Terrors Of The Past 2

Terrors of the past 2 – episode 8

Smart was walking through the streets as his mind was in turmoil.
His uncle had wanted to kill himself with a pocketed knife, but he had found out quite early and had shot him dead, himself.
He was never the type who encouraged suicide,as he sees it as cowardice.
Moreover, his uncle deserved just better than that, no matter what he had done.
The wife had fainted immediately, she saw her husband straighten up In death.
He had gently placed the unconscious woman on the sofa, and made his way out of the house.
Now he had gotten what he actually needed as the murderers of his parents were now in Tatarus and his main reason for being a cultistm was now certified. What else?
Speaking of comfortability, he was damn comfortable as a young boy of sixteen, he was already living in a self comfortable apartment, well furnished and all.
He was already budgeting for a car 🚙, just that he was still limited by age.
He do attend school but not regularly.
The main reason he had joined them, was now all gone and he was in reality tired of the confraternity.
He was already making plans on how to run far far away from the grasp of the evil, called cultism.
But it dawned on him, that leaving was never as easy as joining.
  He had approached the capon on several occasions telling him that, that he was no longer interested in the game, but the capon had made it clear that his leaving was only in death.
But let’s say fortune decided to smile on him, but in a hærd way..
Smart and four of his colleagues had arranged for an undercover mission, without the knowledge of the confraternity to rob a suspected General manager of an oil company, as based on the information giving that he was in possession of over ten million naira,in his hotel lodge.
And the person who had leaked the off the secret was the personal assistant to the General Manager.
That very day Smart had woken up around six in the evening, from a disturbed sleep, as he sighed, when he remembered the task ahead of him for the night.
He and four partner in crimes, were set for an armed robbery operation, out of the jurisdiction of the Dynasty.
That evening he began to develop a cold feet over the mission. He had never liked the idea to go for the operation.
But it is always said that majority always carries the vote, as he was the only one man protesting.
As he was still lost in thought, his phone buzzed. He picked up the phone and it was Sanilac. The guy that came to his aid three years ago.
He had not wanted to pick up the call, but on a second thought, he picked it up.
  Staniac had called him to know if he was set for the mission, but Smart had reluctantly told him that he was preparing.
After preparing he had went to the designated s₱0t and found, Staniac and three other guys in the car listing out their plans and strategies.
“But people are wicked.”
Smart had said immediately he entered the car.
“What is it?” Asked one of them.
“The man who gave us this job, is also among the colleagues that would lodge in the hotel with the general manager”
Smart said.
“MY frien’ we de for Naija everything is possible.”
A guy called Padiac said.
“But na complete stabbing, their G.M for back na.”
Smart said.
“That one na their own palaver. My own be say make we get the money Pata pata for hand and give the mole his share.”
“and they can kill themselves for all I care.”
Added Padiac.
“Don’t you know na us be their best friend, na only us dey pray make them rich, so that we go get our own share.” A guy among them called Zodiac said and that generated a loud boutique of laughter, that even Smart couldn’t help but join in.
And with that they all settled down for business.

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