Terrors Of The Past

Terrors Of The Past – episode 13

Smart went in front of Gloria’s hostel and luckily he saw, her hostel mate and begged her to help him call on Gloria.
          Few minutes later Gloria rushed out from her hostel with a beautiful smile and a fresh makeup, that made her look very beautiful and adoring to the eye. Smart could not help but find his eyes bulging out at her supposed beauty. “She is really beautiful.” He thought. Smart smiled at his own thoughts. He was really getting feeble, like back in his normal days, when he was a playboy to the core, till life really thought him things the hærd way.
Gloria rushed out of her hostel and hugged Smart and he reciprocated the hug, rhey detached and he smiled at her.
“Gloria, I have something to discuss with you.” Smart said.
“Seriously? Go on I’m all ears.” She said in expectation.
“Come on, Gloria, you know here is not safe for me, I might be caught by your hostel mistress and be queried about what I’m doing around the female hostel, let’s find somewhere and discuss.”
“OK, then.” She said and we headed for our classroom.
Gloria, I called you because in the course of my observation about you, I found you a girl worth having as a friend and as ones girlfriend. I thank you for your continuous visiting during my days in the clinic not minding my cold  attitude towards you, but you persisted on. ” Smart said and she smiled happily waiting for the inevitable.
” It’s nothing dear, for no reason I just liked you and wanted for you to be someone close to me and would always be the for me in times of distress. But I could see that your heart, was never with me, which meant that either your heart,  belongs to another or that you have lost all affection for a lady.” She said as tears  flowed freely from her eyes as she held unto Smart, while Smart was equally pained as he understood what she was passing through.
” I’m sorry dear, yes, you never had the chance because my heart already belonged to another before you came in.” Smart said and she smiled in pain as hot tears coursed through her, her l-ips quaked In tears  as she had to accept the bitter truth, that she had no chance with him.
        Smart went forward and hugged her reassuringly as he patted her back with care.
“It’s enough. You are a beautiful girl that any guy out there would pay anything to have as a treasure.” He said consoling her in all sincerity of the heart.
“Who is the lucky  girl?” Gloria asked.
“I will tell you later dear, you are not on the right sense of mind to hold anything that might turn you sad or make you depressed.” Smart said. Knowing the bad tension between Gloria and Sandra.
“OK then but I would love to see her.” Gloria said with a sincere smile.
“Can I ask of two requests from you?” He demanded.
ĆWhat is that? And consider it done.”Gloria said cleaning her tears. Since her childhood, she had always been getting whatever, she wanted and that made her to be too protective of things that interested her and was easily prone to jealousy. Now she had to live with the fact that she can’t get all things that she desired.
“Firstly, I would like you to be my best female  friend, I mean my female besties. What do you say?” Gloria nodded in happiness and hugged Smart a second time.
“Thank you so much. At least, I’m no different from your girlfriend, just that no rom-ntic affair is attached to it.” She said and Smart smiled,as he felt tears run through his cheek, he never expected her to pipe things low this easy.
“MY second pleas is……..” Smart said looking at Gloria intently, before voicing out. He knelt down and looked at Gloria saying.
“All my life, I have never knelt to a woman, except my mother, please do not say no to this offer of mine.” Smart said.
“What is it?” She said drawing him up.
“MY friend is dying slowly from within, he is in a severe agony, because of your breaking up with him. He no longer jokes, laughs or does as he normally do, all because, he felt we were dating. Nothing pains like seeing a girl you love falling for your best friend. It weakens the mind and causes the soul to be in asunder. Please go back to Dave, he loves you like no other.” Smart said.
” I  loved him too, but the relationsh¡p can’t stand. Dave is way too jealous. Anytime he sees you witj another guy, he starts asking you stupid questions. A relationsh¡p built without trust, how can it stand? He has repeated this over and over again that I’m sick and tired of that.” She said as she busted into fresh tears, releasing the pain that had been packed for months.
” I know my friend, what you said is true but the Dave I know now is a changed guy, the few months of you guys being apart had thought him a lesson that would last him a lifetime. I need you in our circle of friends.” He said holding her cheeks passionately.
” I envy your girlfriend.” she said.
” I envy Dave.”Smart said and Gloria smiled.
” So the smile means a yes. ” Smart said and Gloria nodded.
” One more thing why don’t you make peace with Sandra and stop all this grudges, because you might be seeing her around more often.” Smart said.
” Don’t tell me she is the one.” Gloria said and Smart chuckled.
” It seems like.” Smart said and she smiled sadly and in defeat.

Dave could be seen smiling happily as he and Gloria were now back. He had apologized and she accepted. He had come to a new resolution, never to be so blindly and stupidly jealous again in his relationsh¡p with any lady.
“You are a friend.” He muttered to Smart.
“You are my paddy.” Smart said.
“Lets be on our way to the meeting point, let’s finalize on how, we strike Alex, the last punch that would send him out of this school .” Gabriel said and they all nodded in readiness.
. Tbc.

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