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Tempting the devil episode 39

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( Bounded With You )

By, Cisca. H.

Chapter 39:



I dressed up, ready to meet Draco. I was done with wear!ng th£ nice perfect dress, so I had my blue jeans and a harsh t-shirt on with my hair packed !n a ponytail style.

I stopped before th£ build!ng, stepp!ng ©vt of th£ car. I was star!ng at th£ mansion I was lived !n, I smiled.

” Nat, is that you?” Tony asked !n a surprise look.

” Oh, Tony.” I ru$h£d to hug h¡m, ” How are you?”

” I’m good, I can see you’re good too. You look great. ” h£ complimented.

” I do? ” I said, blush!ng.

” Draco told me you asked of me.”

” Yeah, cos I was expect!ng you at th£ restaurant and not h¡m. Did you two discus th¡s togeth£r? ”

” Wasn’t my !ntention. ”

” I know, it’s always h¡s. So, is h£ |ns!de? ” I asked.

” Yes, I guess h£’s expect!ng you.”

” See you @r0vnd th£n.” I waved a smile at h¡m before h£ad!ng to th£ build!ng.

” Wh£re’s Draco? ” I asked one of th£ maids.

” h£’s at th£ d!nn!ng room with h¡s guests. Please make yourself comfortable.” I sat on my favorite couch, my legs crossed over th£ oth£r.

I kept myself busy with th£ movie ₱|@y!ng on th£ television.

Matilda came to serve me popcorn which got me m©r£ comfortable with th£ movie.

Soon, th£ guests began to leave th£ d!nn!ng room with chatters and laughter’s that th£y didn’t notice I was sitt!ng th£re.

Draco was th£ last to leave th£ room, h£ stood with both [email protected] !n h¡s pockets.

After th£y had all left, h£ darted h¡s gaze at me. ” You came.” h£ said, delighted.

” Yeah, I came as promised.” I smirked, gr!nd!ng on th£ particles of popcorn !n my m©vth.

” So, what’s th¡s place you wanna show me?” I asked, curious to know.

” Don’t you th!nk it’s too early to ask?”

I shrugged. ” I guess I’m lack!ng patience. ”

” Don’t worry, it’s my little surprise for you.”


We drove to th£ shoot!ng range, h£ said it was one of h¡s favorite place h£ always goes to practice.

We didn’t say a word to each oth£r as we walked !nto th£ facility.

” Why did you br!ng us h£re?” I asked.

” I’ll tell you wh£n we get !n.” h£ said, not ready to tell me what it was now.

So, I waited.

We entered !nto th£ build!ng, th£re were several sections !n th£ facility.

h£ took me to th£ gun section, th£re were few people th£re.

I was feel!ng a bit uncomfortable because th£y were ma!nly boys and j√$t a few girls which are not up to five.

We first approach£d th£ secretary who was a male, h£ had a brief conversation with Draco while my eyes glared @r0vnd.

I noticed th£ girls had stopped what th£y were do!ng, th£y were star!ng at me like we’ve met some wh£re.

I don’t know th£m, but probably th£y do know me. I guess.

After Draco was done talk!ng, h£ h£ld my [email protected] aga!n, tak!ng me to wh£re th£ few men were shoot!ng guns.

” You said you were go!ng to tell me why you brought us h£re. ” I rem!nded.

h£ probably didn’t br!ng me h£re to watch th¡s?
Or serve as an escortee?

” I wanna teach you how to [email protected] a gun.” h£ f!nally said.

I rose an eyebrow at h¡m, I chuckled. ” Tell me you aren’t serious.”

” I am. You know, th£ first time you ₱v||ed a trigger, I wondered if you’d some how gone for a tra!n!ng cla$$ before. ”

” I did that ©vt of fear, and you know that. ” I rem!nded h¡m.

” I know, but th¡s time, you’re gonna ₱v|| it with a free m!nd. ”

I had no option, so I went on with… shoot!ng a gun. I hung th£ h£ad phone on, !nsert!ng th£ three bullets as Draco !nstructed.

I was star!ng at th£ board ten miles away. I’m gonna shoot a gun over such distance??

I’ll try my luck.

Not that I a!n’t surprise !n my first attempts will all turn !n va!n, I’m j√$t too s¢ar£d to ₱v|| a trigger, that’s all.

I took a deep breath, exhal!ng h£avily.

I tried my first sh°t, it wasn’t good. I looked at h¡m, h£ nodded for me to try aga!n.

I did so, it wasn’t so perfect.
I’m already sweat!ng.

h£ walks to my [email protected]¢k, h¡s b©dy leaned on me. h£ stretch£d h¡s [email protected] to hold m!ne, h£ positioned my [email protected], ₱v||s th£ trigger and it went straight to th£ center po!nt.

I took off th£ h£ad phone from my h£ad, turn!ng to look at h¡m. ” You j√$t have to concerntrate, focus on your target. And remember, you’re aim!ng for two th!ngs, h¡s h£art or h¡s h£ad.

I know it’s gonna take a while, but you j√$t have to give it a try. ” I put on th£ h£ad phone, I took anoth£r deep breath.

” You can do it, Nat.” I wh¡spered to myself.

To be honest, it’s k!nda difficult to accept th£ drug gang stuffs.

Sometimes I wonder to myself if I actually did th£ wrong th!ng by [email protected]||!ng !n love with h¡m.

A society I so much hated with all my h£art, now, I was beg!nn!ng to learn th£ir tactics.

Is th¡s how poisonous love is?

Though, I did a bit great with th£ h£lp of h¡s encouragement, I still know I have a lot to learn.

I don’t know if th¡s is fate’s do!ngs but I’ll admit, I th!nk I’m chang!ng a bit.

And honestly, I do love th£ new me.
Th¡s is anoth£r secret dad mustn’t know ab©vt.

And def!nitely not even Ruthie.
$h£’s gonna hate me real bad if I have to tell h£r th¡s.

We didn’t stop tra!n!ng, as if h£ desperately wanted me to learn it now and th£n.

I know why h£’s do!ng it th¡s way. h£ wants me to be able to protect myself even if h£ wasn’t th£re to save me.

It’s th£ girls now. Th£y are lean!ng aga!nst th£ wall at a corner, watch!ng me practice.

Draco was teach!ng me on how to throw a knife. Guess I’m becom!ng one great Drug Queen. Lol.

[email protected]¢k to th£ annoy!ng bitch£s. Sorry, but th£y’re beg!nn!ng to piss me off with th£ir annoy!ng gazes.

Not j√$t that, th£y’ve been wh¡sper!ng some th!ng to each oth£r s!nce I walked !n h£re.

I wasn’t even listen!ng to what h£ was teach!ng, my wh0l£ attention has been at th£ girls.

One of th£m, th£ one with th£ blonde hair laugh£d after th£ oth£r girl with a brown hair wh¡spered !n h£r ear.

It was becom!ng a topic to th£m and th£y were f!nd!ng it very funny.

I j√$t wanna ignore th£m and pretend like th£y aren’t !n h£re but, th£y kept on laugh!ng and gossip!ng ab©vt me.

I angrily picked one of th£ small knives, throw!ng it at th£ir direction.

I didn’t m!nd if it landed on any of th£m, I j√$t wanted th£m ©vt of my sight.

Th£ knife landed right on th£ wall !n b£tweeΠ th£ blonde haired girl and th£ brown haired girl.

Th£ir eyes widened !n fear, I smirked.

Th¡s caught everyone’s attention. Draco looked at me, surprised.

I was wear!ng th£ angry look wish!ng it had landed on th£ir faces.

” h£y, you have to calm d©wΠ, okay. We only hurt our enemies and not our members.” h£ said.

I scoffed. ” I fu*k!ng hate th£m already. ”

” I th!nk we should go. ” h£ h£ld me ©vt of th£ build!ng.

I didn’t stop from look!ng at th£m until I was ©vt of sight.

We were quite until we got to wh£re h£ parked th£ car. ” Do you have anger issues?” h£ asked, as soon as we got !n.

I wasn’t expect!ng h£’d ask me that but, ” Yes, I do. ” I replied.

” Hmm. ” h£ smiled. ” You’re gonna make a great Drug Queen with that. ”


Wait 🤔🤔 what is Draco try!ng to turn our Nat !nto?😱🤣

To Be Cont!nued…

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