Terrors Of The Past

Terrors Of The Past – episode 6


In the night time, the four gathered in a secluded area, three blocks away, from the hostel blocks at a point, where three narrow pathway joined in the blackness of the night, under a withering coconut tree. This was the meaning of the venue of their meeting.

The point where three entities joined, means a point, where three narrow paths joined.

Mascara, which signified blackness, was the darkness of the night, while the point of withering means, three 003 means three blocks away from the hostel.

          Smart, really saw Dave and and Co in a new light that very day as they were dressed in a green but rugged attire with a mask in hand.

They were only four, they formed a ring and were sitting with legs crossed in a yoga style. Dave suddenly spoke out.

“The moon has shown and let good arise against evil .”

The two responded him while Smart sat in solo as he was yet to be acquainted with their ways.

“For since the days, that the blood of Abel cried unto God for revenge and justice, litigation has not left the face of the earth.” They responded.

“Let the jungle justice, rise against those who sabotage the truth.” Dave rammed out.

“For we stand in the side of karma and ever ready to be a guerrilla fighter.” They chorused.

The proceedings continued was a solemn vow to fight their interests, Smart was sworn in as the member of the FOUR MUSKETEERS, after they were through, Dave told him somethings that were necessary and here was a few things, that was made known to us.

“We are four in the association, including other classes, for every class, their are four students elected to take part in the MUSKETEERS ASSOCIATION. I’m the president of the association for this year’s, this is made so irrespective of class differences to help bring a check on the excesses of the senior ones. You will be introduced into the w¡der association late. We hold our meeting every two weeks and that’s on Tuesday, during the night time, but our venue varies according to the report of things. And for every of our meetings is a new mission assigned to a person.” Dave said and sat down. Jeff stood up and hit his chest lightly and said

” I hail the association of the MUSKETEERS.”

“We thrive for the best.”

“Welcome comrade Smart, here is your attire of membersh¡p and comradesh¡p.” He said handing over a packeted wear, a sword and a mask to Smart.

“The wears are our official uniform both in the time of emergency and melee, the sword is a sign of membersh¡p, which shows you are our bona-fide member.

The mask is to hide your feature, when out on a saving mission, during broad daylight, for our ways remains a mystery to the students and staffs alike.

Here is a book on our code of language and here is an alarm which is fixed on your holder, it makes a beeping sound which signifies danger or emergency.” Jeff explained.

After the who actions, they dispersed to their hostels tired and worn-out, with Smart being a full fledged member of the brotherhood.

Gab was assigned the mission of gathering the moves of Alex.

Smart was in an empty class, going through his government note, it had been a free period and he had tried to read ahead for the quiz coming up soon, but the class was quite noisy, so he had left the class to a solitude place.
         He was quite lost reading, when he heard the shuffling of a feet, he turned and saw a girl in Jeff’s class make her way in, her name was Rita.
Smart had remembered earlier that Jeff gave him a letter from her, but the situation of that day, never made him go through it.
He looked up and smiled at her. Feeling welcomed, she sat down on the long pew, that Smart was on.
“HI, dear.” Smart said.
“HI.” She replied shyly.
       Smart turned to look at her, in expectation of what, she had to say. After some moments, she gathered momentum and asked.
“Did jeff send my message across?”
“Yes, he gave me a letter.” He said.
“What is your reply?” She said a bit ashamed of herself doing the work of a male.
Smart who had not bothered going through the letter was a kind of confused, he had an inkling, what she she meant, because that was not his first time of reading a letter from a lady but, he was not sure, not wanting to fall his hand, he said.
“I’m just confused on the letter, please just throw more light on it.” He said.
“OK, I think, I want us to be friends.” She said with a kind of frightening boldness.
“Smart was lost on what to say, because he couldn’t tell in the form he might put such Type of friend request. He was about to say a thing, when Alex and about four guys from his class, who were known to be his lackeys and always trying to k-ss his ass, stormed into the class. Rita on seeing them immediately jumped up from her desk and ran out of the classroom like a frightened lamb.
Smart on seeing them, made as if he was concentrating on his books.
“Wow!! May I be buttered and sugared for consumption, if it is not the one and only Smart, the prince in the shining armor, who tried to play the hero, we meet again.” Alex said and his followers laughed stupidly to the words of Alex.
“What do you want?” Smart asked gently not even bothering to raise his head from his reading.
“Ohh!! What I want? I need the class all to myself and my boys. Would you please give us the of leaving the class for us?” expect said provocatively, turning go his boys for affirmation and they nodded in agreement.
“I’m busy reading or do you need a medicated glass to see through? Meanwhile there are other empty classes.” Smart said naughtily and equally closing his books and got up.
Alex face  turned red with contempt as he glared at Smart.
“I will ask you one last time, leave this class now.” Alex said blowing hot as his temper rose to a frightening height.
“Or what?” Smart said smiling  but in a daring manner.
“One of the lackeys made to rush at Smart but Alex signaled him back.
” I can see you are really growing wings in this school, i will give you a surprise package .”Alex said in a threatening manner.
” lol, I will be waiting for the package ever ready.”Smart said.
        Alex, made as if to turn, but immediately sent a punch to Smart’s face but, Smart immediately grabbed at his hand and stared at him with a smile and said.
” If your surprise package, is this, then I would assume that would be in your dreams, the day you would ever raise your filthy fist on me, is the day I would unleash, the beast that have remained in hiding for years in me. Just be careful, because a sacred idol held in high esteem in a village, might be a playing toy in another village.” Smart said.
   He forcefully pulled down Alex, hand and smiled.
Alex’s lackeys, could do nothing but stare, as they were shocked. On a normal day, this action of Smart might lead to a big time fight, but this was school period and it was a very big risk if they try such, so they had to pipe low, for the meantime.
“I would deal with you, in this school.” Alex said in shock.
“Alex, I have heard that before, and this was your feeble attempt on dealing with me.” Smart said.
   Alex hissed and angrily walked out of the class, while his boys followed behind.
“Shit!!” Alex muttered in anger. He rammed his fist continually on the wall as if it was the cause of his anger.
His guys or should I say lackeys stood at his back, but made a distance from him, as they knew how bad he could be when, he is angry. They might even be used as a scapegoat.
He laughed maniacally as veins bulged out from his forehead.
“I’m so gonna deal with him, he should ask others, who had tried to form James Bond for me in this school, where they are now. I think I’m becoming cool and lenient, he should watch his back.” He said.
“Yes, boss the idiot is so stupid and crazy, how dare him rise against you. He sure ask for death.” One of his lackeys said trying to please him.”
Akex turned around as he faced him, he smiled amidst his anger and approached him. He walked towards the guy known as Sammy, on closer contact, he held unto Sammy’s collar and said.
“Yea, sure, you are right but you should have told him that to his f-cking face.” He said following it up with a punch, which knocked Sammy straight to the ground.
Alex turned to face the others and said.
“You all, were there but you didn’t even bother to raise a finger, you were just there staring like packs of castrated morons.” He said advancing forward.
“But I tried to make for him but you ordered me down.” One of them said.
“Oh!! You did all that?” He said and punched him squarely to the face, causing his nose to bleed.
Alex had a tendency of using his lackeys as a scapegoat whenever he was angry, but would later apologize, when he got back to his real self.
He reached for his school bag and extricated a cigarette and lit it, he smoked away as the smoke he puffed out formed a ring mid air.
“Boss, you know this is school hour, you might be caught smoking and you know what that means?” One of them said. Alex turned to him, his eyes cold and deadly. The guy immediately swallowed back his words as he knew the implications.
“I’m sorry boss, you can carry on.” the guy said as traces of beads of sweat, could be seen on his forehead.


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