Terrors Of The Past 2

Terrors of the past 2 – episode 14

Smart had arrived the place, he was to see the capote.
He was already discharged from the hospital a long time ago and was now good to go.
     He looked over the place where the cars were parked and walked into the almost dilapidated building.
   What greeted him, was the disgusting face of the carpone and his boys.
Smart smiled in disgust, while he walked towards the carpone, who had Danniac at his back with a pistol.
“Wow!! Wow!! What do we have here? The run away boy.”
The carpone said smiling and approached Smart closely and patted his shoulder, in the welcome manner.
“I hope you brought no surprise, because if you? I will make sure I kill you before the police gets hold of me.”
Smart only shrugged and said nothing.
Smart came in an all red appearance to signify that, he was back fully, although he didn’t know what the capon kept in hold for him.
” I had so many great plans for you, but you abandoned those who gave you shelter, when you had none to help you out. We gave you the opportunity to avenge the death of your parents and little sister. Running away is that the best way to pay kindness back?”
The capon asked expecting a shade of remorse from Smart.
Smart sneered as his eyes were fixed to the carpone.
” Great plans indeed. Misleading me to do abnormal things? Is that the great plan? Speaking of what you have done for me. What of all I have done for the course of this damn cult group. I have maimed Innocent lives, killed at random, rendered some home motherless, some childless, some fatherless all to please a stupid rise for supremacy and all you have to say is that I am an ingrate.”
Smart hollered in anger.
” Well spoken, we will talk more explicitly when we reach our base. Let’s go first, no time to check time.”
  The capone said and they all were in wait for Smart to make the move forward but he stood his ground.
” Smartiac let’s go don’t make this hærd on yourself. Don’t make me resolve to the word force, I cherish you so much and that’s why I’m giving you all this long rope and I can see you really didn’t cherish it.”
The capone said but Smart only looked on without replying.
” Boy I know how it feels I understand but……..”
He was saying trying to place his hand on Smart’s shoulder, and Smart forcefully knocked off his hands and head butted him on the forehead, equally kicking him squarely on his balls.
      The cult members gathered and held Smart back.
” F*ck you!! What do you think you understand? A beast that is what you are.”
Smart yelled in anger as he watched the capone grasp his d*ck region in pain..
After the capone regained himself, he stared at Smart who was still held by his boys.”
“You really got the balls.”
He said staring at Smart with a burning rage, as his previous tenderness left him.
But he felt something amiss, his boys none of them even bothered to attack, Smart when he did such a thing to their capone, but he decided to wave it off..
He walked closer to Smart and dashed him a powerful slap but Smart retaliated with a loaded spit filled with phlegm, the latest he had gathered in his spittle and spit on the capones face.
The capone now was filled with rage and he was bent on killing Smart that moment and at that very place.
He stretched out his hands and Danniac handed him over the gun.
“Greet your stupid family in hell for me.”
He said and pulled the trigger.
Smart had already anticipated his death, so he closed his eyes to feel the impact, but the gun clicked empty, showing an empty magazine, the gun wasn’t loaded, it was empty.
The capone turned sharply to Danniac and saw him smirk and turned to the capone and bowed in mock loyalty.
“Sorry boss, but you are not worth my loyalty.”
He said and jumped over the window of the building to God knows where.
During Danniac’s constant visit to the hospital to threaten Smart on what the capone ordered. He was a kind of bought over. After the police, had stated it clearly who the guy they were working for with and what he intended to use them for.
He then decided to work with the police and act as a mole and in accordance, with the plan of the police.
“So he betrayed me because of you?”
The capone asked in confusion as he felt that something was out of place.
Nothing confuses an org-nization, like when the person you kept your trust in is behind the gunshot.
His men were just staring at him without taking action, but just kept staring. None of them interfering.
“Skydiac shoot that bastard now!!”
He ordered but his boys stood where they were and only stared at him without taking any action.
The capone said and pulled out a gun and was about to shoot his men dead, when the siren  from the police  filled the wh0le arena, a police in an address system telling him to surrender that the wh0le place has been surrounded.
Smart smiled and said.
“They are here.”
“Yes they are here but I’m gonna kill you before they arrive to save you.”
The capone said removing the gun he pointed on his men and pointed it at Smart and for a second time, Smart equally felt the weight of a gun pointed to him, as he prayed in his heart not to die, as he still had a lot to achieve in life.
A gun shot was heard and Smart’s heart jumped into his stomach as he felt his death nearing.
It is only a matter of seconds, he thought.
But he waited for a second, two seconds, five seconds but felt nothing, he opened his eyes to see the capones hand blown off with blood trickling out, from his already gone hands.
The capone stared down at the gun wielding hands, as he couldn’t find his hands which was  fixed to his arm, few seconds ago.
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