Terrors Of The Past 2

Terrors of the Past 2 – episode 7

“Darling tell me what this boy is saying, is a lie. Look into my face and tell me it’s a big fat lie.”
The wife demanded searchingly, but her husband scratched his head in frustration as he didn’t reply her.
“I said answer my question uncle or I will start with your wife and unborn child. How happy would you feel having your wife’s guts blown open, with the innocent child in it?”
Smart said pointing a gun to the pregnant wife, with a voice filled with so much bitterness and killing intent.
” OK!! Ok!! Please let her out of this, I will bear the full brunt of whatever you wish to do.”
Uncle Nelly said, sweating like a Christmas goat.
Smart turned to him and smiled, while he looked at his uncles fear stricken face. He felt untop of the world.
  Just the sight of a gun can force, a giant to k-ss the ground and beg for his life, like a fool.
Wielding a gun gives you a confidence, that you in control of all things, as others appears like an animal for devouring
Smart smiled continously as he fought the urge to shoot his uncle, who was still blabbering on his knee.”.
“Not yet.” He thought.
“Then start singing on why you killed them.”
Ok!! Ok! It all began like this, when we were growing, I was kinda stubborn and strongheaded then. I always get into trouble at times.
And your mother who was five years older than me, Always deals with me ceaselessly and mercilessly.
I grew to hate her so much, as I avoided her to the fullest. Though I never had the thought of killing her or harming her in Anyway. Anyway I grew up to be a cultists due to my rough lifestyle of the past.
Then an operation came and the mission was passed to me. I refused the mission at the first place, but after threats and Persuasion from my boss.
I had to give in when I equally remembered the past with your mother.
Your father was actually my target, but your mother and sister ac
ted a scape goat 🐐.”
He said out wh0le his wife moved far away from him in terror, as she never knew she was living with a wife all this while.
” One more question. Why did you have to lure me into this situation of making use of a gun when you know you are involved. “
” Because I wanted to be a beast like me.”
I wanted you to be in a situation like me, where you have to follow the last order. I had expected you to come for me. Though not this too soon. At least I fulfilled one thing, which is making your parents especially your mother weep for having a useless child like you, as she called me back then.”
Uncle Nelly said smiling as he knew his end was near, so he wanted to hurt the boy the more, so that he can pull the trigger, because every damn minutes, was like a torture for him.
” Hahaha!! Someone is actually tired of living. I owe you one thing and that is for preserving my life. Though I would love to waste you and your family, but you would watch your family die and feel how it is like to lose a loved one.
Smart corked the pistol 🔫 abs pointed the gun to Uncle Nellys wife and said.
“I’m sorry, your husband brought it on you, just like how my father did to my mum and sister.
Just that I pity that you have no one to avenge your death just like I did.”
The lady was crying profusely as she watched Smart squeeze the trigger, as she closed her eyes for her death.
A loud bang occurred and she opened her eyes to see her husband clutching his knees, with his knee cap bursted in both legs.
” II can never be a beast like you did, I can never be like you. But I will make sure you lol I’ve your life in pains and regret.”
Smart said and pulled the trigger as it plunged into his uncles hand.
“Remember what I told you, when you wanted to kill those who killed your parents, that you shouldn’t be sentimental. I never made your parents dieing process like, how you are doing to me now.”
Uncle Nelly said with his knees bursted and with a caked blood gathered in it, which purely defined that he was a cripple, with only one arm as the other arm was shot too.
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