Terrors Of The Past 2

Terrors of the Past 2 – episode 1

Season 1 (Terror of the past) 

Sandra bursted into the hospital room looking really terrible and angry.
“Where is he? I say where the hell is he?”
She yelled as she she walked through the hallway of the hospital, while approaching Smart’s ward.
     Heads turned in her direction to ascertain the problem, but she ignored the stares and made a low sprint towards the adjacent ward that Smart was in.
   She opened the door and made to enter, when a nurse who had been watching her all this while stopped her.
 “Hey!! Young lady this is a hospital and courtesy is expected of you. And why run into the hospital like that? Don’t you know your action looks off?”
SShe said looking at Sandra.
Sandra forced out a smile and tendered an apology.
“I’m sorry ma’am much have really been on my head this days and it is really affecting my behaviors indirectly.”
Sandra said.
  “It’s ok, stay away from over stressing yourself and try seeing a psychiatrist or a therapist.”
  The nurse said in a motherly affection. Sandra nodded and walked into the ward.
     On seeing Sandra, Gloria ran towards her to break the news that Smart had already waking up from comatose, but on seeing her face and the way she was storming forward. She slowed down to know the problem.
   “What is the problem?”
Gloria asked.
“He is a beast.”
That was all Sandra said and walked towards where Smart was lying down without even the slightest knowledge that he was wide awake.
Smart turned gently and smiled weakly at her but all her imagination, saw was Smart in an all red attire with a sword in hand which was covered in blood.
“Sandra who is a beast?”
Gloria said but Sandra was already in the world of her psychological cage that has almost formed a mental demon in her mind. Every physical matter we’re like a passing wave to her, as her wh0le mind was focused on the pictures, she saw.
   And of a true, she was truly losing her mind. The revelation was just too heavy on her and she just couldn’t stand it. She can’t just believe that this young man she had come to cherish and adore was really this?
   She snapped off her thoughts and walked upto the bed Smart was on with tears filled eyes, still oblivious of the fact that Smart was watching her all this while.
  Smart stretched his hands to touch her but his strength failed him.
  “I never knew you have really sold your life to the devil 👿, like this. Though your life seemed a kind of weird from the beginning but I never knew you were this deep. You have succeeded in putting everyone around you in danger all courtesy to your involvements and commitments.
Now Alex is dead, though I do not regret his death, but they are coming for us, I in particular.”
She said still pouring her heart out, without even the slightest knowledge that he was listening to all she said.
Gloria who who was trying to put two and two ✌ together to understand the point that Sandra was saying all this while placed her hand in her mouth in shock as a loud “JESUS CHRIST” escaped her l-ips.
“Who killed him? How did it happen?”
Gloria asked Sandra who was soaked deeply in tears.
“And what do you mean by that they are coming for us?”
“He was found battered on the highway, with deep cuts of different dangerous weapons on his butchered body, infact he was butchered like a cow. And he was still wearing his school uniform on him, which was bloodily soaked.”
Sandra said.
“Then who killed him?”
Gloria asked.
Sandra turned her direction to where Smart was lying to say, he had an idea of what happened to Alex.
When both she and Smart made an eye contact and his eyes were filled with tears as he listened to what she was saying all this while, without her knowing.
As if it was a predestined act and due to the fact that everything, he was trying to hide for months, was almost lying bare in everyone’s eyes.
The shock sent another Spiral shock on his body making him start convulsing violently a second time as he stretched himself to a strangling point.
Gloria rushed out immediately to call the doctor 😷, while Sandra stayed back confused. She sat down crying her heart out.
   In reality if she had known that Smart was awake she wouldn’t have said anything in his presence as she knew he wasn’t still yet fully recovered to take such news, as it would only cause more harm than good.
   That was when she remembered what was inscribed in the letter “TELL HIM, WHEN HE WAKES UP IN THE NEXT TEN MINUTES, THAT WE AWAIT HIM”
But the doctor 😷 said that his resuscitation may still take up to a month. What is really happening?”
She yelled out and as devil would have it, a worker who was sweeping the hospital environment, swept up large amount of dust and it made its way into the ward and Sandra felt herself going woozy and weak.
Smart had already stretched himself off the limit and suddenly lay quiet, as his state of health couldn’t be told, if he was alive or dead.
The doctor rushed in with Gloria to see a complete disaster.
They saw Sandra stretching her hand in the air in a strangling stance as she struggled to lay hold of her bag and grab what was in,side but the attack was too much in her.
The doctor yelled.
“She is asthmatic, get her inhaler and administer to her, while I attend to the young boy.
The doctor said rushing towards Smart as he placed the stethoscope on his chest to ascertain his heart and equally at the same time feeling his pulse.
He shook his his head and turned towards, Gloria who had Sandra cuddled in her arm while administering the inhaler she got from Sandra’s bag.
“His state of health is now from bad to worse. I can hærdly feel his heart beat. I don’t think he can make this through. His survival is 10/90.
Only a miracle can save him.”

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