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The Armed robber batch 5


Episode 6

He took his phone and call the lawyer straight away.

Lawyer: Hello, Mr Ojo…

Mr Ojo: My Barrister… How are you sir?

Lawyer: Am fine sir.. I am happy to hear from you. Ever since, I travelled, you haven’t call me…. I am delighted and honoured, sir… Hope no problem?

Mr Ojo: No problem. But there is a burning issue.

Lawyer: I can’t hear you well sir. What did you say?

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The line went dead.

Mr Ojo: Oh God!! This stupid network had started.

He called again…. And he got through.

Mr Ojo: As I was saying before the line went dead..

Lawyer: Ok sir. I can hear you perfectly well sir..

Mr Ojo: There is fire on the mountain… I don’t know if it is possible for me to retrieve my WILL sir…

Lawyer: It is possible. When I come back sir. I will be back in the next five days..

Mr Ojo: I can’t wait that long… What can you do for me.. I need to retrieve it ASAP…

Lawyer: Hmmmm…. Ok, give me two minutes… I will call back.

Mr Ojo: Alright….

Mr Ojo reports the outcome of his conversation to Austine and his Son.
They took Mr Ojo’s luggage and check out of the hotel. While they were in the car, Mr Ojo’s phone rang…

Mr Ojo: It is the lawyer calling… The law!!

Lawyer: Sir, I have just spoken to my wife. I have instructed her to go to the office and take file. I will forward her number to you and tell her where you want her to bring the file….

Mr Ojo: Thanks

Lawyer: Hope it is okay by you sir…

Mr Ojo: Yes. It is alright. I will expect the number. Thanks

Lawyer: You are welcome sir. I will forward the number now.

The line went dead.

Mr Ojo: The lawyer said, he had instructed his wife to get the file for us…

Austine: Good. But sir do u know his house..

Mr Ojo: You mean the lawyer?

Austine: Yes…

Mr Ojo: Definitely. He was in 100level at the University when I was in 300level. But we stayed together in the same hostel off campus… That was where we became very close… When he graduated, I took him as my personal lawyer. Since then, he had not disappointed me. Why did you ask….

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Austine: My instinct is telling me to put one of my boys to monitor the wife…. I want to believe that, your wife and her gang are also planning to retrieve that file..

Mr Ojo: Alright, no problem… You are the expert. We will abide by every advice and instruction. Son, what do you think..?

Charles who was the one driving responded.

Charles: Dad, I have known Austine from my childhood. He is very intelligent… I will go with whatever he says…

Mr Ojo: Alright.

Mr Ojo describe the house ? and give the location of the lawyer’s house. Austine make a phone call to one of his surbodinate and gave him instruction on what he will do…

Austine: Hi Jude.

Jude: Fine.

Austine: I have sent the details of what you are going to do to your phone. We will browse the internet and check the Facebook account of the lawyer to get the picture of his wife and send it to you.

Jude: Alright sir. Moving to location immediately.

Austine: Good. Hope to hear from you soon.

They got to the hotel. They requested for three rooms that are in the same wing… After they have checked in. Austine made some explanation.

Austine: Sir, this hotel is owned by the government. As I explained earlier, We lodge most of our witnesses and informants who are under threat here. All the staff here from the receptionist, pager, barman, swimming pool guard, waiters, cook, storeman etc are all intelligent officers…

Mr Ojo: Wow!!!

Charles: Friend mi, so your organization is this equipped. How come you guys always fail to unravel most of the heinous crime perpetrated in this country… Up till today we don’t know who kill the former Attorney General and minister of Justice, Chief James Ajibola Ige. I must tell you, the death of that man, who was the Cicero of Esa Oke during his lifetime made me to loose faith in the security system of our dear country.

Austine: Hmmmm…. My friend, there is more to what you just said… If we are allowed to carry out our job the way it is expected and without interference, you will marvel on how intelligent we are… Paddy mi, that is another topic for another day. Let’s deal with the situation at hand… I have setup a monitoring station… The station will monitor conversations of all suspect on phone and also give us movement and location of all suspect.

At the close of work, Kunle went to KTB. On his way, he called his concubine, his oga’s wife to join him… On getting there they met KTB and member of his gang in his beautiful abodein a joyous mood…

Kunle:(Hailing KTB)… Keyte!! Keyte!!! Baba watzup.. Kill, Terminate and Buried…!!!

KTB: (Also hailing Kunle): Kle the destroyer!!! Paddy mi, what brought you to the den? It has been long I see you in the den… Kle… I appreciate you… I always get all those goodies you use to send to me…. You are truly a friend…

Kunle: We are friends… He don tey now… You ma self no bad… You saved my life back then now… You remember…

KTB: You always dey talk this thing all the time… w€tin dey happen now…

Kunle: My friend, you remember the lady I told you about two months ago.

KTB: Ehenhen…

Kunle: The one I said, she was my former girlfriend back then before I travelled.

KTB: Yes, the one you said you do DNA for her son and learnt the boy was your son… That is now married to one rich guy…..

Kunle: You got it… We are in a mess and we need you to help us…..

KTB: Madam, how are you? He had said so much about you…

Wife: Am fine sir. Thank you sir.

KTB: Hope you guys are loaded ooo…. You know me and my boys will feed.

Kunle: Don’t worry, you know me now…

KTB: You know, I oughtto be doing your job for you free of charge but you know the situation… A no get monie reach you… Me and my boys go chop….

Kunle: If you have to be richer than me, you will build your house on all the land in Lagos abi… Look at the sumptuous and palatial building you have… Not one not two…

KTB: Na God oooo

Kunle: Back to business….

Kunle explained everything that has happened in the past and the current situation.

KTB: Kle, where is the lawyer?

Kunle: He is out of the country…

KTB: We need to retrieve the WILL ASAP before the lawyer comes back.. When we get hold of the WILL that is when we can kill the man… Now that he knows what is going on, that his wife wants to kill him, I am 100% sure, he now know it is because of the WILL. He might have contacted his lawyer to retrieve the WILL. Therefore, get the WILL before they get it… Madam, do you know the lawyer’s house?

Wife: Definitely sir. I have been there on several occasions, with my husband.

The phone of the wife rings….

Wife: Sorry let me pick this call… It is the Junior lawyer that works in the chamber of the lawyer…

Kunle: Ok, pick it..

Wife: Hello, Barrister..

Junior Lawyer: Madam, how are you ma..?

Wife: Am fine… This one that you called me. Hope no problem?

Junior Lawyer: No problem. Just want to inform you as per our agreement to call you if I suspect that your husband want to do something to his WILL…

Wife: Yes, you are right… What happened?

Junior Lawyer: Well… My oga’s wife just came to the office now to retrieve your husband’s WILL… She said, it was oga that call him to get the file and give to your husband…

Wife: What!! Anyway thank you very much for this information….. I will credit your account as usual…

Junior Lawyer: Alright ma… Thank you ma. Bye

Wife: (panicking)… Kunle mo ti gbe….!!! We are about to loose everything…!!!!

Kunle: Calm down and tell me what happened

Wife: That stupid-idiot had contacted his lawyer… The lawyer’s wife had gone to the office to retrieve the file…

KTB: You people should calm down… Give me try the location of the lawyer’s house…

She described the location to them…
KTB called one his boys and gave him instruction to go the house and wait for the lawyer’s wife to retrieve the file from her immediately she got home.

Meanwhile, Austine and his boys had hacked the phone of Mr Ojo’s wife… They heard all the conversation between her and the junior lawyer.. Immediately, Austine informed Mr Ojo to call the wife to bring the file immediately to a location he will tell her…
Mr Ojo complied immediately and call the lawyer’s wife…

Lawyer’s wife: Hello sir….

Mr Ojo: Hello madam… How are you?

Lawyer’s wife: Am fine…

Mr Ojo: I hope your husband has called you

Lawyer’s wife: Yes sir… I have taken the file…

Mr Ojo: Good. I will need you to bring the file to Oritamefa now…

Lawyer’s wife: With all due respect sir, it is late, I don’t think I can come to Oritamefa today again. That will be tommorow sir… I am very sorry… I am the only one at home apart from the gateman… My children are in school….

Mr Ojo: Madam, it is very important… I have to get the file today….

Lawyer’s wife: I……..

To be continue..Next Episode 7… Loading.

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