Terrors Of The Past 2

Terrors Of the Past 2- episode 3

It all started in the most grotesque way you can think of.. Well, Smart had hailed from a happy home of four, where love and happiness abounded.
He had his parents and little sister to jolly with as his parents spoiled him with attention as the only son, which typical of how the eastern part of the country held an only son in high esteem.. 
    They were a happy little family, not until disaster struck from an unknown angle.
Smart was ten years of age then, when this wh0le drama began.
Smarts father worked as a protocol officer in multinational company.
But sadly Smarts father (Kelly) was a double agent as he equally feeds a rival company on the happenings in the company he works, informing them of all down details pertaining to their secret agendas in moving forward to the other company and that made the other company move far ahead of them in the winning of government contracts and allocations.
Well, this had continued and no sooner than later, it leaked off and the manager of the company got wind of it, that Smarts father was the looph0le in, that has been their cause of downfall all this while and he began investigating in him.
From a trusted source, Smarts father gained knowledge that every of his activities were monitored and he became solely afraid  and in distress.
He had approached the manager of the other company and had told him that he can’t continue, with the information relaying, because every of his actions were now under check.
The man had payed him off and he had heaved a sigh of relief of not having to lose his job and languishing in prison for breaking the rule of anonymity, as a civil servant.
He had rejoiced without knowing that the man who payed him off had an ulterior motive.
   Well, the manager had all this while been nursing this dream of joining politics, after he retires, because he has three more years to go in the world of a government worker.
Having this feeling that Smart’s father, might be caught and he might expose all the illegal dealings, he had ever had with him and for sure he knew it would go viral in the public, which might hamper his political ambition..
He settled down and decided to use the eliminate all threats method, using the popular tone called “DUSTED SLATE” Dusting slate is an act of cleaning every bad records one had in the, by eliminating anyone who was involved in one’s evil dealings in the past and sadly Smarts father fell majorly into that picture.
The man, he had been feeding news about his company to, paid a hired assassin to finish him and anything pertaining to him off.
Smart who was an elementary five student then had jumped down from the school bus that dropped him in front of their house. He had hopped out happily, clutching on his lunch pack and his bag which was clasped in a fitting manner to his back.
He ran happily into their compound, waiting to have his parents hug him and touch his cute cheek as usual.
He had ran in,side the room, shouting to draw his parents attention that he was back.
He made his way to the sitting room.
To see his father, mother and little sister who was breathing their last, especially his little sister who was on the blink of death.
He turned to see in confusion as he couldn’t understand what was happening.
He turned to see his uncle walk out from his parents room, with something like a rod in his hand. Well for Smart at that age it was a shaped rod, but in reality it was a gun
Uncle Nelly was a younger brother to Smarts mother, he was in the university then.
“Uncle what is happening? Are they dead?”
He asked his uncle who was trying hærd to control the tears that filled his eyes.
His uncle knelt down beside his sister as he cried out his eyes.
    Well, Nelly was the paid assassin who was sent to kill his own sisters family, save for Smart.
.. He had objected vehemently, when his boss handed him the mission to assassinate his own sister and family.
           But according to the law of the killing machine code it says “Instrument of violence knows no brother.” And an order was definitely an order not to be disobeyed.
He was promised a rise in the cadre of the MASSACRE TEAM if he fulfilled the mission and they would equally know how loyal he was to their course.
He had wanted to kill Smart too but, he found him too innocent and too young.
All he was looking at was a 10 years old boy who was to fill the real pain and brunt of life and he heaved in sadness, well the husband brought it upon them. He thought.
He looked at him as he asked the innocent questions of, if they were still alive.
Smart was his favorite nephew and he couldn’t just bring himself to kill him.
Suddenly a stupid idea came up his head..
And he said.
“Chibuike” calling him by his local name.
“Your parents and sister are all dead, but I know those who killed them.
Here take this card never lose it., the name of the two persons who are involved in killing your parents and sweet sister is written there. Run!! Run!! And never return until you feel you are old enough to revenge their death and never be sentimental when you find out who is behind the killing.”
Uncle Nelly told him and handing him a card which had his name and the manager’s name in it as the killers.
He knew what he was truly turning the little boy into but he could not just help it.
He watched as the young Smart hesitated staring fixedly at his dead family one more time.
He couldn’t even bring himself to cry as that was the last thing on his mind.
Smart suddenly ran out of their house never to return still with his school uniform.

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