Terrors Of The Past 2

Terrors of the past 2 – episode 12

Gloria had contacted her brother and he had promised to visit the hospital first, before going to work the next day.
        Sunday Davidson is a shrewd and experienced police detective, who knew his onions in tracking down seemingly impossible crooks and criminals.
      Many criminals I’m prison and those executed could attest to that. Not minding his very young age, he was really a force to reckon with.
     This was his fourth year in the service as a detective, working under the C.I.D..
        He had visited the next morning dressing nicely and looking extremely cute.
   After a few pleasantries, they had gotten into the matter at hand.
“Young man what’s your name?”
He asked foxing his eyes squarely on Smart’s eyes.
“I’m Daniel Chibuike.”
Smart said meeting his eyes without flinching.
“What do you say the problem is? And please to suit both sides and to ensure that justice and equity is enforced to its extreme, leave no stone unturned in your explanation, so as to know how best to help you.”
    Smart had started his narration of how the wh0le thing began, without exempting an iota of truth in it, he presented it just as he told Dave and Co.
The detective kept on scribbling somethings on a note  he was holding as he listened attentively to what Smart was saying.
After Smart was through, he kept on staring at him and after a while dropped his gaze and smiled.
“Well, I know a truth when I see one, but I just hope you told me everything you knew.”

Smart nodded and he went further.
“Do you know the full implications of the actions you really took part on the past? Do you know that it can really land you in jail?”
He said and Smart nodded.
“But if you can cooperate with me, on this case. I will make sure that every file or accusation enclosing you into this case would be swept under the carpet forever. And luckily for you, you are yet to turn eighteen.
    Smart nodded in agreement to whatever he has to say.
“Can you explain, the gang leader of the confraternity’s features? So I can pick out a thing or two, because your explanation has a kind of link it has with a boy caught last year in a hotel robbery.”
Smart had started his description of how the capone looked like and the man kept looking attentively, until it came up to a point, he told Smart to wait and fetch out his wallet. He brought out some passport pictures, of a man, who had a long scar running through the bridge of his nose and showed Smart.
“That is him.”
Smart said and the detective nodded happily, but tried not to show it.
“When you were with them, what normally was his day to day activities?”
“He loves partying, visiting brothels to patronize wh-res, goes to gym and equally goes to his business premises. That’s all I can tell.”
“Very good then, you would be needed for this assignment, though I would do more digging on this.”
“Sir I hope my friends would be safe? I don’t want any to get hurt.”
Smart said.
“They all would be fine. Nothing as much as a scratch would come near them, so chillax. All we just need is your cooperation.”
The capone of the Dynasty confraternity, has been a wanted man for years now.
The cult group he formed was only a decoy, as he used that as an opportunity to lure in boys with high Intelligence quotient (IQ), Smart, belligerent and blood thirsty into an unknown terrorist group.
He was more of a middle man as he was in charge of recruiting boys to be trained in to heartless, dare Devils, and blood s-cking devils, who were only out for destruction.
   And Smart was the next in his calender not until the event at the  hotel separated him from the confraternity.
   The police had been on his trail to know were to nab him, as many cases had come to them all pointing to the same man, but in the end he would come out clean and neat, as the file against him would go missing as you know what that really means, no evidence.
The capone was a rapist, a drug baron, an assassin and anything you could lay your mind on.
The last of his case, brought to the table of the detective Sunday, was his raping of a thirteen year old girl and having her v*gina bruised and with various tears on her th-gh. Coupled with  wounds inflicted on the little girl in the process.

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