Terrors Of The Past

Terrors Of The Past – episode 5

Gloria was in her hostel, lost in thought as she was in a sober reflection. Had she done the right thing by giving him the green light? She had tried getting his attention, but it seemed like he is now distancing himself from her approach.
Her only relief was that there was no one yet in his life, even if, there is anyone, the girl would have to make way for her, because she has what it takes.” She said smiling wickedly.
* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Smart and Dave made their way towards hostel D, which was Jeff and Gab’s hostel.
On their way none of them talked to each other, as they were both occupied with their own thoughts.
They reached the duos hostel and made their way in, They went first to Jeff’s corner and called on him, immediately he saw them he smiled and said.
“Where goeth thou Jehu with his chariots?” He said mimicking biblical Jehu.
They smiled and replied.
“He is heading to destroy the house of Ahab.” They replied in unison, equally patting their shoulders.
“LOL, what brings you to my humble domicile?”
“Bro we need to sort out somethings.” Dave said.
“Ehe!! That reminds me, Rita from my class says, she wants to see you.” Jeff said referring to Smart.
“Bro!! Just leave that thing, we have something in important to discuss, than just be bothered with all this useless girls.” Dave Said.
“What is the problem?” Jeff said becoming serious for one’s.
“When we get to the valley of one sidedness.” Dave said in a Strange word that confused Smart, but he remained calm.
Jeff nodded in understanding. They headed for for Gab’s corner and called on him.
The four of them gathered in in a class, that was hidden, because if they were to be seen or prefect on duty, they would be in for a huge problem, because the time was for rest and not to be idling away In class.
“I called you all together on an important issue that needs to be handled.” Dave said.
“And what is the problem?” Gab said resting his back on the wall.
“Lets hear what Smart has to say.”
“They all turned their attention to Smart. He sat up and looked at them, before saying.
” Frankly speaking, I don’t know why, Dave is making a fuss and freaking out because of what that punk said, but in all, I will tell you all, it started when I was going to class…………”
He explained in details what happened In class, they all listened attentively and in the end Jeff said.
” I hope it’s not who I’m thinking, that you got in contact with.” Gab only stared outside as his mood was unpredictable, while Dave was busy adjusting his spectacles.
“It is him Dave said.
” Holy shit!!! That is a problem for you bro.” Gab said
Dave looked at Jeff and Gab as the three stared at themselves fixedly at themselves and nodded.
” Smart please, just give us a few moments outside the classroom.”
“ok” Smart said and they left the classroom.
Outside the classroom, the three of them, were in a pensive mood, unlike their normal jovial selves.
“What do we do?” Jeff said.
“We help him out.” Dave and Gab said.
“Do you think he has what it takes and the heart to carry the burden?” Jeff said again.
“For whatever is good defeateth evil, I think he has the quality.” Dave said.
“We have tolerated his excesses in this school, it’s time they know their place in this school.” Gab said referring to Alexander the Great and his cohorts.
“Since the mantle was handed over to us, we have been in a low profile and that’s why, many unwanted acts which have been on hold for long has raised its head up again in this school.” Jeff said.
“This school needs sanitation and that, we will do, so what do we do as the Supreme ones?” Dave said.
“We go add up a brand new boat to the sailing sh¡p and anchor ⚓ in the path of justice.” The three chorused in unison,as they knuckle up in a brotherhood sense. “
They returned to the classroom where Smart sat down,lost in thought.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
They returned to the class and Dave looked at Smart smiling and said.
“Behind our ever jovial and funny selves are shadows you might not trample with, we have watched you from the cradle of your stay in this school and had known, that you have what it takes and the most kindness of heart to protect the innocent and ignorant students from the evil hands  of some bad eggs in this school.” Dave said, looking at Smart who was all along smiling. Then Jeff continued from where Dave stopped.
” Looking at this school in a normal sense or from the outside, the school is a disciplined school, but no bro. It was never like that, this citadel is made up of underground cultists and many juvenile acts are being performed here like, raping, smoking and bullying of students are the normal trending in school. We are the bodies approved by the school board to help minimize their activities and any action against our members is equally an insult to us.” He said looking at Dave and Gab, they nodded in approval and Gab finalized it all.
” We protect the interests of our members, but our activities are secret, only known to the school board, we have seen how caring and kind you are towards the problem of others, not minding she humiliated you on your first day in school, you still stood up for her.
That is the spirit, we need and that sense of brotherhood, coupled with your intelligence and smartness, you are qualified to be one with us, but do you have the interest to be with us?” Gab said looking expectantly at Smart including the other two.
” I think I’m interested.” Smart said smiling.
They smiled and handshaked him in turns and Dave said.
” Congratulations to the you for being among THE FOUR MUSKETEERS ASSOCIATION. Then we meet at the point where three entities join at the mascara point of withering.” Dave said.
“For proper orientation and inception, mind you our activities might look identical to that of cultists but we are not one, we stand for the well-being of the innocent and helpless students and to equally watch each other’s back. If you have any questions, it would be entertained there in our point of meeting.”Dave said and called on smart, telling him that he had something to discuss with him.
Dave and Smart on their way to the hostel, Dave said.
” Why do you always smile even, when it is not necessary?”
“Is it bad to keep a monstrous face?” Smart asked.
“Don’t get me wrong but, to be frank with you, your ways are suspicious, psychological speaking, it is proved that those who smile always especially when asked a question always has a secret, he or she tries to hide.”
Smart nodded as he listened to what Dave had said.
” Tell me who you are, because I know masked in that innocent face of yours is a Sabre toothed tiger, even your smile has a coldness it reflects on me, others might not notice but I do.”Dave pointed out.
” It is a long story, sha!!, I will tell you when I’m ready and at the appropriate time.” Smart said as his Visage turned cold .
” OK, I hope it would be very soon?”
” Very soon.” Smart assured him.
” Meet you tonight at the venue of our meeting.”
“ok boss.”
They went their different ways.

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