Terrors Of The Past 2

Terrors of the past 2 – episode 11

They all looked at Smart who stared at them with mixed feelings.
“I’m sorry I brought you guys into this, I never bargained for it this way. Please like I said, if you guys can’t help me out, it’s not you guys fault, because it is risky and I am not willing to draw anyone to his early death and………”
   Smart was cut off by Dave who said.
 ” Shhhhh!! We all got your back, as one of the Musketeers, your problem is ours.”
Dave said.
” Jesus christ!! So the four of you were the four Musketeers all this while.
Looking at four innocent looking guys who seemed like they would never hurt an ant. God!! So it was you guys.”
  Gloria said in disbelief, while Sandra’s lips  stood agape, as her mind whirled in thoughts.
” So that, was why they came to their aid that very night, as she thought that their dramatic appearance, that night, they were cornered by Alex and his boys was too real to be a coincidence.
     The four boys couldn’t help but smile, as they stared at the bewildered ladies.
“OK, dearies, please keep it a secret.”
Gab said.
   “Sure, I will, I cross my heart.”
Gloria said.
     They all turned their attention to Sandra.
   “What? Ok, I won’t tell anyone, I cross my mouth.”
  She said and they all laughed.
  “OK back to business. Who is opting out?”. Dave asked the guys .
  “None of us is leaving our brethren.”
Jeff said and Gab said simultaneously..
   “OK then let’s go down to business.”
  Dave said.
  “What of us girls are we not involved?”
Sandra and Gloria asked.
  The four guys raised their eyebrows and suddenly burst into laughter.
  “What can you girls offer in this very problem? You will only succeed in drawing us back.”
Jeff said in mockery..
Sandra glared at him, while Gloria released a slap which luckily for Jeff he bent on time to wade of the slap, if not his face would be singing in pain.
 ” It’s enough. They can join us, don’t overlook or underestimate them. They are important.”
Smart said trying to sit up, but Sandra hastily held him back.
“I’m ok, please i have to be discharged.”
Smart said.
“Shut the hell up, to you, you are okay, but medically speaking, you are not yet medically certified good to be discharged. So be a good boy.”
Gloria said.
Smart had no other option but to ly back.
Ok guys what’s next now. I’m void of ideas.”
Smart said.
“I think I got one. We can do this on our own, we can plan it and bring this confra down or disorg-nise them.”
Jeff said.
  They all nodded but Smart only smiled and heaved up.
“You guys don’t get it. The Dynasty confraternity is too strong for just the six of us to penetrate. And considering somethings, it is considered taking laws into one’s hands. Which is punishable by the law. Security agencies are needed for the work.”
” So then we would involve the police, I think they would be the best for this work.”
Dave suggested.
” They are not the best either you know that as a public servant, the Bureaucracy (Red tapism) would limit their powers in this case and moreover the police cannot really be trusted so much on this, because they have so many bad eggs amongst them.”
   Sandra said and they all couldn’t help but nod in serious agreement, at her brilliant countering.
” I have an idea. My brother is a detective who works for the criminal investigation department (C.I.D). And his investigation isn’t limited by the law when compared to the police. And he is really good with his job.”
Gloria said.
     Smart and co, couldn’t help but nod in an all round approval.
” I think we would go with you girls plans.” Smart, Gab, and Dave said.
” And who said the ladies are not important in decision makings?”. Sandra and Gloria said aloud.
  Jeff’s face was flushed with embarrassment as he looked away.
   While the rest laughed out in antagonism.
” Male chauvinist indeed.”
Sandra said in laughter.

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