Tempting The Devil

Tempting the devil episode 42 – 43

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( Bounded With You )

By, Cisca. H.

Chapter 42&43:

One of th£ guards Draco had a$$igned to always keep an eye on Natalie picked h¡s phone from h¡s side pocket, dial!ng !n Draco’s number.

” h£llo, sir.” h£ greeted.

” Yes, ”

” It’s th£ Johnson’s, th£y have taken Miss Bradeson with th£m. ” h£ !nformed.

Draco ₱v||ed th£ phone ©vt of h¡s ear, star!ng at it. h¡s grip on it was so strong as if h£ was gonna smash it with h¡s fist.

h¡s face turned mean, that th£ oth£r Mafia Lords with h¡m had thought someth!ng bad might have happened to h¡s warehouse.

” Is th£re a problem, sir?” One of th£m asked.

” We’ll cont!nue th¡s discussion some oth£r time, right now I’ve got some th!ng to [email protected] Dismissed. ” h£ stood up before any of th£m, storm!ng ©vt of th£ room.

Charles followed after. ” Boss, is th£re anyth!ng you want me to do for you?” h£ asked.

” You’re always needed Charles. ” h£ said, not stopp!ng !n h¡s track.

” Would you m!nd tell!ng me what th£ problem is? ” h£ asked aga!n.

” Th£ Johnson’s, th£y have Natalie with th£m. Ever s!nce I killed h¡s elder broth£r, h£’s been after me. I know h£’d come [email protected]¢k for revenge. ” h£ sigh£d.

” Get th£ guns ready, pick some few men to come along with us. We leave immediately.”

” Yes, boss. ” Charles left to th£ store room to get th£ guns and also to pick some able men to follow th£m.


~ At Th£ Johnson’s Apartment ~


” Well, well, well, look what we have h£re. Two beautiful ladies.” h£ smiled. ” So, who is th£ real Natalie Bradeson among you two? ”

” Do you guys seriously have to ask us that? ” Natalie said, annoyed.

” Yes, of course. Because one of you knows wh£re I can f!nd my enemy. Wh£re is Draco Luciano and wh£re can I f!nd h¡m? ” h£ asked.

Julia bursted ©vt laugh!ng. ” Sorry if I a!n’t h£lp!ng matters h£re but, do we actually look like we’re fans of Mr Luciano? ” $h£ asked [email protected]¢k.

” It isn’t ab©vt be!ng a fan of h¡m, sweeth£art, it’s th£ fact that one of you is h¡s sweet lover. ” h£ said, sound!ng mean and serious.

” h£y you,” h£ po!nts at one of th£ masked men stand!ng. ” Take th£m somewh£re th£y won’t be able to see each oth£r.

Feel free to torture th£m however you want until th£y are ready to talk. ”

Th£y dragged th£m ©vt of th£ room to a different place. Natalie struggles to free h£rself but h£r efforts went !n va!n.

” Let me go!” Julia s¢r**med as th£y dragged h£r forcefvlly to th£ torture room. ” You son of a bitch, get your [email protected] off…” One of th£m slapped h£r to th£ ground.

” Oh my God, ” $h£ [email protected] pa!nfvlly, try!ng to get to h£r feet.

Th£y jerked h£r up, forc!ng h£r to seat on th£ torture chair. Th£y locked both [email protected] and feet with th£ leath£r belt attach£d to th£ chair.

Anoth£r took th£ bucket of water, ₱0ur!ng it on h£r b©dy. $h£ [email protected] !n fear as th£ wh0l£ water touch£s h£r b©dy.

Th£ oth£r went close to th£ circuit connection, turn!ng it on.

Julia’s eyes grew wide as h£ gave h£r a one sided smile.

” No. No… No, don’t do that.. wait n…” h£ turned it to 100 volt. ” Aaaahhhhh!! ” Julia felt like h£r cells has been twisted.

$h£ could feel not j√$t h£rself but h£r skeleton trembl!ng.

” Are you ready to talk?” h£ asked.

” Go to h£ll!”

h£ turned it on aga!n, th¡s time to 200 volt. Julia’s s¢r**m !ncreased, almost as if $h£ was gonna tear off th£ entire build!ng d©wΠ.

” Ready to talk now?”

” Go to h£ll.”

Aga!n, h£ did it, each time h£ was !ncreas!ng it by hundred volt.

” Are you ready to talk?” h£ yelled. ” Wh£re is Mr Luciano?”

Julia was breath!ng h£avily, both th£ water and sweat on h£r b©dy kept dropp!ng to th£ ground.

h£r eyes had already turn red and $h£ wasn’t ready to give up on Natalie.

$h£ could feel h£r blood roll!ng ©vt of h£r nostrils. ” Go… To… h£ll!”

” AAAAAHHHHH!!!” $h£ s¢r**med.


” I said, wh£re th£ fu*k is Luciano?!!”

Natalie was breath!ng to death, th£ torture was too much for h£r.

” I… I don’t know what you’re… talk!ng ab©vt. I don’t know who h£ is. ” $h£ lied.

” So who does? h£r, th£ oth£r girl? Your sister? “.h£ questioned.

” We don’t know who h£ is. And h£ doesn’t even live !n th¡s city. ”

” F!ne. Maybe your s¢r**m or h£rs will somehow get to h¡m. ”

Natalie was gett!ng concerned ab©vt Julie, $h£ still doesn’t know why $h£ would sacrifice h£rself for h£r.

Th£y j√$t barely know each oth£r and $h£ was act!ng much like a sister to h£r.

” I hope to see you !n h£ll a$$h0l£.” $h£ said !n a low tune.


Th£re was a loud fire at th£ oth£r section of th£ build!ng. ” Keep an eye on h£r, and if $h£ tries anyth!ng stupid, shoot h£r.” h£ said, storm!ng ©vt of th£ room.

Th£y were both exchang!ng glances, ” h£y, you stop look!ng at me like that.” $h£ smirked.

$h£ knew who it is that has caused th£ fire, $h£ started laugh!ng.

” h£y, what’s so funny?”

” I’m j√$t laugh!ng at how sorry your life has become. ”


Julia was still on th£ chair, almost look!ng dead and h£lpless. $h£ has never felt th¡s pa!n !n h£r life and it felt like $h£ was klzz!ng h£ll already.


Draco kicked th£ entrance door with h¡s leg, bang!ng it open.

Johnson sat on h¡s favourite chair, h£ was [email protected]¢k!ng th£ door. Two guards stood by h¡s sides, and one beh!nd h¡m.

j√$t as if h£ was tim!ng Draco’s entrance, h£ waited until h£ was f!nally !n h¡s sitt!ng room.

” h£llo, Mr Luciano. You came j√$t on time.” h£ pressed on a button, caus!ng th£ chair to turn until h£ was fac!ng Draco.

” Unfortunately, th£y refused to tell me wh£re you are. But… I can count th¡s as my fortune that I didn’t have to stress myself search!ng for you.

F!nally, you’re h£re. Please make yourself comfortable. ” h£ u$h£red h¡m to have a seat but rath£r Draco ignored h¡s gesture.

” Wh£re is $h£?” h£ asked !n a deep tune.

” $h£?” Johnson repeated with a scoff. ” Well, from my records, my men brought !n two ladies who claims to be Natalie Bradeson.

But that’s not th£ real issue h£re, we have a case to settle first, Mr… Luciano. ”

” I have no case to settle with you. ”

” No. No, you’re wrong. You killed my broth£r, so that’s actually a case you owe me. ”

” What do you want? ” h£ asked.

” I want to have you dead. ” h£ said almost immediately. ” Surrender yourself, or we have your two pretty lovers dead. ”

” F!ne, let th£m go and you can have me !nstead. ” h£ concord.

” Br!ng th£ girls ©vt. ” h£ ordered th£ guards to br!ng Natalie and Julia ©vt.

Th£y were dragged ©vt from different sections. On see!ng Julia, Natalie sh©vted. ” No! No, let go off me.”

Johnson gave th£ guard who h£ld h£r a sign to let h£r go. $h£ ru$h£d to Julia, tak!ng h£r !n h£r arms.

” h£y, can you h£ar me?” $h£ wh¡spered.

Julia chuckled, s1©wly rais!ng h£r gaze at h£r. $h£ smiled. ” You didn’t tell th£m, did you?” $h£ asked.

Natalie shook h£r h£ad. ” But h£ came, h£’s h£re. And h£’s gonna save us.”

Julia sluggishly m©v£d h£r gaze to Draco, ” I’m gonna die.”

” No, you’re not.” $h£ holds Julia’s face. ” Don’t you ever do th¡s aga!n, understood?! ”

Julia nodded.

” You’re free to go, ladies. h£’s with me now.” Johnson said to th£ir h£ar!ng.

Natalie shook h£r h£ad at Draco, ” No. No!”

” I have to. You two have to get ©vt of h£re, I’ll be f!ne.” h£ gave h£r an a$$ur!ng smile. ” I promise. ”

Natalie h£lped Julia stand to h£r feet. $h£ h£ld h£r by th£ [email protected]¡$t until th£y were ©vt of th£ build!ng.

Th£y got !nto th£ car, and Tony quickly zoomed off from th£ area.

Natalie made Julia [email protected] on h£r th¡ghs, h£r face up to avoid th£ blood from roll!ng ©vt of h£r nose th£ m©r£.

” Are you two alright?” Tony asked, h¡s eyes glar!ng at th£m from th£ centre mirror.

” I am, but I doubt $h£ is.” Natalie said, rubb!ng Julia’s hair softly.

” Should we e take h£r to th£ hospital?” h£ asked.

” Yes, please.”

” No. ” Julia refused. ” Don’t… ” $h£ [email protected], ” I don’t wanna go th£re. I can survive th¡s.”

” Okay.” Looks at Tony. ” Take us to my apartment. ”

Tony made th£ right turn, speed!ng off to Natalie’s mansion.

h£ quickly stepped ©vt of th£ car, tak!ng Julia !n h¡s arms as th£y ru$h£d h£r !nto th£ build!ng.

” Call th£ nurse.” $h£ ordered a maid to call Mrs Williams, th£ house nurse.

$h£ directed Tony to h£r room wh£re h£ dropped Julia on th£ b£d. Not quite long, Mrs Williams walked !n.

” You called me, ma’am.” $h£ said.

” Yes, I did. I need your h£lp, $h£ doesn’t look good. Can you h£lp h£r? ” $h£ asked, worried.

Mrs Williams studied Julia’s !njury and h£r bleed!ng nose. ” I can h£lp.” $h£ said.

Natalie sigh£d !n relief. ” Thank you. We’ll leave you two for th£ meantime.”

$h£ looked at Tony giv!ng h¡m a sign which means th£y need to leave th£ room.

” Is $h£ gonna be alright?” h£ asked, shutt!ng th£ door after h¡m.

” I hope so.”

” What happened?” h£ asked.

” We were at th£ recreation park wh£n th£ Johnson’s men came. $h£ decided to act like $h£ beared th£ name with me.

$h£ wouldn’t listen wh£n I told h£r not to. $h£ sacrifice h£r life for me. I don’t even know why $h£ would do that, we j√$t knew th¡s morn!ng. ” $h£ shoved h£r hair !n frustration.

Sigh!ng h£avily, $h£ said. ” I th!nk I need to get a dr!nk.”


Julia s1©wly opened h£r eyes, glar!ng @r0vnd th£ unfamiliar environment. $h£ [email protected] as $h£ tried to sit.

” Don’t force yourself to.” Natalie said, $h£ was lean!ng aga!nst th£ door. ” Th£ nurse said you’ll be f!ne.”

” Wh£re am I?” $h£ asked fa!ntly.

” You’re !n my home. ” Natalie replied.

” I’m sorry I…”

$h£ didn’t let h£r f!nish h£r statement, $h£ said. ” It’s okay. No one is blam!ng you for what you did. I should be th£ one thank!ng you. ”

” It’s noth!ng. I th!nk you deserve my h£lp. Did th£y hurt you? ”

Natalie shook h£r h£ad. ” I’m f!ne. Would you m!nd for anyth!ng? Food, snacks, soft dr!nks, I have th£m all. ”

” I th!nk I’m starv!ng. ”


To Be Cont!nued…

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