Terrors Of The Past

Terrors Of The Past – episode 14

At their point of meeting, the three gathered as they were all in readiness. They wore their green uniform, with their mask  in hand. It was night  time.
“So Gabriel, what is it you found out?” Smart asked him.
“I followed him yesterday’s night  to their hideout, known as their bunk, where they smoke Indian hemp, at the back of the former hall that is now over grown with bushes. And from what I got they do assemble there in the night to smoke and discuss their nefarious activities.”
“Hmm! Great. You all have heard what he said, so what contributions do we have?” Dave asked.
“We hit their cabal, this night and get hold of our main culprits.” Jeff suggested.
“No why don’t we inform the security men, because I know that they would never fall for that same trick, you guys pulled the other time .” Smart said.
“Yes he is right, that would even help us get more of them.” Gab said.
“OK then Gab lead the way.” Jeff said as they all followed him from behind, with the moon  shining brightly.
They sneaked into the security quarters and alerted ⚠ them and three of the security men were assigned to go with them.
Alex was in his hideout with some of his friends, bad eggs like, smoking there lifeout in the name of smoking Indian hemp. Alex could be seen molding his third wrap of the weed. He was already high and was speaking as if he owned the world ..
The area was saturated, with the smell of Indian hemp as a passive smoker would really have his feel, if he were in their midst.
“Guys I tell you people say that those Musketeers that I go unveil their secret.” Alex said as he smoked away in ecstasy.
“Boss man, abeg tell us something.” They chorused, they were five in number each busy with his own weed.
“Those idiots think say them dey coded, but them no know say I be code master, I don already arrange my plan for them, one by one na so I go strike them.” Alex said.
“Abeg, tell us who dem be those guys don do us bad, most of our manchees have been expelled because of them.” They said as tension rose.
Alex dragged the smoke deeply and puffed out as he held them in suspense.
“Abeg make una pipelow, their name na, Da……..”Alex was cut short when a powerful beam of torchlight  was flashed straight at his eyes  and his companions, they tried to covered their eyes but all to no avail.
” na who dey shine mw light like that? You de mad? Abi say u chop witch ni?”
He muttered angrily, under the influence of the Indian hemp, he took as he could not read the handwriting on the wall. Others were equally ranting angrily, without making any attempt to  run due to the intoxicating power of the hærd drug.
” Na your mama de flash light.” One of the security men said, when he drawed nearer, the security man released a hyperbolic slap, which was accompanied with a tackle that sent Alex high in the air. Immediately Alex landed his buttocks on the ground, rhe weed cleared from his eyes and he made to run but the security man held onto his trousers.
The five of them were dragged to the security office  that night  and were locked up while awaiting the next day.
Smart and his other friends went to their hostel to rest, without knowing the disaster that awaits them the next day.
The principal stood at the podium as he stared blankly at the culprits, Alex in particular, he shook his head sadly. He could not help Alex our this time around. He was caught in the act, and as he normally do say that everyone caught would be used as a deterrent to others. All punishments are to be meted out equally.
As normal he expelled, the five of them from school Alex inclusive, with six hours ultimatum to leave the school  premises.
Alex stood all smiles, without any emotions as he heard the principal expelled him. He was never sorry  and would never be sorry for his actions. He knew that immediately that he was caught that he would be expelled. So he had made his plan since yesterday’s night  in the ghetto where they were locked  up. He was going to pay the musketeers back before he leaves. But he knew that it would be impossible to get all of them within that short period, so he settled for his best enemy, Smart. He was gonna hit him in an awful manner, before he leaves.
“I will utilize the six hours left judiciously.” He muttered.
He had seen Smart walk 🚶 up to his class during the assembly, probably to get something, meaning that Smart was not In the assembly ground. This was his perfect time as the others were still in the assembly ground.
Immediately he climbed down from the podium, Alex made for the classroom immediately.

         Alex arrived at Smart’s class and saw him trying to lock his locker and he smiled.
He walked in gently upto Smart who was too preoccupied with his locker to know that Alex was at his back. Smart banged angrily at his faulty padlock.
Alex tapped him gently from behind, immediately he turned to know who it was that tapped him. Alex stabbed him on the stomach with a pen knife that he had successfully hidden away from the security men.
Smart gasped in pain as he looked at his bleeding stomach, he saw his blood gathered in the knife Alex was holding. Alex chuckled and stared at him coldly.
“You are the cause of all my misfortunes. I have been expelled all credit to you guys, you think you can really be happy after you ruin mine. Here is my surprise package for you. Do you think you can ruin mine and live? Never!!” Alex said and stabbed Smart a second time into his abdomen, Smart held unto Alex’s shoulder for support as he poured out a mouth full of blood.
” This is for Sandra that you took from me.” Alex said and stabbed him in the stomach a third time. Smart gasped as he saw himself loosing consciousness, his eyes were half closed as he let go off Alex’s shoulder and knelt on one of his knees, as he held unto the locker for support, with blood dripping from his l-ips.
Dave watched as Alex left for class after he was expelled. He felt a sense of discomfort but he calmed down, but he became suddenly uneasy, when he saw Alex entered the same class that Smart was In.
So he quickly informed the others and they made their way up with Sandra on there trail as she found something suspicious.
They saw Alex, follow the other staircase and they saw drips of blood on him but they ignored him and rushed upto Smart’s class, only to see him in a pool of blood and he was already unconscious from their own view.
Dave rushed up to Smart and held him as tears filled his eyes, while the others yelled in pain.
“Smart please don’t leave us.” Jeff shouted as he equally held unto Smart who painted them with blood.
Dave sprang up and made to run after Alex but a shout from Gab brought him back.
“Dave Smarts body is getting cold and ohhh!! Sandra has fainted.”
That was all Smart heard before he passed out.

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