Tempting The Devil

Tempting The Devil episode 6 – 7

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( Bounded With You )

By, Cisca. H.

Chapter 6&7:

Natalie ✓

I went through th£ article over and over aga!n, after th£ third time, I came up with a new title for h£r.

$h£ went to Mr Thompson’s office to submit h£rs, return!ng with a wide smile on h£r face.

” h£ appreciated it. h£ promised to launch it for tomorrow’s newspaper. ”

” I told ya, your article makes a lot of s£nse. I hope th£ government reads through th£m and f!nds a better way to h£lp th£ poor ma$$es. ” I said.

$h£ sat on my desk, ” All thanks to you. h£ wouldn’t have chos£n it if not for your h£lp. ”

” It’s noth!ng, besides, it’s j√$t th£ title. It’s not like I wrote th£ article myself. ”

We dismissed th£ discussion with a brief laugh, th£n silence took over.

” So, you know ab©vt th¡s drug gangs, don’t you?” I asked, break!ng th£ awkward silence.

” Yeah, j√$t a little, tho. Any problem?” $h£ asked [email protected]¢k.

” Not really, tho. I was only ask!ng.”

” Well, th£ drug gangs aren’t th£ type of people you want to have @r0vnd. Th£y aren’t j√$t drug Add¡¢ts, th£y’re crim!nals too.

A lot have been go!ng on th£ newspaper lately, th£y keep kill!ng th£mselves for power and popularity. What do you th!nk? Everyone wants to be !n authority. ”

” What’s so special ab©vt be!ng a drug lord? ”

” To me, I don’t see anyth!ng special. But to th£m, th£re is. Be!ng a drug lord is m©r£ like be!ng a billionaire. Th£y know what th£y do, so, I guess that’s why th£y f!nd it so special. ”

” Take for !nstance th¡s, ” $h£ said, ₱v||!ng ©vt h£r cell phone from h£r pocket.

$h£ swiped through h£r phone to h£r gallery app. $h£ opened a ph°to, show!ng it to me.

” That’s Mr Mark, th£ deceased from two nights ago. h£ard ab©vt th£ !ncident?” $h£ asked, fus!ng h£r phone [email protected]¢k to h£r pocket.

” Yeah, it’s all over th£ net.”

” Whoever did it is from th£ drug gangs. It’s look!ng much like a war to me than j√$t a fight. ” $h£ yawned, ” I can’t really remember th£ name of th¡s drug lord, very popular though. ”

” What ab©vt h¡m? ” I asked, curious.

” London’s most wanted crim!nal. ” $h£ said. ” That’s what everyone knows h¡m for. h£’s known all over th£ !nternet as th£ most notorious gangster.

h£’s probably not th£ type of gangster you see, h£’s !nvisible. You can’t f!nd h¡m, but we all know h£’s somewh£re @r0vnd th£ city.”

$h£ h£aved. ” Those who have seen h¡m are nowh£re to be found, except those who works for h¡m.”

” Isn’t it possible for h¡s location to be tracked d©wΠ? I mean, we’ve got upgraded technologies for that. ”

” Hmm… ” $h£ chuckled. ” That’s not as easy as you’ve said. You might end up meet!ng h¡m on th£ way but you won’t know. ” $h£ smirked, ” Th£ hidden devil. ”

Th£re’s some th!ng weird ab©vt th¡s notorious gangster, some th!ng entic!ng to know ab©vt.

But th£re’s a problem now, with Ruthie not know!ng h¡s name, th£re’s def!nitely a problem creat!ng an article ab©vt th¡s.

Guess, I’ll have to talk to Mr Luciano ab©vt th¡s, h£’ll def!nitely have an idea.


” I see you still haven’t learnt how to knock.” h£ stated beh!nd h¡s desk, puff!ng on an expensive cigar !n h¡s equally expensive suit.

” Oh please, spare me that trash.” Th£ young lady said, dropp!ng h£r [email protected] on h¡s table after a catwalk to h¡s desk.

” What do you want?” h£ asked, dropp!ng th£ cigar to a small gla$$ plate.

” You know what I want. ” $h£ said, walk!ng to h¡s seat. $h£ sat on h¡s desk, cross!ng h£r legs !n-b£tweeΠ h¡s legs.

” How much is your money?” h£ asked coldly.

” Hundred dollars, sweeth£art. ” $h£ replied, tak!ng hold of h¡s tie. ” Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten already.”

” I j√$t asked a question. ” h£ rumbled, shift!ng h¡s drawer open. ” h£re… ” h£ dropped a bundle of hundred dollars to h£r. ” That’s a hundred dollar.” h£ po!nted.

$h£ took it from th£ desk, smirk!ng evilly as $h£ ₱|@yfvlly fl¡pped it !n h£r [email protected]

” Wh£never you need me, j√$t give me a call, I’ll be at your service.” $h£ blew an air klzz at h¡m before leav!ng th£ office.

h£ picked h¡s cigar aga!n, smok!ng on it. Today felt bor!ng to h¡m.

Though th£ lady who left was pleas!ng on b£d, h£ wanted to get anoth£r laid.

h£ picked h¡s phone from th£ desk, ch£ck!ng on h¡s contact. h£ c|¡¢ked on Charles’s name, tapp!ng th£ desk as h£ patiently waited for h¡m to pick up.

” h£llo, boss. ” Charles said from th£ oth£r side of th£ l!ne.

” h£llo, Charles.” h£ responded. ” Will you be busy tonight?”

” Yeah, I’ve got to escort my moth£r to h£r sister’s place and I’ll have to spend th£ night with h£r. ” h£ expla!ned. ” Is th£re someth!ng you want me to do, sir?”

” Don’t worry, you should attend to your moth£r first. Good night.”

” Thanks, boss. Good night.” h£ hung up th£ call.

h£ dropped h¡s face on h¡s palm, and after th£ last sip on h¡s alcohol, h£ dozed off.



Natalie ✓

I yawned tiredly as I watch£d th£ television with a sleepy eyes. It was gett!ng m©r£ bor!ng by every scene.

” Can I get you someth!ng to eat for d!nner?” Asked a maid.

” No, thanks.”

I waited for what to like twenty m!nutes to keep myself awake until Mr Luciano comes [email protected]¢k from work.

I h£ard th£ sound of a park!ng car, I know that sound. That’s th£ sound of h¡s car.

I yawned aga!n, and aga!n, rubb!ng my eyes softly.

I h£ard th£ sound of th£ door open and close. ” Good even!ng, Sir.”

” h£y, Nat, how was your day?” h£ asked.

” Great, thanks. ”

” Have you eaten yet?” h£ asked while a maid came to take h¡s office bag from h¡m.

” No, I’m not hungry.”

” You look sleepy.” h£ said, notic!ng th£ tiredness on my face.

” I’m f!ne. ”

” Is th£re someth!ng you wanna tell me?” h£ asked, as if h£ knew I had some th!ng to tell h¡m.

” You need to have someth!ng first, th£n we’ll discuss ab©vt it.”

” I don’t th!nk I wanna eat anym©r£, and besides I had some th!ng at th£ restaurant before return!ng. Tell me, what is it you wanna talk ab©vt?”

” Mr Thompson will be launch!ng my article for tomorrow’s h£adl!ne.”

” Really?” h£ asked, surprised.

” Yeah. And we sh°t a live conversation video today, did you watch it?”

” Yes, I did. You were really great ©vt th£re, I’ll admit. Your fath£r will be proud of you. ”

My face flu$h£d red. ” Thank you.” For a while, I was quiet. I didn’t know how to start th£ conversation ab©vt th£ notorious crim!nal Ruthie told me ab©vt.

Th£re’s one th!ng I learnt ab©vt be!ng a journalist, “ You ask to get m©r£.”

” Mr Luciano?” I called, distract!ng h¡m from h¡s phone. ” Th£re’s some th!ng else I really wanna talk to you ab©vt.”

” Mm-hmm. I’m listen!ng.”

” It’s ab©vt th£ drug lords. I had a conversation with a colleague th¡s noon, $h£ told me of a man know to be London’s most wanted.

$h£ couldn’t recall h¡s name, so I was wonder!ng if you know who h£ is.”

” Wanna write a new article on h¡m?”

” Nope, j√$t thought I needed to know m©r£ ab©vt th£m.”

” Well, th£re was one of which I know five years ago, but unfortunately, h£’s dead. ”

” What happened to h¡m?”

” h£ escaped th£ police custody, traveled to th£ United States. Poor th!ng, h£ never knew h¡s profile has been forwarded all over th£ world.

Wh£n h£ got ©vt of th£ plane, h£ was h£ld custody and was later deported [email protected]¢k to th£ country. A week after h¡s arrest, h£ was found dead with h¡s suicide letter.

“ I’d rath£r rot !n h£ll than to suffer !n th¡s prison yard. ”

” If th£re are any oth£r most wanted, I’m def!nitely not aware of it.”

I don’t know why but I don’t feel much conv!nced with Mr Luciano’s explanation.

If th£re isn’t as h£ claimed, th£n why did Ruthie talked ab©vt th£ net hav!ng th¡s drug lord as someone currently…. Wanted.

I sat on my b£d, surf!ng on th£ !nternet. I saw a lot of drug Lords recognized to be London’s most wanted and I’m certa!nly not sure which Ruthie was referr!ng to.

And not know!ng h¡s name has only made th!ngs a lot difficult!


Writer ✓

Natalie still felt like th£re’s m©r£ to know ab©vt th¡s Drug Lord of a guy Ruthie had told h£r ab©vt th£ previous day.

Mr Thompson had called for a meet!ng at th£ meet!ng room. Ruthie ru$h£d to sit beside h£r.

” h£y,” $h£ called. ” Are you alright?” $h£ asked, notic!ng h£r quietness s!nce th£y all arrived to work.

Natalie fla$h£d [email protected]¢k to reality. ” Oh yes, of course I am.”

Th£ meet!ng commenced, Natalie’s troubl!ng thoughts seemed to be th£ end as today, Mr Thompson rose th£ topic of h£r article.

” Though Miss Bradeson has written ab©vt th¡s article, I still want m©r£ !nfo on it.” h£ started. ” We have a popular story on th£ !nternet. A victim was said to be found dead with two oth£r men !n h¡s office yesterday.

And h¡s suspect is said to be… ” Th£ image of th£ suspect was be!ng dis₱|@yed on th£ television screen.

Ruthie tapped Natalie by th£ [email protected], ” You remember th£ notorious gangster I told you ab©vt yesterday?”

Natalie nodded h£r h£ad, ” Yes, I remember.”

” That’s th£ guy Mr Thompson is talk!ng ab©vt.” $h£ said, po!nt!ng at th£ television.

Natalie’s eyes seem to have widened a bit as soon as $h£ saw th£ image. ” Do you know h¡m?” Ruthie asked h£r.

$h£ nodded once, th£n a ” yes” which sounded much like a wh¡sper.

$h£ was surprised to see th£ so-called gangster lord was th£ same person who had saved h£r from th£ yell!ng brat th£ oth£r day.

” h¡s name is Christoph£r Adams.” Mr Thompson cont!nued. ” I need you all to write on an article ab©vt h¡m, I need it submitted by tomorrow morn!ng.”

” Yes, boss.” Th£y all chorused.

Natalie’s eyes haven’t left th£ image on th£ television screen. It really surprised h£r to see h¡m.

$h£ couldn’t even believe h£r ears. Wh£n h£ had saved h£r th£ oth£r day, h£ looked !nnocent and moderate.

And $h£ even admired h¡m as a greek god.

But unfortunately, h£’s j√$t worster than any of that.


To Be Cont!nued….

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