Terrors Of The Past 2

Terrors of the past 2 – episode 5

Stan had taken, Smart to a house, which was a bungalow but was tastefully furnished. Stan knocked on the door and a guy who was shirtless, with a tattoo mark running down his chest opened the door.
One look at him, would tell you that he was drunk to stupor, as he spoke out unreachable and incoherent words from his mouth, which was reeking from alcohol.
Stan pushed him out of the door as he cuddled Smart to a corner and made him sit down.
    He made his way to the sitting room, to see the roof of the house almost at the blink of collapsing from the pop music that filled the room, with guys numbering around fifteen, were dancing wildly, with some call girls (pr-stitute) in the room. Some were already making out in a corner as s€×ual mo-n filled the air in mixture with the blaring music.
Stan sneered as his heart boiled within in anger .. The enemy was at the point of hitting them, where it hurts and they were here merrying, when their side was having five active lives gone…
Smart was still waiting for Stan when he slept off in the sofa.
    Around 12 O’clock in the night, when men were triggering the volume of their sleeps to a new dimension, when men, were snoring so deeply Making cacaphonous noise in the name of snoring, was when the Dynasty Confraternity, all sat on the sofa, looking sober, without any show that they partied in the night.
     They all gathered sitting on the sofa, by then, they were almost fifty in number as some of them, who were not present had arrived.
  The capon got up as he greeted them out in normal slogan of cultists (that I’m not ready to go into details) he welcomed them all and after some heavy cult slang, they all settled down for the days duty.
  “Without much ado, I would like to relate to you guys, that from now henceforth, all of you are staying here till all this wave is over, even if you want to move out, you have to be heavily prepared, because the war dogs are really prepared to challenge the Supremacy of the Dynasty, but they no remember say, he wey no hear word go hear…….. “
” Gun”
They all chorused imitating different gun sounds to prove their point to the barest minimum.
” But for this war ⚠, we will need to recruit more rugged warriors to fight our cause.
We have lost so many of our brothers and we are yet to add up the score. We have been involved in various intercult clash and we have lost many of our faithful brothers, coupled with, the five to nothing score, which has decreased us and we will be starting with that young boy you brought in yesterday Stan. I see the spirit of the Dynasty Diyoniac the god of strength 💪.
“MY Rugged capon, but I have a thing to say. That boy is far too young for that, I actually found him homeless on the road and brought him here to stay for the night and tomorrow, before I would know how to help him out.”
Stan said in disagreement but in respect.
” How old are you when you killed your adopted parents for maltreating you almost to the point of death? “
” Fourteen years.”
Stan said bowing his head.
” Then what’s actually the difference now.”
He asked but Stan kept quiet regretting why he brought the helpless boy here.
” Bring me the boy.”.
The capon ordered.
Smart was brought in to behold a full house of fully grown men, as he could see he was actually the youngest of all.
” Young boy, what were you doing on the road by that time of the night?”
The capon asked him and Stan’s heart missed, because he knew that Smart would reveal the same thing, he had told him on the road and that means roping the innocent boy into the mess they caused themselves.
” I have no place to stay and my parents were murdered three years ago, I’m seeking for a way to avenge them and I want to make their death so slow and painful.”
Smart who wasn’t even Aware of those he was with, continued pouring forth out of the content of his bitter heart.
Everyone was quiet as they were tongue tied at such deadly and venomous words from a thirteen year old boy.
The capon looked at him deeply and suddenly bursted into laughter, as he saw what Stan could not see in Smart and that quality was what he had always desired in any man, but he saw it in a boy.
“What if I tell you that, we have the ability to make you get the revenge, you wish but it all comes with a price and can you pay?
The stupid capon, shamelessly asked a thirteen year old boy.

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