!ng th£ shooter as h£ had took to h¡s h£els to escape.

h£ frowned at how possible it was for an !ntruder to walk !nto h¡s warehouse, unnoticed.

Unfortunately for th£ !ntruder, some guards had h£ld h¡m, dragg!ng h¡m to wh£re Draco sat.

Draco stared at h¡m for a long while, h£ knew th£ kid was still an amateur !n th£ field.

” What’s your name, kid?” h£ asked.

” What do you want my name for? ” h£ asked [email protected]¢k, sound!ng rude.

” Do it won’t be difficult to s£nd condolences to your poor family after you’re dead. So, what’s your name? ” h£ asked aga!n.

” We don’t $pr£@d our names @r0vnd.”

h£ smiled politely at h¡s response. ” Well, I don’t th!nk I’m !nterested anym©r£. Maybe kill!ng you with©vt a name is gonna make th!ngs a lot easier for me. ”

” Who s£nt you… to kill me? ”

” You better have me dead, cos I a!n’t tell!ng you shit. ”

Charles grabb£d h¡m by th£ neck, and h£ wasn’t [email protected]!$fied until h£ could see how much th£ boy struggled for air.

” I ask aga!n, who s£nt you?”

” V!nce…” Said th£ boy !n b£tweeΠ h¡s breath.

Draco made a sign to Charles !nstruct!ng h¡m to los£n h¡s grip which h£ did so. ” V!nce..” h£ said with a loud cough.

h£ was breath!ng like h£ was gonna die now and th£n, [email protected] on h¡s ch£st as if it supplied much air to h¡s lungs.

” h£ s£nt me to follow you and that I should kill you after. ”

” And h£ had to s£nd an amateur after me? ” h£ scoffed. ” You’re pretty good at th£ guns but you still need m©r£ tra!n!ng. I’m gonna let you go, but you’ve got a message for V!nce.

You tell h¡m I said, if h£ ever s£nds h¡s men after me, I will hunt h¡m and I will make sure ever s!ngle soul who works for h¡m are dead. Understand?! ”

h£ nodded cont!nuously.

” Take h¡m ©vt of h£re. ” h£ !nstructed and th£ men dragged h¡m ©vt. Turns to Charles, ” I need t!ght security ©vtside th£ build!ng, I won’t tolerate any m©r£ !ntruders sneak!ng !nto my warehouse. ”

” Yes, boss.”


Natalie ✓


” You really are mak!ng a great loss !n th£ company.” I said. ” Why didn’t you let me know ab©vt th¡s sooner? Can you believe half a million is all we’ve got !n th£ account?”

” That’s why I a$$igned you to take over !n my place. I know th!ngs would be a lot difficult for my manager.”

” No, h£ j√$t made th!ngs a lot difficult than it should be. Th£y all felt relaxed I’d say, hop!ng on th£ company’s money to solve th£ir problem.” I don’t know why, but I was grow!ng angrier than I expected.

Maybe it’s because my dad employed weaker souls to take ¢ar£ of h¡s company, or th£ fact that with!n six months, a great loss has been achieved.

I don’t know if I should direct all my anger to h¡m for mak!ng such a big mistake.

” You were th£ one !n my m!nd th£ first day I got th£ contract to Russia. But, see!ng how desperate you were to be a journalist, I couldn’t take it from you.

I wanted you to be happy. I wanted you to have your dreams so I decided not to both£r you.”

I calmed d©wΠ as I listened to what h£ says.


To Be Cont!nued…

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