Terrors Of The Past

Terrors Of The Past – episode 8

Sandra was quiet for a while and she suddenly spoke out, “Can I have the keys  to your friends locker?”
“Which of my friends are you talking about?” Jeff said properly sitting up in surprise.
“Smart’s keys.” She said looking downwards.
“Why do you need it?” He asked.
“Let me help him out, with his notes, please don’t say no, this is the first thing I’m asking from you.” She said pleading .
“Do you think, it is a good idea ? You know you guys are not the best of friends now, because of what transpired in the past.” Jeff said a bit relieved and praying  in his heart for her to persist on taking the note.
“Do not bother about, i don’t think, he will make much fuss about it” She said.
“OK, if you say so.” He stood up, went to Smart’s locker and brought out his government note and gave it to her.
While all this was going on, most of their classmates, were looking at the both as this was the first time that Sandra was seen laughing  and speaking with anyone in their class.
Gloria on her part glared at both and hissed aloud, frankly speaking she hates to the core and for no just cause,that anyone who is a friend of Sandra is equally her enemy.
“I would equally like going to see him, with you when you are ready to go see him.” Sandra said.
“Hmmm!! That one won’t be possible, let me be going alone, You don’t just understand how Smart behaves.” Jeff said.
Sandra’s face turned sad , while her long
Lashes, she twisted her fingers, pouting her mouth.
“Ohhh!! You can go with me, I don’t want you to cry in class biko!! (Please)
” Yep wee!!She jump up joyfully and went to her seat  to copy Smart’s note.
      Jeff smiled as he was surprised, today had so many surprises for him. The ever smiling  and reserved Smart never retained his smiles today, due to his sickness. The ever snubbing Sandra actually laughed and jumped up like an excited kid, who’s mother bought a teddy  for. He thought smiling while writing his notes.

After writing the note, she smiled happily and got up, she went over to Jeff and leaned on his locker.
“Are you not yet through?” She asked.
“Nope, not even near ending. Are you through already?” He asked looking up from his book .
“Yes, since!! You are damn slow and I think equally lazy, see where you are still in the note.” She said playfully.
“Lol, wetin man go do? You know you girls are flawless, when it comes to writing, it seems una mouth  de work with una .” He said.
“Hmmm!! Ok gimme, let me help you, so we can do and be going.” She said making efforts to take the phone from him.
 “No, I don’t like having two writings on my notes.” He resisted feebly.
“See you see two hand writings, you should be happy,  that I want to help lazy boy like you.” She said collecting from him.
        Before you could say Jack Robinson, she was through and they went to see Smart in the sick bay, on their way, Jeff had the intention to call on Dave and Gab but they had a teacher in class, so he didn’t bother calling them.
When they got to the sick bay, rhey found Smart sleeping with sweat  covering him.
Sandra went over and sat on the bed, the metal bed made a creaking noise as she sat on it.
“Get well soon dear.” She muttered.
She looked and saw that he was getting restless and he twisted in his sleep.
The nurse immediately came in and frowned.
“You can see, he is asleep and you don’t have to disturb him, you people can come later.” She said.
“Yes ma’am” They muttered and left the clinic, without Smart knowing that his rival came to visit him.
During break period, Jeff called out Dave and Gab and told them that Smart was sick and they were very  sad .
“let’s go see him immediately.” Gab said and he and Dave made to go, when Jeff drawled them and said.
“Today is full of surprises guess what?”
“What is it?” They both chorused.
“Cool  down and guess up.” Jeff said.
“Ohhh!! God what is this tell us na!!” Dave yelled impatiently. While Gan just smiled knowing that yelling would never make Jeff change his mind
“When you guys are ready, then you tell me.” He said folding his hands and resting his back to wall and closed his eyes. In a If you are ready wake me up expression.
“ok, let me guess.” Gab said.
“You caught your girlfriend k-ssing another guy in class. I’m I right?” Gab said grinning and Jeff immediately flashed his eyes wide open in shock.
“Lemme guess too, your girlfriend ditched you for Philip the shortest and dirtiest guy in your class. I’m I right?” Dave said laughing  out. While Jeff opened his mouth, bemused.
“Your girlfriend………” Gab was cut short, when Jeff yelled, that it was enough.
“Enough!! No more guessing. You guys are damned stupid and callous.” When Jeff had decided to make them impatient, but it had been the opposite as they really hit him where it pained him the most.
“Bro you know payback is a bitch.” Gab said smiling , oya tell us na!! “
” You won’t believe this that Sandra actually played and jested with me, copied Smart’s note and even visited him in the sick bay?” He asked still not believing it himself.
” Taaaa!!! Don’t say that again.” Gab said losing his cool for one’s.
” It is possible.” Dave said quietly. Jeff and Gab stared at him surprised. But he overlooked them and said.
” Is Smart aware that she visited him?”. “Nope, he was sleeping when we went there.”
“Better for not tell him let him realize that impression himself, because of we tell him, he might start distancing himself from her.”
“Yea, I had that in mind too let’s go see him.

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