Terrors Of The Past

Terrors Of The Past – episode 12


They circled around Smart and rushed towards him. He was all along planning on whom, to make the scapegoat as, he knew he could never take them all, that would be a mere fantasy. Then his bet fell on Alex, their ring leader, he made as if he was running away as he ran towards were Alex was.
“Do not let him escape.” Yelled at his boys.
Then that made him vulnerable to Smart’s plan, as Smart made a dangerous dive and speared him down, the imp sent both crashing down and without taking a breath, Smart started delivering punches on him while the others gathered and started beating Smart who was atop Alex, but he persisted ramming punches on Alex,while the others equally gave him a good beating.
Sandra could do nothing but shout and scre-ming for them to stop to avoid getting hurt, she had one time try putting her hand to save Smart from the boys but a violent push from one of them, sent her crashing to the ground.
They were still beating Smart when a voice from behind resounded.
“Hey!! What is happening here?” The voice said accompanied with torchlight, that flashed in torrents.
The other boys ran away, leaving Alex who was still below Smart, thinking it was still the security men, so as to avoid the same fate with Sammy.
Smart and the other three joined hands together and gave Alex the beating of his life, a beating that shook his being. They beat him up to a point that he was seeing double.
“We had really contained your excesses, you really knocked on the wrong container.” One of the masked men muttered.
Sandra all this while stood transfixed as she couldn’t tell what was happening, she was at least very happy that the “Musketeers” came to their aid.
Sandra’s eyes were filled with tears as she rushed over to Alex on the ground and dished him a thunderous slap.
“This is for the pestering and all the disturbances.” she said and landed another slap to his face.
“That is for imagining in your stupid life that you can gang rape me.”
Alex was all this while on the ground, rolling painfully on the ground as bruises fill his body, but he smiled through blood filled mouth.
“The musketeers you shall hear from me.” He said smiling as realization hit him, he had unveiled a mystery.
      They ignored him, the three left so that it would seem that they came to save an innocent student.
While Sandra helped Smart to his feet as he was exhausted and he had a cut on his upper lip.
The activities of the night was stilled as Alex collapsed on the s₱0t, he was, with no one to come to his rescue. Around 4 o’clock in the morning, he regained consciousness and staggered up to his hostel, with a firm resolution to revenge all this in the most brutal way, he could bring up.
Dave sat, on the ground, his countenance a sad one and his mind wandered off very far as his thoughts went wild.
        SMART was making his way past, when he saw Dave like that and he went to know what the problem was.
“Manny, what’s the problem?” Smart asked touching Dave, who was in the world of his own.
“Ohhh!! It’s nothing, you startled me.” Dave said.
“Leave the pretense and tell me what’s wrong.” Smart said.
Dave sighed and said.
“It’s Gloria.” Dave said.
“What about her?” Smart asked.
“She used to be my girlfriend, and we loved each other actually, but we had a little problem and she left saying that she had called it quits with me.” Dave said looking at Smart and Smart nodged him to go on.
“We actually broke up before you came to our school , but I had it in mind, that I still loved her and would do anything to have her back, but she always snubbed me and suddenly you came, she started putting all her attention on you.” Dave said sadly as tears nearly made its way down his cheeks if not for the timely intervention of his handkerchief.
” seriously? I never you had anything to do with her. To be frank I have nothing with Gloria, moreover, I and Sandra are now items.” Smart said smiling.
“Wow!! Bro tell me something.” Dave said happily.
“It was yesterday’s night , I proposed to her and she accepted, we even k-ssed .” Smart said smiling stupidly, like a full time mumu.
“I’m so happy, I knew you both had something in common and that’s why, I tried aiding, it my little way.” Dave said jumping up like a kid.
“And ehh!! You actually k-ssed her? Bad boy, see as you been dey behave as if you no know anything since. Have you told the others?” Dave asked.
“Since.” Smart said stressing on the “since”.. “And you are telling me lastly.” Dave said and Smart chuckled.
“You know what bro?” Smart said.
“What surprise again?” Dave said.
“I will help you talk to Gloria.” Smart said.
“Seriously? Do you think she would give you a listening  ear.” Dave said in sadness.
“Just leave everything to me boss.” Smart said.
Alex sat on his chair, with plasters all over him, but he was busy calculating.
“The four musketeers are really Smart but they underestimated me.”
“Come to think of this.” He muttered to himself.
“Smart and his friends are four in number. The musketeers are four in number. And I attacked Smart with my useless boys and only three of the Musketeers appeared instead of the normal four, meaning that Smart is the fourth guy,and how they appeared so suddenly, their appearance can’t be a coincidence. ” He said laughing acidically and maniacally.” The musketeers, you guys have dealt me a terrible blow, expect the “DEATH NOTE” from me Bright Daniel, I hail ooo.
“I am an acid that can Corrigan and render the world  assunder. I have been too merciful. Smart you in specific, won’t know what hit you.” Alex said as he left in preparation.


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