Terrors Of The Past

Terrors Of The Past – episode 3

Smart and Jeff joined up with Dave and gab they headed for the school canteen, on their way they laughed and taunted smart for the earlier happening in class.
“Chai!! That girl no get joy!! See as she come sama you slap!!” Jeff said laughing like a mentally deranged man.
“I even hear the sound for my class.” Dave said as he smiled adjusting his spectacles.
“Smart only maintained a straight face as he continued his stroll.
“Hey enough guys, what’s with all this? Making fun of serious things.” Gab said smiling not withstanding.
“Ehe!! What we’re you looking at that made you not see her?” Jeff asked.
Smart only smiled and ignored the question as he stepped into the canteen and sat on a bench.
“Can’t You see he is not in the mood for that?” Gab said.
“I don’t care but fine guy like you wey girl get mind do this kind thing nawaooo!!” He was cut short when Dave tapped him on the shoulder and pointed to a direction, he turned and saw a girl beckoning on him with a smile.
He sat up immediately and went to meet her. The girl’s name was Grace. She is an Ss2 student and is Jeffs girlfriend. His friends do joke at him that he got no fear to go and be dating a girl ahead of him in class. The girl was a paragon and quite beautiful with curves at the necessary places.
Dave and Gab giggled at how hastily, Jeff got up from his seat to answer her.
Smart totally ignored them as he ordered for a chilled bottle of sprite and meat pie.
Smart suddenly turned to Dave and said.
“I would like to speak with you after school.”
Dave gave him the i’m I safe look. But Smart ignored him and concentrated on his snacks.
          They went their respective classes when they had the bell signalling, that the break was over. After school Dave went to meet Smart to know the reason he wanted to see him.

Sandra lay at her mattress in her hostel during the afternoon siesta, she couldn’t sleep as her mind wandered back to what happened earlier in class. It was true the the new guy knocked over the ink on her but it was never intentional. The reason her reaction was that violent that morning, was because she was stalked up to a crying point by the popular Alex who called himself Alexander the Great, he won’t just let her have a minutes rest as he would always be following her around with his lackeys, so that particular morning was one of those unlucky days for her. Alex was a bad guy known round the school for his belligerent attitude. Not minding that he was an SS2 student even the teachers and seniors alike we’re very cautious when dealing with him.
This reason to this was because his father was the Senator of the state and a gubernatorial candidate. His father had expended so much revenues to ensure that the school was in its present height.
                  She had stormed the class quite in a bad mood and unluckily for Smart, he became the scape goat, before she could control herself, she had already sent the letter bomb like slap to the dudes face. But what baffled her was his reaction when she slapped him, she had expected him to blow his top or slap her back, but he ended up apologizing. Are there really are such people who can stand humiliation at the full glare of everyone?”
People had judged her wrong as they as they see her as being pompous or overly proud or saucy. In truth she is a lady endowed with the beauty of a goddess. A look at her will make you lay heavy curses on the writer of “THE BEAUTIFUL ONES ARE NOT YET BORN” her beauty could make a lady who felt she was beautiful to be lost in the dust.
She is a pure personification of an adorned and unparrelled beauty. Her shape was equally a thing to die for, her eyelashes we’re long and a look at her eyes, it would look like she was shedding tears.
All this wasn’t the cause of her behavior but because of her parental upbringing.
She was trained to live alone and associate with no one as her parents we’re normal out of the country, leaving her alone with the maid, who tried her little best to groom the child, but we all can agree that the love showed by the parents are the best.
Immediately she passed her primary education, she was dumped into the boarding school. She had come to adapt to that lonely lifestyle and had been on it for the past, three years with only one friend to take solace in at the time of need, which was her book.
She had regretted her actions but couldn’t rectify it, there was nothing she could do. She had never apologized to anyone in her life.
She was still lost in deep thought when the bell for evening sports rang, she weakly climbed down from her bed at her countenance was quite a sad one, but she was surprised at herself.
“Me truly feel sorry for my actions? I’m sorry if I might have humiliated you.” She said to an invisible Smart.

Smart sat crossed leg wiherDave in an empty class, with their sports Wear on, Smart was wearing a Chelsea vest, while Dave was putting on a Barcelona vest.
Smart was quiet as he gazed at Dave. Dave became impatient and quite perturbed by Smarts silence. He voiced out
“Manny, what is it? And why the stare I thought you called me earlier.”
“I want to know more about this school.” Smart voiced out.
“There are many things about the school, which on specific?”
“OK who I’m I to avoid and who I’m I to associate with?” Smart asked.
“Everything depends on your choice and taste. Who you want to avoid and want to associate with depends on you. But there are people that are dangerous, who you equally have to beware of, firstly a guy called Alex, A.K.A Alexander the Great. A bad guy who can cripple you to get what he wants, he is a chain smoker and a Casanova to the core. That girl who slapped you earlier, if you had as much as touch her or lay a finger on her, you would have been in a sorry state now. Bro, just avoid anything that has to do with him. I will tell you something later, but know one thing, there is nothing to be afraid of. We shall talk more elaborately when the four of us are together.” Dave said.
“OK what do you know about that girl?” Smart asked.
“Who are you talking about?” Dave said feigning ignorance.
“Sandra I mean.” Smart said.
 “Ohh!! Bro not everyone knows her, many judge her because of what they see her do, not because of what she goes through.” Dave said adjusting his spectacles.
“What do you mean by that?” He asked confused.
 “Bro answer that for yourself, think deeply you would understand.” Dave said.
        They were still talking when a junior student came into the class they we’re in.
“Senior the boy said looking at Dave.
“Yes?” Senior Gift said, I should call you. She said, she is waiting for you beside the staff quarters.” The boy said without taking a breath.
“OK, thanks, tell her I will be there in no distance time.”
            The boy wandered off to go deliver the message.
“Who is she?” Smart asked.
“She is one of your class members, I don’t know why she sent for me.” Dave said.
“OK, go answer her.”
Smart had already gotten acquainted with his friends and was already getting quite popular in class because his intelligence but one thing surprises everyone, he doesn’t associate with girls, all the time in the company of Dave and do.
              It had been one night, during prep, Smart was in the reading hall, bent over reading his literature text book, he was trying to understand a thing or two about the poem “SHALL I COMPARE THEE TO A SUMMER’S DAY” by WILLIAMS SHAKESPEARE. he wasn’t getting along due to the noise made by some students who we’re not reading in the hall. After many futile attempts, he dropped the book and made to take a nap, when he felt a person tap at him, he raised up his head to behold a sight.
          It was the girl who kept looking at him through class all the time.
           “Hi.” She greeted.
“How are you? ” he asked
“I’m good, mind if I join you?” She asked.
“Nope you are free.”
She sat down and Smart sat up.
“I’m Gloria.” She told him
“Nice name you got, I’m…….” He made to talk but Gloria interrupted by Gloria.
“There is no need for that, you are Smart
 You already quite popular.” She said.
Smart only smiled and turned back to his books.
“What is that you are reading?”
“Ohh!! Literature but the place is kinda noisy, so I’m not concentrating.” He said.
“It is usually normal here, especially at the absence of the functionaries.” She said and Smart nodded in agreement.
“I’m sorry for what happened earlier.” She said.
“What happened?” Smart asked quite confused.
“What happened in your first day in class.” She said bending her head downwards.
“Ohh! That is already a bygone affair.”
“But that’s very wicked of her, she is just too full of herself, proud, rude and saucy. She doesn’t associate with anyone in class, always keeping to herself.” She said in disgust.
    Smart chuckled and looked at the girl and said.
“Its normal everyone has his or her life to live.”
As they we’re still speaking Sandra walked past their seat, she fixed her eyes on Smart and walked past them.
“Speaking of the bitch.” Gloria muttered.
She turned to Smart and saw him straighten up the white vest he was wearing over his wine red colored day wear trouser.
“Can I ask you a question?” She asked.
“Go on.” Smart said.
“Why don’t you like associating with girls? Most of the girls do say you only associate with boys and that’s only Dave and his two friends. “Please can I know why?”
“It is personal, there is no need bothering yourself.” Smart said and said and started opening his book, which signified that he was getting tired of the discussion.
“It seems your mood changed immediately you saw her.”
“Hmm!! I don’t know what you are talking about.” Smart said averting his gaze. “Please if you don’t I would like to read, the hall is quiet now.”
“No problem but I hope you wont mind if I come to you for help, anywhere I find problematic in my academic work.”
“You are welcome.” He said and turned back to his books and she left for another seat, Smart had read for a while, he turned to stretch his neck, when he saw an envelope at the place Gloria was during their discussion, he looked around he didn’t see her. He felt she might have forgotten the letter. He picked up the white envelope to see what that pricked his curiosity. The inscription “SMART IT IS MEANT FOR YOU” it was written on the letter.
He tore open the envelope and saw a piece of paper that was folded properly.
He opened it and read it.
  Dear Smart,
                       Written from the heart that loves, from the heart that fell hopelessly in love. From the first day, I saw you smile, I had never been myself. But your coldness towards the opposite s€×, makes it hærd for me to draw nearer
                   A secret lover
       Smart closed the letter and scanned through the hall, his eyes and Gloria’s eyes made a contact and she smiled. He made to look away, when he saw Sandra staring at the both of them from her lowly illuminated side.
He faced his book when he remembered, what Dave said. “NOT EVERYONE KNOWS HER” He was confused as the words reverberated in his mind.
He got up left for his hostel with his books and the letter of course., as he couldn’t concentrate any longer. He was in thought till sleep took him off.

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