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Tempting The Devil episode 8 – 9

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( Bounded With You )

By, Cisca. H.

Chapter 8:


Natalie ✓

I was wait!ng for th£ maids who were s£nt to go to th£ market. It’s weekend and I need to ch£er up with hang!ng @r0vnd.

Mr Luciano was surprised to see me dressed up, I never told to h¡m ab©vt go!ng ©vt today.

” Go!ng ©vt?” h£ asked.

” Yeah. I h£ard th£ maids were go!ng for shopp!ng, thought I have to tag along. ”

h£ gave me th¡s stare that told me if I was actually serious.

” Come on, Mr Luciano, it’s weekend. I can take ¢ar£ of myself. ”

” Okay, if you say so. I will s£nd th£ driver to take you guys to th£ market. ”

” Okay. ”

Th£ driver drove us to th£ market. h£ stopped at a corner while I and th£ two oth£r ladies went to th£ market.

I decided to do th£ buy!ng while th£y h£ld th£ bags. Th¡s is actually my first time go!ng to th£ market.

Don’t blame me, it’s Dad’s fault.

I have tried several times to conv!nce h¡m to let me go s!nce I turned fifteen but h£ never listens to me. h£ was too overprotective.

Shopp!ng !n th£ market is as !nterest!ng as shopp!ng !n Westfield Stratford. I so much love it h£re.

We spent ab©vt an hour or two, that’s because I had to excuse myself to meet Ruthie who also came to th£ market.

We had a fifteen m!nutes discussion. I had to round it up so I wouldn’t keep th£ oth£rs wait!ng.

I entered th£ car, and th£ driver immediately started th£ eng!ne. h£ ch£cked left and right before h£ could make a turn.

But some how !n a way I still can’t tell, a car barged at us, hitt!ng th£ front side of our car.

I almost had my h£ad hit on th£ dashboard but I was so quick to prevent it with my [email protected]

At a normal, we should be th£ one yell!ng at th£ bastard who got us hit, !nstead, h£ was th£ one do!ng th£ sh©vt!ng.

” You shut your f*ck!ng m©vth up, okay?” Yelled th£ driver as h£ hurriedly stepped ©vt of th£ car.

My ears were busy to understand what th£ argument was for. Thankfvlly we had someone like h¡m h£re, I would have been cry!ng by now.

That’s totally not my fault eith£r, I hate it wh£n people yell at me like that. Dad never do that to me, so, it’s already part of me.

” You f*ck!ng crazy?” Growled th£ oth£r man. ” You blocked my way and you’ve got th£ shit h0l£ m©vth to talk [email protected]¢k at me? ”

” You’re th£ one with th£ shit h0l£ m©vth, d**k. ” h£ cursed [email protected]¢k. ” I th!nk you need some medical attention on your eyes because I can’t see th£ reason why you didn’t see me driv!ng ©vt of th£ lane. ”

” I didn’t? Of course, I did. Not because you drive an expensive car doesn’t mean you worth it. You’re j√$t a driver for all I know. ”

That got my h£ad sp!nn!ng. I can’t imag!ne how it feels for th£ guy now. Th£re was a moment pause !n h¡s atmosph£re and I was beg!nn!ng to $h!very for what th£ next action could be.

” You called me a driver?” h£ said angrily. ” You f*ck!ng called me a… ” I hurriedly stepped ©vt of th£ car to stop h¡m from do!ng anyth!ng crazy.

” h£y. h£y, h£y.” I h£ld h¡m [email protected]¢k.

” Look at h¡m, h£ can’t even ₱ush through a woman. ” Th£ oth£r man laugh£d. ” And you want to fight me? Don’t f*ck!ng waste your time, a$$h0l£.”

” j√$t keep stand!ng th£re and you see what I will… ” h£ almost ₱u$h£d me away but I h£ld my stands.

” h£y, you calm d©wΠ, okay?! ” I yelled at h¡m and h£ stopped struggl!ng.

h£ was breath!ng h£avily and I could see how much effort h£ put try!ng to calm h¡mself d©wΠ.

” Don’t listen to h¡m. Let’s j√$t get th£ h£ll ©vt of h£re, okay.” h£ nodded h¡s h£ad. ” Come on, get |ns!de th£ car. ”

I entered th£ car, look!ng at th£ [email protected]¢k. ” Are you guys alright?” I asked th£m.

” Yes, ma’am.” Th£y said, shak!ng frightfvlly.

” Don’t worry, we’re h£ad!ng [email protected]¢k to th£ mansion.” I adj√$ted, lean!ng my [email protected]¢k to th£ seat.

” You shouldn’t have attempt to fight.” I said after a long moment of silence. ” I understand how it feels to be called a driver and… but you shouldn’t have over reacted to it. ”

I looked at h¡m, and h£ looked at me tak!ng h¡s gaze almost immediately.

” Mr Luciano is gonna have me pay for th£ scratch. I don’t have enough for th£ ma!ntenance. ” h£ said coldly.

” Don’t worry ab©vt th£ ma!ntenance, I’ll [email protected] it. You j√$t have to drive th£m [email protected]¢k to th£ mansion, ” I said, referr!ng to th£ two maids. ” while we go to th£ car ma!ntenance store.”

h£ glared at me, th£ expression on h¡s face told how surprised h£ was at my words.

I hated it wh£n !nnocent people have to suffer for what th£y didn’t commit. I have enough !n my account, eighty dollars isn’t a big deal.


We had returned few m!nutes after Mr Luciano’s arrival. We were supposed to be !n th£ house by 3pm but due to th£ scratch, we were return!ng [email protected]¢k at after five.

” What took you guys so long?” h£ asked.

” Well, I went hang!ng with Tony at th£ ₱|@y pack. ” That came ©vt so sudden.

” Tony? ” h£ asked to be sure if I’d rath£r say, surprised.

” Yes, Tony, th£ driver.”

h£ laugh£d. ” I never thought you’d be hang!ng ©vt with th£ driver. ”

” Well, everyth!ng isn’t ab©vt wealth. It’s m©r£ ab©vt fun. h£’s cool, though. ”

” Tony is a cool guy. You’re never gonna regret hav!ng h¡m as a driver. ”

” Yeah, I thought as much. ”

Tony and I have decided to keep th£ !ncident b£tweeΠ us. I also had to tell th£ two maids who were pres£nt wh£n th£ !ncident happened.

Th£y promised not to tell Me Luciano a word ab©vt it. Case closed.

I relaxed on my b£d with a gla$$ of strawberry w!ne beside me. I h£ld my half written article on one [email protected], read!ng through what I have written over and over aga!n.

I didn’t want to both£r Mr Luciano to h£lp me, I need to start writ!ng my article all by myself.

I managed to type th£ little I have written !n my laptop, and th£ rest would have to be someth!ng for some oth£r time.

For over th¡s week now, a lot of news stations have reported th£ ma$$ive number of kill!ngs !n th£ City. No one is safe anym©r£.

Every one suspects it to be th£ normal drug gang stuffs, but guess th£ !nnocent seem to be !nvolved !n some death cases.

And I hated what I th!nk. What if… What if it has a lot to do with Christoph£r Adams?? I thought to myself.


I woke up late th£ next morn!ng. I can’t believe I missed service.

I hurriedly took my bath and dressed up to church. I didn’t m!nd if I had breakf*st, I don’t miss service.

Today’s service was motivat!ng. Rev. Bernard really made a good preach!ng today.

While th£ service went on, my gaze met with someone who looked exactly like th£ Christoph£r Adams Mr Thompson always talk ab©vt.

Thou, I could only see h¡s side view, but I’m certa!n it’s h¡m.

I waited for th£ service to be over, th£n I followed after h¡m. h£ was so f*st, that even before I could make it to th£ exit door, h£’s car had zoomed off.

h£ had th£ same hair cut, so I’m certa!n it is def!nitely h¡m.

But that was surpris!ng, you know. A notorious gangster j√$t attended today’s service. I mean, that’s crazy!

What’s h£ try!ng to prove? Th£ !nnocent baby Jesus or what exactly??

No wonder why Ruthie made th£ statement wh£n $h£ said, “ You might end up meet!ng h¡m along th£ road but you won’t notice you’ve met with London’s most wanted. ”

Honestly, I’ll admit, h£ looks so !nnocent to be suspected.

( Bounded With You )

By, Cisca. H.
Chapter 9:


Draco Luciano ✓

I stormed !nto th£ company, still fum!ng from what happened !n th£ warehouse.

I made my way d©wΠstairs to my fath£r’s office, re₱|@y!ng th£ death issue of one of my men over and over aga!n.

I didn’t recognize knock!ng as I grabb£d th£ silver [email protected] of th£ white door and barged !n.

I found my fath£r pac!ng h¡s office, s¢r**m!ng at some poor soul from Spa!n.

I made my way to one of th£ decorative chair at a corner and sat, cross!ng my leg over th£ oth£r.

” I don’t give a damn f*ck what you have to do, dipshit, j√$t Fix It! ” h£ yelled as h£ h£ld th£ phone away from h¡s ear and directly !n front of h¡s m©vth.

I watch£d as h£ walked over h¡s black desk. Grabb!ng th£ black leath£r chair, h£ ₱v||ed it ©vt before settl!ng on it.

A large sigh escaped h¡s l¡ps before h£ brought h¡s [email protected] up to h¡s temples, rubb!ng it roughly.

” Your cous!n broth£r is go!ng to be th£ end of me.” h£ mumbled as h£ closed h¡s eyes.

Rico was my little cous!n broth£r and h£ was by far th£ smartest idiot I knew.

h£ was also brilliant and learned quickly, but every action h£ took h£ left witnesses beh!nd.

h£ was a mess.

h£ always end up kill!ng th£ wrong target. I th!nk that dude still needs m©r£ tra!n!ng.

” I’ve got a good news.” I said, f!nally break!ng th£ silence. ” Uncle Joel is dead. ”

” Good Mary. I’m glad that sneaky bastard is gone. h£ has been steal!ng from th£ bus!ness and b!0w!ng ©vt money over some shit. ” h£ said still rubb!ng h¡s temples.

” Too bad th£y got h¡m before I did. Th£ Americans actually did us a favour for once. ” I laugh£d dryly.

” Th£y did do us a favour kill!ng h¡m. But those bastards also h£lped steal!ng from us. ” h£ slammed h¡s fist on th£ desk as h£ stared at me. ” I wish I had killed h¡m myself. ”

” F*ck!ng Americans.” I mumbled as I went to th£ cab!net at th£ corner, tak!ng an expensive gla$$ of wh¡skey from it.

I ₱0ured th£ wh¡skey !nto two gla$$ cup, offer!ng one to my fath£r while I took th£ oth£r, return!ng [email protected]¢k to th£ couch I was sitt!ng.

” Son, th£ ball is com!ng up soon.” Fath£r spoke coldly.

” So? ” I asked, refill!ng my dr!nk.

I tilted my h£ad [email protected]¢k as I brought th£ gla$$ to my l¡ps, dr!nk!ng th£ entire contents !n j√$t one gulp.

” We cannot have a repeat of last year.” h£ said as h£ stared at me, glar!ng directly !nto my soul.

” What happened last year wasn’t my fault. It would have been nice if h£ hadn’t !nvolve h¡s son !nto it.”

” That’s why I don’t want th£ same th!ng to repeat itself aga!n. If you want to have h¡m dead, you can actually do that ©vtside th£ ball. ” h£ warned.

” Sir, yes, sir. ” I said with a h£avy sigh.

Th£ club was two days after today. I would have refused to go if not for my fath£r.

See!ng Remon’s face will only urge me to kill h¡m with©vt m!nd!ng th£ ₱vblic.

And I hated th£ fact that that kid was gonna show up !n th£ ball. For damn sake, I’m not !nterested anym©r£.

” I change my m!nd.” I said to my fath£r after a thoughtful while.

” On what?” h£ questioned.

” Attend!ng th£ ball.” h£ rose an eyebrow at my reply.

” Is it ab©vt th£ kid, Remon?” h£ asked.

” I don’t want th£ same th!ng to happen aga!n, so I better stay [email protected]¢k.”

” Th¡s isn’t an option of if you are !nterested to come or not, it’s m©r£ of a decision that you have to be th£re.” h£ said, sound!ng less !nterested on my refusal to attend th£ ball.


~ AT Th£ Ma$$ STATION ~


Natalie ✓

” Peter, I need you !n my office.” I h£ard Mr Thompson call from h¡s office.

Peter went immediately to reply h¡s call.

Many th!ngs has been happen!ng lately !n th£ city and every one has been a lot busy on th£ir article.

I didn’t remember eat!ng before com!ng to work and my stomach has been grumbl!ng for hours now.

It isn’t lunch period yet, so I’ll j√$t have to ignore th£ pa!ns until one hour is over.

Th£ telephone rang, I quickly picked it up. ” h£llo? Th¡s is Natalie Bradeson, who am I speak!ng with? ” I said.

” h£llo, Nat, it’s Dad. ” Dad said from th£ oth£r side.

” Dad? ” I exclaimed excitedly. ” h£y, dad, how you do!ng?” I asked, glad to h£ar h¡s voice.

” I’m do!ng good over h£re, what ab©vt you?” h£ asked [email protected]¢k.

” Same h£re.” I said. ” How is Russia? ”

” Well, it’s cold over h£re and I’m honestly miss!ng my daughter and home too. ”

” I miss you too, dad. How is th£ bus!ness go!ng? ”

” It’s go!ng good as expected. Though we are experienc!ng some challenges but th£ managers are work!ng on it. ”

” How long is that gonna take? ”

” Probably days or so, I guess. How are you do!ng with your temporal home and work? Luciano told me you’ve been hav!ng fun lately, is that true? ”

” Yeah. I’ve hanged ©vt several times with Tony and th£ maids, especially dur!ng shopp!ng. ”

” Tony? ” h£ asked, as if to say that was th£ only word I mentioned. ” Isn’t that th£ driver?”

” Yeah, h£’s really cool to hang ©vt with. ”

” Well, that’s a good th!ng. Never expected you’d hang ©vt with a driver. ”

I remember Mr Luciano mak!ng th£ same statement th£ day of th£ !ncident at th£ market.

” Do you th!nk I shouldn’t?” I asked.

” No, I didn’t say so. I mean, I’m surprised. You [email protected] hang ©vt with friends.”

” That’s because you don’t let me leave th£ house, who’s fault?”

” Okay, I didn’t say you shouldn’t, and I am totally f!ne with you hang!ng ©vt with anyone. I’m only try!ng to avoid Luciano from suspect!ng th£re’s someth!ng go!ng on b£tweeΠ you and h¡s driver. ”

” Don’t worry ab©vt Mr Luciano, h£ knows we aren’t a th!ng. I j√$t love hav!ng h¡m @r0vnd, that’s all.”

” Okay. So how has work been th¡s days? ” h£ asked, chang!ng th£ topic.

” It’s been stressful lately.” I answered.

” Why? ”

” S!nce th£ kill!ngs and kidnap!ng became so serious !n town, Mr Thompson made us write a story ab©vt th£m everyday.

Most times I [email protected] sleep at night j√$t to make sure my stories are concrete and pres£ntable. But don’t worry, dad, I’m used to already. ”

” That’s one major th!ng I hate ab©vt be!ng a journalist.” h£ said. ” But s!nce you said you are okay with it, I’m cool with it too.

But remember, don’t stress yourself too much and try to get some sleep as soon as you’re done with a story, okay? ”

” I will, dad. ”

” Okay, take good ¢ar£ of yourself for me. ”

” I will, you too. Bye. ”

” Bye, sweeth£art. ” h£ hung th£ call.


I returned late that night. Mr Luciano had returned ab©vt an hour earlier than me.

I went straight to th£ fridge to get a gla$$ of cold water, gulp!ng it at once. I exhaled h£avily.

I left to my room, throw!ng myself on my b£d. I dozed off still with my shoes and cloth£s on.

I woke up @r0vnd 10 o’clock feel!ng hungry. Mr Luciano had j√$t f!ni$h£d answer!ng a call.

h£ was sipp!ng on h¡s red w!ne on one of th£ decorative chairs !n th£ sitt!ng room.

” I was surprised to h£ar you had gone to b£d with©vt eat!ng, hope everyth!ng is alright? ” h£ asked as I put th£ first spoon of rice !nto my m©vth.

” Of course, I am. j√$t a bit tired, that’s all.” I said, gr!nd!ng on th£ rice !n my m©vth.

h£ stood up from h¡s seat, walk!ng to th£ d!nn!ng. h£ sat on h¡s favorite chair, th£n h£ sipped on h¡s dr!nk.

” I won’t be home on Wednesday night.” h£ told me.

” Why?” I asked. ” Is th£re a problem? ”

” Not at all. A friend !nvited me to come over to h¡s party, I’ll love to be th£re. ”

” Can I follow you to th£ ball?” I asked.

” Do you want to?” h£ asked [email protected]¢k.

” Yes, I do.”

” It’s up to you th£n. You j√$t have to be [email protected]¢k home on time, because I am supposed to be th£re by eight o’clock. ”

” I’ll try mak!ng it up before that time.” I promised.


To Be Cont!nued…

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