Tempting The Devil

Tempting the devil episode 40 – 41

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( Bounded With You )

By, Cisca. H.

Chapter 40&41:

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It’s 6am…

$h£ stood at th£ door with h£r [email protected] !n h£r sweater pockets, star!ng at th£ quiet street. Th£ cloud was still dark and only th£ street lights shun.

$h£ hung h£r ear plugs !n both ears, tak!ng a deep sigh. $h£ waited until th£ music was ₱|@y!ng before $h£ set off to th£ street.

$h£ jogged !n circles, pa$$!ng through houses and streets.

$h£ stopped by th£ recreation field, practic!ng some exercises. After $h£ was done, $h£ sat on th£ bench, dr!nk!ng enough water to calm h£r rat!ng breath d©wΠ.

$h£ ch£cked on h£r wrist watch, twenty m!nutes past six. Th£re was still enough time to practice.

One, two, three joggers came after, practic!ng at one side of th£ field.

$h£ was still listen!ng to th£ music ₱|@y!ng !n h£r phone while h£r eyes stared at th£ three genders practic!ng.

$h£ dialed Ruthie’s l!ne but $h£ wasn’t answer!ng h£r calls.

$h£’s probably asleep, $h£ thought.

Stand!ng up, $h£ $h£ cont!nued h£r exercises. $h£ was done with th£ yoga styles now, $h£ laid on th£ gra$$ to do th£ sit-up style.

As $h£ kept do!ng it with h£r l¡ps mov!ng !n each counts $h£ made.

$h£ had successfvlly made it to th£ twentieth count, $h£ laid still, breath!ng h£avily.

” h£y, ma’am.” One of th£ joggers called but Nat didn’t h£ar h¡m because of th£ ear plugs !n h£r ears.

” h£y?” Th£ young lady with h¡m called. ” Oh, $h£’s got eye plugs !n h£r both ears.” $h£ said.

$h£ bent to tap h£r, wav!ng h£r [email protected] at h£r. Natalie sat £r£¢t, tak!ng off th£ ear plugs. ” h£llo.”

” Hi,” recogniz!ng th£ir faces, $h£ asked. ” How may I h£lp you?”

” We are ab©vt to ₱|@y football so, we were wonder!ng if you can tag along. ” Said th£ girl.

” Football?” $h£ said surprised at th£ actual number th£y are to ₱|@y a game of twelve ₱|@yers each?

” Uhm… it’s not really th£ k!nd of football you know it’s j√$t… uhm… j√$t a normal… football.” $h£ gr!nned at h£r.

” Are you !n?” Th£ oth£r guy asked. ” It’s simple, you’ll j√$t have to team up with h£r while Mike and I team up.”

$h£ breath£d h£avily. ” I’m not really good at balls but, I can try.” $h£ said.

” Don’t worry, th¡s k!nd doesn’t require th£ champions league.” $h£ smiled, h£lp!ng h£r stand to h£r feet.

” Thanks.”

Th£ game started. At first Natalie was nervously [email protected]!ng th£ ball with h£r leg and th¡s made th£ boys have a high score above th£m.

$h£ was becom!ng angry at h£r silly attitude over a m!nor game and th£ oth£r girl wasn’t be!ng judicial over it.

$h£ did understood Natalie’s reasons.

” That’s unfair, we’re still !n zero and you guys are already reach!ng th£ sixth score?” Natalie compla!ned.

Th£y laugh£d at h£r. ” You’re be!ng so cold with th£ ball.” Mike said, still laugh!ng.

” Maybe I’m j√$t be!ng so s¢ar£d to b!0w it off ur face.” Th£ oth£r girl bursted ©vt laugh!ng.

” Easy girl, we aren’t quarrell!ng, okay.” Mike said, try!ng not to laugh.

” Maybe we should mix, a boy and a girl and th£ game starts all over aga!n. What do you guys say ab©vt that?” $h£ looked at th£m wait!ng for a positive reply.

” That’s good.” Th£y all nodded !n agreement.

” Okay, so we start afresh.” Mike wanted to team up with h£r but $h£ refused, !nstead $h£ ₱|@yed with th£ oth£r guy, Kent.

Julia couldn’t hold h£rself from laugh!ng at Mike th£ moment Natalie walked pa$$ed h¡m.

” $h£ doesn’t like you.” Julia said !n a low voice.

” And $h£ doesn’t like h¡m too.”

” Well, from th£ looks, I th!nk $h£ does prefer Kent over to you. ”

” Whatever.” h£ rolled h¡s eyes at h£r. ” You better watch th£ ball com!ng or we end up gett!ng noth!ng.”

Julia laugh£d, $h£ understands how angry h£ was over what Natalie did to h¡m.

Th£ game started. Th£ two girls at th£ post, while th£ two boys did th£ ₱|@y!ng.

Wh£n Mike took th£ ball from Kent, on reach!ng to wh£re Natalie was, h£ stopped.

$h£ rose h£r eyes at h¡m, $h£ was expect!ng h¡m to do someth!ng but h£ was j√$t… stand!ng with th£ ball under h¡s leg.

” Are you gonna do someth!ng or are you j√$t gonna stand th£re star!ng?” $h£ yelled at h¡m.

h£ was smil!ng at h£r, and th¡s gave Kent th£ chance to seize th£ ball from h¡m, runn!ng to wh£re Julia was.

h£ gave a sh°t, before Julia could grabb£d it, it flew pa$$ed h£r f!ng£rs, land!ng !n th£ goal post.

” You fu*k!ng kidd!ng me, Mike?!” $h£ yelled from th£ oth£r side, angrily walk!ng towards h¡m. ” What is wrong with you?!”

” h£y, Mike, why didn’t you hit th£ ball?” Kent asked, [email protected] hold!ng h¡s shoulder. ” Why did you h£sitate?”

” Noth!ng.” h£ went to wh£re h£ kept h¡s water, pick!ng it up.

” What were you th!nk!ng?” Julia said angrily, ” !n case you don’t know, th¡s isn’t a lovey dovey game. It’s exercise, okay!”

” I know. ”

“Th£n why didn’t you hit th£ ball, you know it was supposed to be our chance.”

” I know.”

” So…”

” I couldn’t.”

” Oh, please. Don’t tell me it’s love talk!ng.” $h£ said, dropp!ng h£r [email protected] on h£r [email protected]¡$t.

” It’s not.”

$h£ scoffed, sitt!ng on th£ gra$$. ” $h£’s beautiful, I know. And I understand why you feel guilty for talk!ng to h£r that way but, $h£ didn’t say $h£ was angry with you?

And I don’t th!nk $h£ is eith£r. Look, Mike, th¡s is j√$t a game and not th£ real match. You have to be a man, okay. And if you like h£r, you can j√$t go ah£ad and tell h£r.”

Mike looks at h£r and $h£ w!nked. ” j√$t felt like say!ng that.”

$h£ stands up, ” I’ll go practice with Kent.”

” Okay.”

Natalie walks to h¡s [email protected]¢k, h£ wasn’t aware $h£ was stand!ng beh!nd h¡m.

” h£y,” h£ stopped what h£ was do!ng, turn!ng to look at h£r.

” h£y.”

” I’m sorry ab©vt earlier.” $h£ apologized. ” I know I shouldn’t have talked to you that way. I’m sorry.”

” It’s okay. I’m not mad at you and you aren’t, are you?”

$h£ shook h£r h£ad. ” Not at all. So, we’re cool, right?”

” Yeah.” h£ nods h¡s h£ad. ” If you don’t m!nd me ask!ng, what’s your name?” h£ asked.

” My name is Natalie, but my friends call me Nat.” $h£ replied.

” Natalie?” h£ repeated. ” You mean Natalie Bradeson?” h£ asked to be sure.

Natalie chuckled. ” That’s me.”

” Damn Moly. You fu*k!ng kidd!ng me? Geez, I’m talk!ng with th£ famous Kelv!n Bradeson’s daughter? Fu*k me.”

Natalie laugh£d. ” It’s not like you’re talk!ng to Jesus or someth!ng.”

” It doesn’t matter if you’re Jesus, it fu*k!ng feels h£aven to talk to one of th£ celebrities !n town. ”

$h£ blu$h£d. ” Thanks.”

” But hold on, you’re different from any oth£r rich ladies. I mean, you prefer keep!ng yourself hidden, why?”

$h£ shrugs. ” Sometimes I do ask myself that but, honestly, it’s j√$t th£ real me. ”

” That’s cool, you know be!ng yourself. Can I ask you one m©r£ question?” h£ requested.

” Sure.” $h£ permitted.

” Ar…” Th£re came a gunsh°t from afar and everyone !n th£ field ran h£lter skelter.

” Did you h£ar that?” Natalie asked, stand!ng to h£r feet as h£r eyes search£d everywh£re.

” Mike!” Julia called as $h£ ru$h£d to us. ” What was that? ”

” We have visitors.” h£ said. ” Th£re.” Po!nt!ng at a distance direction.

Th£ir gaze followed th£ direction h£ po!nted at. ” It’s th£ gangsters, th£y are h£re aga!n.”

” What do th£y want from a recreation park?” Natalie asked.

” Th£y’re probably h£re for someone, who knows.” Kent answered with a shrug.

” We’re all dead, we’re all gonna die.” Julia said frightened.

” Don’t say that Julia, no one is gonna die, okay.” Kent a$$ured h£r.

Anoth£r gunsh°t was h£ard, th¡s time it was loud and clear. ” Everyone on your knees!!” One of th£ masked man cried. ” I said, on your knees!!”

Two m©r£ gunsh°ts blew !n th£ air, caus!ng everyone to knee !nstantly. ” What’s go!ng on?” Julia trembled. ” Are you guys sure th£y are really after someone or, are th£y on th£ agenda to kill us all?”

” We don’t know yet.” Mike said.

” Oh, my God! Oh, my God! I’m gonna died. No, today can’t be th£ e…”

Natalie touch£d h£r, ” No one is dy!ng, okay?”

$h£ nodded cont!nuously.

” Say it.” Natalie urged h£r to repeat h£r words.

” No one is gonna die.” $h£ repeated.

” Good.”

” So, I was told my guest was h£re.” Said one of th£ masked man. ” And I’m h£re to f!nd th¡s… guest. I’m look!ng for a young lady, fair sk!nned, black haired, average !n h£ight by name… Natalie Bradeson.” h£ mentioned.

” A lot of us might know h£r, daughter of th£ famous Kelv!n Bradeson.”

Natalie’s h£art skipped a b**t, $h£ swallowed [email protected]

Mike looked at h£r, ” Why are th£y after you?” h£ asked.

” I don’t know.” $h£ shook h£r h£ad.

” Hold on,” Julia chipped !n. ” you are Natalie Bradeson?” $h£ asked surprised.

” Yes, I am.”

” Oh. My. God!” $h£ said, shocked. ” So, tell me, what do you owe th£se guys?”

” I don’t know who th£y are or why th£y want me…” $h£ sigh£d, clos!ng h£r eyes.

$h£ opened it aga!n. ” I must tell th£m or th£y kill us all.”

” Wait!” Mike h£ld h£r [email protected]¢k. ” You wanna give up, j√$t like that?”

” I have to,” $h£ remembers th£ event at th£ beach th£ day with Ruthie. ” I have to surrender.”

” I’m gonna ask for th£ last time, wh£re is Natalie Bradeson?!”

” I’m h£re.” $h£ stood up, tak!ng h£r [email protected] off h¡m. ” My name is Natalie Bradeson.”

” My name is Natalie Bradeson, I’m th£ one you want.” Julia stood up too.

” Julia, what do you th!nk you’re do!ng?” $h£ wh¡spered.

” Tell!ng th£m th£ truth.”

” You’re gonna get yourself !nto trouble.”

” You too.”

Th£ leader approach£d to th£ir direction. ” Who among you two is th£ real Natalie Bradeson?” h£ asked.

” Did you give any of us a fake name to bear?” Julia asked [email protected]¢k.

” I’m talk!ng of Kelv!n Bradeson’s daughter.” h£ clarified.

” My dad’s name is Kev!n Bradeson and so is h£r’s.” $h£ said, giv!ng h¡m a stern look.

” And how is that possible?” h£ asked.

” Because we’re sisters.” Natalie f!nalized.

” Well, Natalie Bradeson…s, you two are com!ng with us.”


To Be Cont!nued…

Las Las, I managed to drop double chapters 💃💃

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