November 29, 2021

The Bad Boy Has A Daughter episode 20 – 21


The Bad Boy Has A Daughter

By Chimdi Jane Samuel. Chapter Twenty.
*Noah’s point of view*
This was the most dangerous race I had ever been in. Usually the finals we’re dangerous but this was worse. It felt like the guys here were prepared for it. Like they knew Drew would remove the rules.

But as usual I didn’t allow myself to be conquered. I had already eliminated two racers and I still had about three more excluding Ryder.
Ryder by now shouldn’t have gotten to the bridge, it takes about ten minutes from here to. I just had five more minutes before I could reach him. But I failed to do so. I had to eliminate more people to give Ryder a head start so Anna could jump out.
I didn’t want to admit it, but I was scared out of my mind. It felt like this was the finals, and I had to win. Not for myself, but for Casey and Anna.
Anna’s half [email protected] body haunted me once more, the tears in her eyes, the horror and humiliation. I wouldn’t ever make her go through it again.
Then Casey, those green eyes that matched mine, and that innocent smile, I wasn’t going to allow it to be tarnished.
Not on my watch.
A yellow car came to view beside me and I recognized it as one of the best racers here. He hit my car again, and I slowed down a bit allowing him to move forward.
But instead he stopped and moved backwards hitting my car again. I swerved and turn to his right, meeting up with him.


saw the sinister smile on his tattooed face as he brought out an RF.
An RF was a radio bean device that can disable the engine of any vehicle within 50m in just three seconds.

When shot at your moving car, it’s ‘bullet’ which is connected to the RF by a wire, releases an electromagnetic blast that immobilise all the car engines bringing the car to a stop.
And that shit was fvcking annoying, when your car just stops in the middle of a race. No harm done.

Just one shot, and I would lose the race, lose my like, lose Casey and Anna.
I slowed allowing the yellow car to over take me, I couldn’t let that bullet touch my car. If not I was done for.
If I was going to eliminate the yellow car, I’d have to do it from behind.
Unfortunately the yellow car slowed down a little so it could be in the same level with mine, then I hit it, allowing the driver to loose his grip on the steering since, the RF was kinda heavy.
I couldn’t let him have a hold on the steering again, so I retreated before slamming my car into his. This time the RF dropped from his hand and I smiled a little. But my victory was short lived, when he took a hold of the steering again. Hitting my car with so much anger, my head connected with the headrest, giving me an instant headache.
Not allowing my self to be distracted, I looked ahead and saw an electric pole, if only I could move to his right and slam his car right into it.
I tried swerving to the other side, but the driver was having none of it as he slammed into mine again, this time my nose was next, hitting the headboard painful, I groaned in pain, slowed a bit and swerved behind him.


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most racers didn’t know that when your enemy was behind you, it was more dangerous than before you.
Couunting to three, I gave a sharp turn allowing the yellow car to move freely before crashing Into the pole.
One down. Two to go.
I continued the race and used one of my hand to wipe my face, blood stains everywhere and I hadn’t even reached Ryder yet. I passed a pink car which was up in flames.
It belonged to one of the female racers.
Totally ignoring it, I made my way forward. Until a brown car decided to shoot at me. It’s bullets had me bending so I wouldn’t be hit.
It didn’t stop and I shouted in annoyance, because if the bullets got to my engine I was done for. My car would blow in pieces.


I really liked the car, so I slammed brake and moved behind him. The shooting suspended for a while and I slammed my car into his allowing it to jerk forward.
Thinking the driver would only care about detaching his car from mine. No instead he left the steering, allowing my car to push his forward and shot at me.

Instantly, my shoulder reacted and I let go of the steering, one of the bullets had touched me and I was bleeding almost immediately.
“fvck! fvck!” It hurt like bitch and I tried driving with my left hand. Which was almost next to impossible. Driving with one hard was hard enough but driving with your left hand was harder.
My car still connected to the brown one, I mustered all my strength and turned towards the edge of the bridge and slammed into it..
The brown car, distorted almost immediately and. I tried making a reverse disconnecting my car from him.
I stopped the car and tore off my shirt, folding it up and applying pressure to the wound.

“Ahh! fvck! Oh God!” It stung, this was the first time I had received a bullet and the pain was excruciating.
My shoulder felt like it was going to fall off any moment and I couldn’t do anything about it. Either I stopped the race or I continued while bleeding profusely.
Stopping wasn’t even an option.

I checked my watch and I had one a minute left before Ryder made it off the bridge. I had to catch up on him very fast.
Unless once he’s out of the bridge I was done for. Now there were two cars ahead of me. Definitely the red one as I haven’t seen it. Ryder. Then me.
Only the first two made it to the finals and I was the third one behind. I had to drive.
For the sake of my daughter and Anna. Anna I wondered if she had gotten out of the car. I hoped she has because no doubt Drew had sent his men to search my house and bring Casey to him.

I stared my engine and tried moving the steering. But it was so difficult and it brought tears to my eyes.
How was I going to continue the race, with a splitting headache and a bleeding arm? I didn’t know.
All I knew was that I had to drive, I had to drive.
I picked up the engine and tried again, but this time, I hit the end of the bridge.

Chapter Twenty-One.

*Anna’s point of view*

I was tired, my bones were tired, my legs were tired, my eyes were tired, every part of me felt it was going to shut down any time soon. But I had to keep going. I was almost at Noah’s house, I could see the building now, and I ran faster to get there on time, to at least save that five seconds.

I had been running since the bus stopped at the usual end of the Street, I didn’t want to spend any time left. Drew would surely have sent for Casey thinking I was still in Ryder’s car.

And if he got his hands on her, Noah was done for. I thought about that handsome face and only hoped he was alright. I hadn’t seen him since the beginning of the race, and I silently wished he was alright.


was a strong person no doubt, but sometimes life tries us with the scariest of challenges. And we could only hope we make it through.

With shaking legs, I ran up the stairs to Noah’s apartment and opened the door before slamming it shut behind me, not bothering to use the lock.

I ran to the room, noticing everything was still as we left it. No chairs unturned, no fire, no bullet holes. Everything was the same. It means Drew hadn’t gotten here.

Stepping into the room, I saw Casey sleeping sweetly on the bed her teady bear buried between her arms, she looked so oblivious to anything that was happening around her and I could only smile. Such an innocent child.

Carefully I walked up to her and shook her gently causing her to open her eyes.

“Casey! Hey wake up!” I said, glancing around the room for mine and Casey’s bag.

“Anna, what time is it? Me is tired, no want to go to school now” She mumbled half asleep, but I just ignored, picked up the bag and started shoving some clothes into Casey’s.

“Where we going? Where is Daddy?” She shot up from the bed when she saw me packing.

“Dad is coming ok? He just went to get something really quick he asked us to leave before him” I went to the bathroom and picked the toothbrushes and sponge.

“When would daddy come?” She got up from the bed coming to stand beside me.

“Soon. Come on put on this quick” I shoved a blouse and a pair of short in her hand, before placing her teady bear in the bag, then went to the sitting room to pick up all her books from the table.

“Where are we going? I wanna see dad” I turned to Casey and saw she hadn’t moved, and tears threatened to fall from her eyes.

“Hey, look at me” her green eyes met mine. “We are going to my friend’s place to stay for a while, this building isn’t good. So they want to fix it. Dad went to buy something and he’ll meet us there ok?” Wow I was a good liar.

We needed to get out of here fast. I glanced at my phone, It was past two. The last time I had checked the time was when I was in the bus. It was two at that time. I needed to be quick.

I went to the bathroom and peeled off Noah’s jacket and decided to change to something else. Running to his closet to find something to wear.

My hands were shaking out of fear and anxiety but I couldn’t let Casey see that, she didn’t need to know we were in a haste to leave, if not she’ll be scared. And I couldn’t leave knowing Casey was scared.

I found a tee shirt and wore it, of course Noah didn’t have any bras so I made sure to put on one of his singlet. Then racked the closet for a smaller jeans, I found one. But they still looked big, and the shirt was reaching my knee.

Awkward, but I looked cute in it.

My hair was obviously still w€t so I didn’t even bother loosing the bun. I observed the wound on my head, the bleeding had stopped for a while. But it still hurt like hell.

“What happened to the building?” Casey asked immediately I stepped into the room, I picked up my bag, shoved Noah’s book in it and a few of his clothes. Then I find my medical kit and shoved it in the bag too.

How were we going to get to Clary’s house, I wondered, it was a little far from here, Clary’s parents were rich.

Wait. Noah mentioned something about some money under the bed.

“The drainage is bad, now put on the clothes ok?” I went under the bed, breathing heavily, saw the money and placed it in the bag. Then I walked to Casey and helped her get her clothes on.

Casey hugged me immediately, and sniffed, I knew she wanted to cry but was holding it in. So I stopped panicking and held her close, giving her a small kiss on the head.

We had to get out of here! A small voice said in my mind. So I picked Casey up and balanced her on my hip.

“Look baby, it’s only for a while ok. We’ll be back soon” I kissed her forehead before taking another glance at the room, searching if I was forgetting anything then moving to the sitting room, with Casey in my arms.

I picked up the bags, putting one at my back and holding the other with my free hand and left the room.

Walking into the sitting room, I rose my head and that was when I froze in shock.

No! No no!

Standing there in the sitting room was someone, whose face I’ll never forget, black hair, small eyes that stared deep in my soul. Those eyes held power and I knew by just a look at his guys, I was dead.

Tattoos similar to Noah’s, surrounded his arms, strong arms that could grab unti me with ease.

Beside him was about three men I couldn’t out run and there was that sinister smile on his lips.

I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t move. It was as if I had become a statue.

All of my hardwork. My jumping from the car and Into the river and running here from that one person was all in vain.

All in vain. In the end he had caught up to us, my heart jumped in fear when he took a step closer to us. With every step my heart hammered and the image if his boys removing my clothes made me take another step backwards.

Casey noticing the tension, rose her head and saw them. I noticed the way she tightened her grip on me.

“Anna” She shook me. “Who is this?”

Drew smiled, looking at Casey with that evil smile.

“Hello beautiful” At his voice my bones shook in fright “Sorry for not introducing myself earlier on, I’m Drew Goodman”


So Anna makes it to the house, packed somethings but then found out that Drew was in the parlour waiting for them. All the plans has failed.

But can Anna still make it or would Drew take them away?

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