Tempting The Devil

Tempting the devil episode 36 – 38

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( Bounded With You )

By, Cisca. H.

Chapter 36,37&38:

” Boss, you have a call.” Said th£ secretary, hold!ng th£ door halfway.

” Damn… connect it to my phone.” I said.

” Okay.” $h£ left, and soon my phone began to r!ng.

” h£llo, who is speak!ng?” I asked th£ caller.

” h£llo, Miss Bradeson, it’s me Mr Kelv!n. ” I smiled as I recognize th£ voice.

” Dad! You fu*k!ng kidd!ng me right now?” I could h£ar h¡m laugh. ” How are you?” I asked.

” I’m f!ne, sweeth£art. How are you too?” h£ asked [email protected]¢k.

” Very cool.” I answered.

” How is every th!ng go!ng? ” h£ asked aga!n.

” Well, every th!ng is go!ng pretty good than I thought. I have met with th£ government th¡s morn!ng, we’ve settled th£ case of th£ exported fake goods and… I’ve completed th£ company’s taxes so… we’re good to go. ”

” Yes! Thank you so much, that’s all I wanna h£ar from you. ” h£ said, excitedly.

” Yeap, I’m happy you’re happy. So, what’s up for today? ”

” Noth!ng much, j√$t every day r©vt!ne. Work!ng on some new files. ”

” Okay. I’m work!ng on some new purchases for some new products, it might cost a lot of money but, I’ve asked a lot ab©vt it, it’s gonna give us a lot !ncome. ”

” You sure ab©vt that? ” h£ asked, not quite sure of th£ idea.

” Don’t worry, dad, I know what I am do!ng.” I said with certa!nty.

” Okay. Hook me up wh£n it’s done.”

” I will.” I agreed.

Th£ call was over, I drop my phone [email protected]¢k on th£ table, sigh!ng softly.

Th£n anoth£r call, I rolled my eyes, hop!ng it wasn’t dad call!ng aga!n.

” Dad…” I stressed th£ word.

” Hmm.” Ruthie hummed. ” It’s me, Ruthie.”

” Fu*k me. How you do!ng? ” I asked.

” I’m do!ng great, what ab©vt you? ” I asked [email protected]¢k.

” Perfect. Mr Thompson has been talk!ng ab©vt you s!nce you left, I th!nk h£ misses you m©r£ than anyone. ”

” h£ does? ” I said, a bit excited.

” Yeah. And I miss you m©r£. ”

” I know you always do. I was th!nk!ng ab©vt us hang!ng ©vt togeth£r dur!ng th£ weekend, what do you say? ”

” My aunt will be visit!ng h£r cous!n on Friday and I’m left to stay home alone. So yes, th£ weekend will be cool. ”

” Should I come over to your house to pick you up or… ”

” Don’t worry ab©vt me, j√$t drop th£ location and I’ll meet you th£re. ”

” Haven’t thought of th£ location yet but I’ll let you know wh£n I do. ”

” Okay. ” $h£ said. ” So, how is th£ company? ” $h£ asked.

” It’s mov!ng good. Though it’s been h£ctic for th£ past two days but, I th!nk we’re stable now. ”

” That’s good to h£ar. ”

” Any strange news yet?”

” Nah, th£ city’s been cool for th£ past few days now. No kill!ngs and we’re all good. Any from your side? ”

” Nah. Noth!ng at all. ”

” Okay. I… gotta go. Mr Thompson is almost ab©vt to tear me apart with h¡s glares. Bye-bye! ” $h£ hung th£ call, dropp!ng it on th£ table for th£ second time.

I walked to th£ w!ndow, star!ng d©wΠ from th£ 24 story build!ng.

I couldn’t th!nk right now, all my m!nd could focus now was ab©vt Draco.

For th£ first time I was feel!ng concerned ab©vt h¡m. Imag!n!ng how th!ngs could have turned ©vt if I did noth!ng to Gennaro.

Wh£re could h£ be by now?

I would have been $h£dd!ng tears all for noth!ng…

Though h£’s been cold and rude to me, I always knew that th£re was th¡s spot !n h¡m that tenders good h£art.

But that was some th!ng too difficult to get !n h¡m. h¡s coldness was damn annoy!ng and those gaze were scary enough that I still wonder how I got to look !nto th£m with peace.

I smiled.

I got distracted by th£ buzz!ng sound of my phone. I stared [email protected]¢k at my desk, walk!ng close to h¡m.

Ch£ck!ng on th£ message, I smiled wh£n I saw th£ s£nder’s name was Tony.

I know h£ misses me too but, wasn’t much expect!ng h¡m to text so soon.

” h£y.” I texted [email protected]¢k.

” We’ve got a problem.” h£ typed [email protected]¢k, and th£ expression on my face changed suddenly.

” What is it? Did some th!ng happen to you?” My h£art was b**t!ng so f*st that I could barely breath£.

” Not me, it’s th£ boss. h£’s !n trouble.” Okay, th¡s is a joke.

My h£art, was now almost ©vt of my ch£st. I was barely tak!ng !n air, and…

” What happened?” I typed immediately.

” Th¡s isn’t someth!ng we can talk on a text.”

” Let me call you.” I wrote.

” No. h£’s men are close to me, I don’t want th£m to th!nk I’m $pr£@d!ng it @r0vnd. Can we meet at Sparrow’s Restaurant? 8 o’clock tonight? ”

” Okay. I’ll meet you th£re. ” I h£ld my phone to my ch£st, tears almost dropped ©vt of my eyes as I swallowed [email protected]

” No.” I sub. ” No, not now.”

I wi$h£d th£ day could end f*st, I prayed for Draco’s safety.

Damn… I shouldn’t be th¡s way, should I?

I quickly dialed th£ manager’s l!ne. “Donald! ” I called.

” Yes, boss.” h£ answered,

“I need you !n my office.. Now.”

” Yes, boss.” h£ replied, shutt!ng th£ door after h¡m.

” I’m leav!ng, I don’t know how long but I want th£ operation go!ng. Give me a call if some th!ng happen, I need to get go!ng now. ” I said, pack!ng my stuffs.

” Is th£re a problem, boss? ” h£ asked.

” No, not at all. ” I picked my bag from th£ desk, ” Lock th£ door after you.”

I hurried to my car, start!ng th£ eng!ne. Speedily, I drove [email protected]¢k home.

I took my shower, with th£ towel still tied @r0vnd my ch£st I paced th£ room !n thoughts.

” C’mon. C’mon. Fu*k!ng reach night, fu*k!ng reach.” I said !n clench£d teeth.


( Night)


” Sparrow’s Restaurant.” A message dropped !n. I stared at it, nodd!ng my h£ad.

” 8 o’clock. ” Anoth£r dropped.

” Mike!” I called th£ driver. ” Take me to Sparrow’s Restaurant.”

We hopped !nto my car and we were off to th£ restaurant.

” Can you be a little f*ster?!” I requested.

h£ !ncreases th£ gear to five, zoom!ng !n fvll speed. As soon as we got th£re, I stepped ©vt.

Star!ng !n through th£ w!ndow, I said. ” You go, I’ll take th£ taxi while com!ng home. ”

” Okay.”

I sigh£d, mak!ng my way !nto th£ build!ng.

” Wh£re are you?” I wrote.

” Three o’clock.” h£ wrote [email protected]¢k.

I looked toward 3 o’clock, th£re was someone sitt!ng alone with a newspaper !n h¡s [email protected]

Th£ newspaper was h£ld high so, I couldn’t see h¡s face.

It’s probably Tony, it’s ten m!nutes after eight, so h£’s been wait!ng for me.

” h£y, Tony.”

” Guess you got my message.” Said th£ figure, h¡s voice didn’t sound like that of Tony.

Or, am I stand!ng at th£ wrong table??

s1©wly, h£ m©v£s th£ newspaper d©wΠ, my eyes widened. I was ©vt of words, it wasn’t Tony.

It was h¡m… Draco Luciano.

” Tony? Wh£re’s Tony?” I asked, glar!ng @r0vnd.

” Don’t worry ab©vt h¡m, h£’s tak!ng ¢ar£ of th£ house. ” h£ smiled, ” Please make yourself comfortable. ” h£ u$h£red me to sit on th£ chair opposite h¡s.

” It was you, wasn’t it? You’re th£ one who texted me not Tony. ”

” That’s correct. I knew that was th£ only way I can get your attention. I th!nk it’s time we exchange numbers, we won’t have to go a long way meet!ng each oth£r. ” h£ smiled aga!n.

” So, th£re’s actually no problem at all?” I asked, concerned.

” Not really, j√$t wanted to ₱|@y a little prank with you. Honestly, I’m f!ne, so don’t worry too much. ”

” I wasn’t worried ab©vt you, I was only worried ab©vt Tony. ”

h£ shrugs. ” I’ll let h¡m know ab©vt it wh£n I get home. ” h£ smirked.

A waitress approach£d us with a smile, $h£ gave us th£ menu book. ” Get us french fries and two gla$$ of perfect w!ne.” h£ ordered.

$h£ leans to h¡s ear, wh¡sper!ng someth!ng to h¡m. h¡s gaze on me was long, as if $h£ had told h¡m someth!ng ab©vt me or…

h£ nods at h£r and $h£ waved me a smile.
I wish I can get what $h£ had told h¡m.

” You look beautiful tonight. Never thought our meet!ng would end up be!ng a date. ”

” Is it? ” I asked. ” I remember you text!ng me for a discussion and not a date. ”

” Guess you made it look like one. ” I stared at myself. h£’s right, I never thought th£ gown would look so perfect on me.

” You didn’t text me because you j√$t wanted to see me, you have a motive for do!ng so.”

Th£ waitress arrived with anoth£r waiter who h£lped h£r with th£ foods.

” Have a lovely date, ma’am.” Said th£ waiter with a w!nk.

I looked at Draco who has been busy smil!ng at me, and what $h£ said made h¡m smile th£ m©r£.

” So, [email protected]¢k to my question.” h£ hummed, ” Why did you have to get to me us!ng that means? ”

” It’s been a long time. ”

” It’s been two two days. ” I corrected.

” Well, it’s been two days which actually felt like two years. ” h¡s food was halfway to h¡s m©vth, h£ paused, like th£ words had come ©vt by mistake.

” You need to eat up or it gets too cold.” I smiled, tak!ng my spoon from th£ corner.

Guess h£ didn’t know wh£n th£ word came ©vt of h¡s m©vth, but I’m happy though, it actually came ©vt from h¡s h£art.

We started eat!ng !n silence. I didn’t realize I’ve been smil!ng s!nce I started to eat th£ first half of th£ French fries.

I got fvll, sipp!ng on my dr!nk.

” Don’t tell me you’re done eat!ng that?” h£ said to me.

” I’m fvll.”

” You don’t have to waste food anyhow, pa$$ it to me. ” I pa$$ed th£ plate to h¡m, look!ng at h¡s own plate.

h£ was almost done with h¡s, devour!ng on m!ne. Like,,, I can’t believe h£’s th£ foody type.

h£ wasn’t th£ crazy type at eat!ng, with th£ food particles all wasted on th£ table. No, h£ ate manly and… I can’t believe h£ eats too much yet, h£ isn’t fat.

h£ gulped it all with h¡s w!ne. Yeah, I’m still look!ng at h¡m cos, no… I a!n’t th!nk!ng.

” Are you okay, or should I order someth!ng else for you?” I m©v£d my h£ad at both sides.

” I’m okay. ” I said.

” Thanks for show!ng up.” h£ said.

” It’s noth!ng, I’m happy to be h£re. Have you had enough, or should I order someth!ng for you? ” I repeated h¡s statement.

h£ laugh£d, ” I th!nk I’m fvll. ”

” I’m surprised, you know. Never thought you love eat!ng th¡s much. You know, th£ k!nd of bus!ness you’re !nto, I’ve never imag!ned people like you to have th£ time to eat. ”

h£ smiled.

” So, how is th£ bus!ness go!ng? ” h£ asked.

” Well, it’s go!ng good. I don’t remember tell!ng you I was go!ng ©vt for some bus!ness. ”

“You j√$t did now. ”

I scoffed. ” I’m work!ng for my fath£r, got some company case h£ needs to solve. But good th!ng it’s settled now. ”

” I know it’s been a lot stressful solv!ng th£ company’s cases and th£ rest of th£m.”

” Yeah, you’re right. But that was before, not anym©r£.”

We went [email protected]¢k to star!ng at ourselves, th£re was th¡s bond that keeps draw!ng me close to h¡m.

It was so strong that I couldn’t resist it. ” Anyth!ng else?” Said a waitress, different from th£ previous one.

” No, thanks. ” $h£ cleared off th£ table, leav!ng us alone.


( !n h¡s Car..)


” Can we meet dur!ng th£ weekend?” h£ asked as soon as h£ halted th£ car !n front of my house.

Ruthie and I have worked ©vt our hang ©vt to be on Saturday and I don’t know what to tell h¡m.

” Yes.” I’ll th!nk of how to sort th!ngs ©vt with Ruthie.

” Meet me at my house, I’ve got some wh£re to show you.”

I nodded. ” What time?” I asked.

” Any will be cool.”

” I… I…” I was choked up by th£ way h£ was look!ng at me. Th£ bond had started to grow, th£ same feel!ng at th£ restaurant.

We were star!ng deep !nto each oth£r’s eyes, and it was like I was star!ng at a different version of h¡m.

That part that felt welcom!ng and safe that I didn’t notice our face com!ng close.

h£ closes th£ distance b£tweeΠ us with a warm klzz, th£n h¡s soft [email protected] which trailed d©wΠ th£ sk!n of my ch£ek—s£nd!ng $h!verys d©wΠ my sp!ne.

At first, it was s1©w and gradual th£n… we were deep !nto each oth£r. I could feel h¡s breath on my sk!n, th£ sweet taste of h¡s l¡ps on m!ne.

Even though we had klzzed before, th¡s felt a lot different from oth£r times. Like tonight was our first.

h£ broke th£ klzz, aga!n h£ was devour!ng me with h¡s gaze. ” You don’t have to be s¢ar£d anym©r£, I’m gonna protect you, and no one’s gonna hurt you for my sake. I promise. ”

A h°t tear rolled d©wΠ my ch£ek as I nodded at h¡s words.

” I… I wanna tell you th¡s. I know it’s been difficult for me to but…”

I was anticipat!ng for what h£ was ab©vt to say, my h£art rac!ng !n curiosity.

” I j√$t have to, because you deserve it m©r£ than anyone. Nat… I love you.”

My h£art skipped a b**t, and I felt $h!verys run d©wΠ my b©dy.

I didn’t want to stop look!ng at h¡m, I wasn’t ready to take off my gaze from those ocean eyes.

And th£ tears wasn’t h£lp!ng matters at all as it started to roll ©vt of my eyes.

I couldn’t talk, I was speechless.

” I hope to see you on Saturday. Goodnight, Natalie.” You def!nitely don’t know how it felt like h£ar!ng h¡m call me by my name.

It feels paradise.

” Good night. ” I said, wav!ng a small smile at h¡m, before exit!ng h¡s car.

I wish I can say no, I wish I can j√$t go home with h¡m. But I can’t… Dad’s company is all that matters now.

I reach£d for th£ gate, wav!ng at h¡m th£ same way I did to dad wh£n h£ was leav!ng.

Is th¡s how it feels to be !n love?
Or is it j√$t me go!ng crazy over h¡m??

I th!nk I’m both…


Anoth£r banger chapter I ch£rish😍😘

To Be Cont!nued…

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