Tempting The Devil

Tempting The Devil episode 4 – 5

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( Bounded With You )

By, Cisca. H.

Chapter 4&5:



Th£ sound of my alarm was so loud that I couldn’t escape from it’s sound.

Honestly, I hated th£ sound of th£ alarm but today, I seem to love it.

I was fvlly ready for today as it was gonna be my first day at th£ Ma$$ station. I’ve got to be th£re before th£ sun.

I was th£ type who spent hours of h£r time !n th£ bathroom, but today I had to spend five m!nutes !n th£re.

I applied my avacado cream on my sk!n, th£n ₱v||ed myself !nto my new suit.

I applied a simple makeup, th£n a neat hairstyle for th£ day. I gave myself a last ch£ck up at th£ mirror before h£ad!ng d©wΠstairs for breakf*st.

I left th£ house at 6:49. Be!ng a news broadcaster has always been my dream and I can’t wait to !nform dad for my first video.

I got to th£ station at 7:15, I didn’t know wh£re to stay, so I waited at th£ wait!ng room.

“ Miss Bradeson,” Mr Thompson, th£ manager of th£ Ma$$ station called me, stand!ng at th£ door of th£ wait!ng room. “ I never expected you to be th¡s early.” h£ complimented.

“ I j√$t love keep!ng to th£ time, sir.”

h£ smiled. “ I’m impressed.” h£ ch£cked on h¡s wrist watch, “ Follow me.” h£ said and I followed h¡m to h¡s office.

“ I’ll give you a sample write up to go through while we wait for oth£r workers to arrive. It will h£lp you know how to structure your article. h£re…” h£ said, stretch!ng a long book to me. “ It’s not necessary read!ng everyth!ng, you can j√$t pick th£ important po!nts.”

“ I’ll do as you’ve said.” I said, tak!ng th£ book from h¡s [email protected]

I retreated ©vt of th£ room, ₱v||!ng th£ door knob d©wΠ wh£n h£ said to me, “ Welcome to th£ house.”

I waved a smile at h¡m, before leav!ng h¡s office.

I went to th£ secretary who j√$t arrived to h£r office few m!nutes ago. I asked h£r for my desk and $h£ gave me a card with my ph°to and Reg number.

“ That’s your desk.” $h£ said, “ Desk 222.’

“ Wh£re can I f!nd it?” I asked.

“ At th£ oth£r room, you can search for your number on each desk, you’ll f!nd it.”

“ Okay. Thank you.”

“ Your’e welcome.” $h£ replied with a smile.

First day !n th£ station wasn’t that easy, but I’ll admit, I really enjoyed th£ tra!n!ng.


Writer ✓


Natalie sat on one of th£ d!nn!ng seat, press!ng on h£r laptop with a cold gla$$ of orange juice beside h£r.

$h£’d type for a while th£n sip on h£r juice, wh£n it f!ni$h£s, $h£’d go to th£ fridge to ₱0ur h£rself anoth£r gla$$ of h£r orange juice.

$h£ had ₱0ured anoth£r gla$$ for th£ third time, th¡s time $h£ had a potato ch£ese !n h£r [email protected]

$h£ was busy !n th£ !nternet over th£ case of th£ deceased who was sh°t at th£ five-star resturant th£ previous night.

Mr Benjam!n Mark.

Mr Luciano walked ©vt of h¡s room after a long conversation with h¡s work patner.

h£ ₱0ured h¡mself a fvll gla$$ of water, h£ad!ng [email protected]¢k to h¡s room wh£n h£ glanced at what Natalie was do!ng.

“ Work!ng on your new article?” h£ asked.

“ Yeah.”

“ a$$ignment?”

“ K!nda.”

“ What is it ab©vt?” h£ asked aga!n.

“ I’m work!ng on an article on th£ !ncident that happened at five-star resturant last night.” $h£ answered.

“ What happened?”

“ A man known as Benjam!n Mark was said to have died by a gun sh°t.” $h£ expla!ned.

“ Did th£y say who th£ murderer is?”

“ Nope. No names mentioned. But th£y th!nk th£ one who had killed h¡m is a skilled sniper.” $h£ told h¡m. “ Do you th!nk someone is spy!ng on h¡m?”

“ I th!nk someone has been spy!ng on h¡m.” Mr Luciano said certa!nly.

“ Seems like you know th¡s Mr Mark of a guy.”

“ Yes. h£ once worked for me before h£ jo!ned th£ drug gangs.”

“ Th£ drug gangs?” $h£ asked, surprised. “ Who are th£y?”

“ Th£y are group of peeople known as th£ Mafian’s. Most people refer th£m as th£ Drug Lords.”

“ You th!nk someone from th£ drug gang must have done th¡s?” $h£ suggested.

“ Its obvious that nowadays Drug Lords do fight among th£mselves.”

“ Why?” $h£ asked, !nquisitively.

“ Everyone seeks for power. Every Drug Lord wants to become th£ high£st of all.”

“ Well, thankfvlly th£ !nnocent doesn’t get hurt. It’s someth!ng that has to do with!n th£m.”

“ Most times, th£ !nnocent gets hurt too.”

“ Hmm.” $h£ hummed.

“ You know, work!ng on th¡s for an article is really gonna make a lot s£nse.” h£ said, chang!ng th£ topic.

“ Really?”

“ Have you come up with a title?”

“ No, not yet. Have any?”

“ Why don’t we say… War Aga!nst Th£ Drug Lords. What do you th!nk?”

Natalie nodded at th£ awesome title Mr Luciano had suggested for th£ article. “ I th!nk I’ll go for it.”


“ What now, Boss?” Charles asked as h£ puffed on h¡s cigarette.

“ I’ll be off to meet Jackson by 1pm. I was th!nk!ng of spar!ng h¡s life but… I changed my m!nd.”

“ Why?’ Charles asked. “ Did some th!ng happen?”

“ Yes.” h£ frankly said. “ I j√$t discovered h£ had th£ weed I ordered from th£ United State.”

“ Hmm. No wonder why it hasn’t arrived for a long time now. So, what do you want us to do?” h£ asked.

“ I’ll need you up at th£ roof and five oth£r men to spy on h¡s warehouse. Wait for my order, I’ll tell you what to do before th£n.”

“ Rodger that.”

“ Page me wh£n you get th£re.”

“ I will.” h£ hung th£ call, puff!ng on h¡s cigar for th£ last time before smash!ng it with h¡s foot.

“ We’ve got th¡s, Boss. Ph£w!” h£ sigh£d. “ Come on, guys, we’ve got an a$$ignment to do.” h£ yelled from wh£re h£ stood and everyone stopped what th£y were do!ng.

That’s how it works h£re, everyone has to quit whatever th£y are do!ng wh£n it has to do with th£ boss.

“ I need five men at Jackson’s warehouse. Who will volunteer?”

Five men came ©vt and th£y all got th£ir weapons ready as th£y zoomed ©vt of th£ warehouse to Jackson’s. “ Let’s get go!ng, a$$h0l£s.”


~ AT Th£ Ma$$ STATION ~

“ I need someone with a different article!” Mr Thompson yelled as h£ walked ©vt of h¡s office angrily after h£ had gone through one of h¡s writer’s article which wasn’t appeal!ng to h¡m.

Natalie would stare at h£r article th£n at Mr Thompson’s face, which only made h£r s¢ar£d th£ m©r£.

$h£ took a deep breath, sigh!ng h£avily.

$h£ h£sitated to submit h£r’s s!nce $h£ learnt Mr Thompson doesn’t tolerate anyhow write ups especially from h¡s workers.

h£ condems articles, not because h£ felt like do!ng so, but h£ was only do!ng that to br!ng ©vt th£ best for h¡s workers.

And th£y all know that too.

“ Sir.” $h£ stretch£d h£r article to h¡m.

h£ stared at h£r for a second, th£n h£ focused h¡s gaze at th£ article !n h¡s [email protected] “ I’ll go through it.” h£ said.

Natalie’s h£art had started to b**t as if $h£ was caught committ!ng a h*g£ crime. $h£ silently prayed that h£ won’t have to condemn h£rs.

No… not after h£r efforts with Mr Luciano !n order to make it look concreted.

Be!ng a new staff !n th£ house, everyone had th£ir eyes on h£r. Natalie has been stand!ng on th£ same spot s!nce Mr Thompson left to h¡s office.

After what took like fifteen m!nutes, h£ walked ©vt of h¡s office with Nat’s article !n h¡s [email protected] h¡s expression had an unspeakable emotion not even h¡s workers could expla!n.

For a while, h£ stared at h¡s staffs, th£n at h£r. $h£ was beg!nn!ng to regret why $h£ had given it to h¡m at th£ first place.

But to h£r greatest surprise, and likewise to everyone’s, h£ didn’t condemn it, rath£r… “ Th¡s is th£ best article I have read so far th¡s year.” h£ complimented it.

Though h£ had said that !n a cold voice, yet it h£ld a h!nt of anger !n it. h£ was so disappo!nted that h£ was hav!ng th£ best write up from one of h¡s newest staff.

“ We’ll be launch!ng th¡s for our next newspaper. Sarah?”

“ Yes, boss.” Replied th£ secretary.

“ Have th¡s as our newspaper h£adl!ne for tomorrow.”

“ Okay, boss.”

“ And Peter, get th£ cameras ready, we’ll be shoot!ng our next conversation video on th¡s tonight at 8 o’clock. Got it?”

“ Yes, boss.”

h£ looks at Natalie who stood rath£r speechless. “ Congratulations, Miss Bradeson. You’ve done a great job.”

“ Thank you, sir.”

And so, th£ rest of th£ workers clapped for h£r. Natalie’s b**t!ng h£art had calmed d©wΠ, now $h£ can feel h£rself breath!ng once aga!n.

“ Congratulation, Nat.” th£y all congratulated h£r one by one.

$h£ sat on h£r desk, $h£ didn’t waste any second of h£r time to tell h£r fath£r th£ good news

Ruthie, one of th£ newest staff approach£d h£r. $h£ cleared h£r throat to get Nat’s attention.

“ h£y,” $h£ greeted.

“ h£y,” Nat replied with a smile, stepp!ng d©wΠ from h£r desk.

“ Congratulation.”

“ Thank you.”

“ You don’t have to thank me, you deserve it. What title did you give to your article?” $h£ asked h£r.

“ War Aga!nst Th£ Drug Lord.” Nat frankly said.

“ Wow, guess your’e writ!ng ab©vt th£ drug gangs.”

“ Yeah.”

“ Well, I wrote ab©vt th£ ma$$ive growth of th£ poor ma$$es !n th£ metropolis, I’ve got no title for it yet that’s why I couldn’t give it to Mr Thompson.”

“ You should have given it to h¡m, maybe h£ would h£lp you come up with a good title.”

“ Yeah, your’e right. But, don’t you th!nk it’s too soon to ask for h¡s h£lp? I mean, I’m a new staff j√$t like you are, h£ might end up see!ng me as th£ !ncapable one h£re.

Well, I was wonder!ng if you’d h£lp me come up with one.”

“ I’d love to but, I’ll have to go through your article first.”

“ Oh, of course. h£re it is.”


To Be Cont!nued….

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