Terrors Of The Past

Terrors Of The Past – Final episode

Smart was still in coma, as he was in between, the realm of the living and the dead.
Alex had escaped the school  premises without anyone knowing how as everyone was tired  after a thorough search for him in the school premises.
The school has been in pandemonium, even the morning assembly that day was brought to an abrupt end, when the nearly lifeless body of Smart was carried out from the classroom. The school ambulance was summoned immediately and Smart was placed in a stretcher and brought in,side the ambulance, with Sandra who had equally lost consciousness.
Gloria cried her eyes out as she watched Smart and Sandra being placed in,side the ambulance. Sandra’s case was a minor which could be treated in the school clinic, but the school were not taking chances this time around. The ambulance left with both Dave, Gabriel, Jeffrey and Gloria from the school premises as the students watched in horror.
“Doctor, how is he now?” Sandra asked the doctor after he was through with examining Smart’s state of health. She had been in the hospital with Gloria for the past two weeks as both refused to go back to school. It was I the hospital that both Sandra and Gloria settled their differences and each knowing the rightful place, she belongs to Smart’s heart.
“His recovery rate is quite slow, it might take up to a month for him to regain consciousness, unless if a miracle occurs because his injury is a very fatal one.” The doctor said.
           Sandra could do nothing but cry. She had regained consciousness a few hours after they were brought into the hospital. Upon recovery, her first speech was asking for Smart as what transpired in class made its way back to her brain.
          Smarts father had been coming quite regularly, as the school authority informed him. He do create time to come visit his unconscious son not minding his tight schedule as a lawyer. “YOU MIGHT SAY. IS HE NOT HIS SON SO WHY SHOULDN’T CREATE TIME OR EVEN COME STAY WITH HIM IN THE HOSPITAL? YOU WILL GET TO KNOW IN THE LONG RUN”
“All you can do to help him regain consciousness is to do things that he do normally enjoys, like singing or reading novels  or books  for him or saying things that are funny it helps to draw his spirit nearer to the leaving world as he is struggling between two choices.” The doctor said, Gloria and Sandra nodded and looked at each other.
Smart was a guy that was unfathomable, but they could have learnt him a little if there friendsh¡p with him had lasted a little long for them to come near to him.
Sandra went home to her father’s house to get some of her personal stuff that she would be needing in her stay in the hospital, leaving Gloria to take care of him.
Their house was lonely as usual when she arrived, due to the fact that her parents had made one of their numerous travel out of the country. Leaving there househelp who was already advanced in age to take care of the house in their absence, and something came up so the woman  had to visit one of her sons who resided in the city. So the house was a kind of lonely.
She made her way in and opened the gate and went in as she was with the spare key.

She went in,side and switched on the 14 inches plasma TV in her room, to keep her busy while she packed some of her clothes. She heard a slight noise outside and went to check on it, she came outside their varendah and went to check what it was, when she saw a package that was wrapped in a fanciful cellophane, placed at the entrance to their house. She was a kind of surprised and perturbed but she gathered the courage and opened it. What she saw shook her wh0le being as she yelled in fright. in,side the wonderfully wrapped cellophane package was a bowl of blood and a blood filled knife with a flower soaked in blood and a letter ✉, which she hastily tore open and it read.
. To the lost brethren, whom we have found.
               Tell him that he can never run from his shadows. Smart belongs to us, THE DYNASTY CONFRATERNITY and he can never run from who he is. His blood flows in us and in us his blood. For he swore the oath of allegiance to be one with us till death do us part. Tell him that his abdication only worsens things but like always we shall always watch his back and protect him from harm. Like as we dealt with the uncirc-mcised bastard who stabbed him, his blood has been used as a sail over for the DYNASTY to run on forever. Tell him when he wakes up in the next ten minutes that we await his return or failure to do say we make him agree by starting from those he loves, you in particular we start from. The blood of those he loves shall over run if he refuses to come back to where he belongs. This is our warning in a simple language for you to understand.
     The signature was signed with blood.
She was still shocked  when five pictures fell out from the letter.
      She picked it up and shouted a second time. The picture revealed Smart in a an all red attire with a dagger in hand which was dented with blood. The second picture showed Smart equally in a red attire with a gun  in hand pointing to an already dead man in the picture, as his face was emotionless. The third, fourth and fifth picture shocked  Sandra to her  as the dead body of Alex could be seen on the road battered in blood as matcher and axes cut could be seen on his wh0le body and a guy exactly like Smart stood over the mutilated body of Alex who lay lifeless with his school uniform still on.
At the back of the pictures she saw “TELL HIM HE DWELLS IN US AND US IN HIM”
It then dawned on Sandra that the bowl filled with blood was actually Alex’s blood. So Smart was a cultist. No wonder. She yelled, and dropped all the wh0le content outside save for the pictures and letter she ran in,side with. Immediately she ran into her room with the aim of packing her bags immediately, a news was displayed on the radio which says
     “ALEX OBI, THE SON OF SENATOR OBI WAS FOUND DEAD ON THE ROADSIDE WITH HIS Wh0le BODY MUTILATED” his battered body was displayed in full as his uniform was soaked in blood.
She shouted and collapsed to the ground.
Just then Smart opened his eyes, he had regained consciousness.
   THE END (please comment)



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