Terrors Of The Past

Terrors Of The Past – episode 7

School activities had resumed in full swing and as usual without any interruption whatsoever. It had been almost a week, since the quarrel with Alex.
Smart had woke that, Monday with an acute malaria, he had his wh0le body shivering and couldn’t even get down from his mattress.
Jeff had come to his hostel to call on Smart because he was surprised that Smart had not come to call on him, which was Smart’s normal routine.
He had gone to Smart’s hostel and saw him in a pitiable state. He had taken him to the clinic and collected his key to help him copy his notes.
Jeff had made his way to class, as he ran like a mad man to class because, he was sweating profusely.
Jeff reached the class to see that the government teacher was already in class and was introducing the topic for the day. Jeff stood at the entrance to the class,dabbing his face with a handkerchief, while waiting for the teacher to permit him to enter the class.
The teacher paused his teaching and turned to Jeff.
“While are you late for class, Jeffrey?” He asked, with his eyes fixed on Jeff.
“Sir, I had an emergency to treat and that made me late to class, I even missed my morning meal.” Jeff said and the class giggled, the teacher equally smiled.
“Go into the class.”The teacher said and continued with his teaching.
Jeff walked to his desk and sat down, paying half attention to the teaching, as he felt empathy towards the condition of Smart, as this was the first time he was seeing Smart so vulnerable and weak, he couldn’t even talk that properly.
Sandra sat on her own desk. It had long been a while, she had been looking for a way to reconcile with Smart, but she couldn’t muster up the courage. She had scanned the wh0le class for Smart, but couldn’t find him, and was surprised, he was not in class, coupled with the fact that Jeff came into the class alone, because they do come to class together.
She decided to ask Jeff about Smart, but her relationsh¡p with Jeff was not a friendly one, but she was bent on correcting her wrongs. She will take the first step to make peace.
           The teacher was through with his teaching and presented his assignment and test, that he gave the class last week, and he was already through with the marking.
“Only three students performed above average in my tests and assignments for the week and surprisingly only one person got the wh0le questions correctly and I’m surprised.” He said and watched as the wh0le class were eager to know their performance.
“Jeffrey scored, fifteen over twenty, while Sandra scored eighteen.” He said.
The performance of the two students mentioned was not to be argued about as the two were the best in class since there Jss2. But who was it that cleared the wh0le questions, if it is not Sandra or Jeff? Then who? The class were eager to know.
“The highest in my test, really surprised me. The new guy Chibuike Daniel, he got the highest score as he scored twenty both in the assignment and test out of twenty questions.” The teacher spoke out, the teachers name is Mr. Linus Ezeh.
The wh0le attention of the class went to Smart’s desk but he was absent I class, that was when most of them noticed his absence and like a robot being controlled the wh0le class turned their eyes to Jeff. Jeff just sat motionless as he was not perturbed by the stares.
“Where is the new boy?” Mr. Ezeh asked.
“He is not In class.” The class chorused.
“Jeff why is your friend absent in class?” The teacher asked.
Jeff stood up and said.
“Sir, he is very sick and that was my reason for being late to class.”
“Ohh!! Sorry when did it start and hope he visited the clinic?” the teacher asked.
“According to him it started this morning, yes he is in the clinic.”
“Aww!! Such a pity, I would go see him at the clinic after class” The teacher said surprising the hell outta the students, because Mr. Linus was not the caring type of teacher.
“Okay sir thank.” Jeff said equally surprised.
The teacher left the class after his teaching and Jeff was on his own too tired  to even complete his notes not to talk of writing for Smart, he bent down as he intended to sleep, while waiting for break time .
He felt a person tap him and turned to see Sandra looking down at him. He frowned  and looked at her to know what it was.
“I’m sorry for your friends sickness.” Sandra said.
Jeff turned around to know, if she truly was talking to him but found he was the only one on the seat.
“Sandra, are you referring to me?” Jeff asked in surprise  as this was the first time that, she had ever talked to him directly, since they knew each other.
“Yeah anything bad about that?” She asked smiling.
“No!! No!! But you should understand why I said that.
” Yea, but I’m really sorry  if my attitude was cold .” Sandra said.
” Hmmm!! That’s not for me, sha!! Because I hold nothing against you.” Jeff said.
” Seriously? Can I ask you for a favor?” She said grinning. “
“Ehee!! I talk am, I knew you never came without a aim, what is the favour, make i know if I fit fulfill am?” Jeff said.
Sandra was quiet for a while and later spoke out.
“Can I have the key  to your friend’s locker?” She asked.

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