Terrors Of The Past 2

Terrors of the past 2 – episode 10

Smart was roused from sleep by a man preaching. He opened his eyes and everywhere was still dark and by the look of things, he guessed the time might be around 5am in the morning.
   He couldn’t even tell when he slept off in,side the sewage pit, as he was reminiscing on strategies to leave the pit and run, far away from the environment and not draw attention, but he came up with none as his mind wasn’t performing the necessary function required at the moment, so he might have slept off out of frustration.
    As the morning preacher, came near the pit, an instinct told him to ask the man for help but he thought against it.
Maybe he will start suspecting and probably the event of the night might have spread like wild fire  around the city  and the man might have gone wind of it. And the man might even go report to the police and this pose a very big danger for him.
     But his other instinct seemed more domineering.
Saying that he should call out to the man for help, that he might not have heard of the incident or might not be from the locality.
   So he summoned up courage, when the man was through with his closing prayer.
 “Please whoever that is there, should please help me out.”
Smart pleaded gently as he was almost enervated.
  The man was taken aback and flashed his heavy beaming torch light  around the vicinity but found no one.
He wanted to leave the locality immediately, but the plea for help repeated itself a second time, and the voice came from a particular direction and flashed his torchlight and saw a boy in his teenage age cuddled on one side of the pit.
“Young man what are you doing here.”.
He asked a little bit relieved.
“Sir please just get me out of this place, I will explain everything to you later.”
Smart pleaded.
“OK come over to this side and give me your hand.”. The man said.
    He helped him out of the pit and told him to follow him.
They did not walk for a long distance they came to the man’s house.
It was a bungalow and the house was spaciously built. (A pure replica of a house that is better than a duplex)
He opened the door and beckoned on Smart to come on.
He showed him the restroom 🚽 and told him to go freshen up, after that he showed him a room to rest and called on the maid to find Smart something to eat.
    Towards the evening time the man called on Smart and they delved into discussion and the man began questioning him. But Smart was kinda reluctant to spill the beans, but after seeing the hospitality and wisdom the man had displayed, he revealed everything to him, crying heavily in the process.
  The man felt compassion and was really set to help Smart and that was how the relationsh¡p began.
It was later that Smart found out that the man was a legal practitioner (Lawyer) His wife and children all died in a plan crash on their way back from U.K were they went to spend the summer holiday.
And the man had vowed not to remarry till further notice, his name was Mr. Jude in his early forties.
The man adopted him as his legal legitimate child and son.
He had decided to send Smart to Mac Cal’s college, which was a boarding school to hide Smart away from bad influence.
Smart had found himself in Mac Cal’s intending to start life over again. With the thought that they might have thought him dead. But alas!!
“That was how I found myself in Mac Cal’s, hope you guys have seen the devil, you have called a friend all this while.”
Smart said emotionlessly.
   Gloria and Sandra already had their checks covered in dry tears as they had kept on crying throughout the wh0le story.
Dave who was the emotional type couldn’t help but have tears slip from his eyes occasionally, as the story progressed.
Gabriel was all quiet as he bent his face , which was a pure replica of sadness and pains.
Jeff couldn’t talk as he was tongue tied. He was soon unusually quiet and carried his face away, but his face was void of expression.
The room was unusually quiet, as silent mo-ning escaping from the ladies occasionally do occur.
“So where do I stand with you guys?”
Smart asked.

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