The Governor's Daughter

The Bad Girls Boy episode 18

The Bad Girls Boy

Chapter 18 💕
Story by, Goddy ( Bae Wondha )
Of course we continued k-ssing, I just had to stop him when I was being unaware.
” Jay stop” I said.

He looked into my eyes.

” We should stop doing this” I said.

” Yeah I know, I’m just being too much a bad ass I assume” He said.

” Our parents are dating. My dad’s gonna kill me if he finds out.” I said.

” Yeah bill”

” Jay that’s my dad”

” I know, I didn’t forget, my mom’s boyfriend” He said and smiled at me

” I’d noticed something” I said.

” What?” He asked.

” Each time you feel like k-ssing me you start acting nice. You always abuse me. I am really tired of fighting” I said and he laughs.

” Aaliyah I’m not a good person” He said and looked at me.

” What?”

” Yeah, I’m not really into being nice. I’m just..” He stopped and sighed.

” I’m really sorry for trying to play with you. You’re beautiful and nice . You don’t deserve jerks like me” Jay said and walk out.
I looked at him and watch him untill he was out of sight .
” Liyah, what the hell is wrong with me?” I asked myself.

I was getting high.
I looked at my water that was already cold, I even forgot I was hungry. I got up and switch the gas on and boiled the water again. I sit and eat thinking about Jay.
” Dad hates boys” I thought.

” I just need to try and get Jay out of my head, I was tired of feeling sad.” I thought.
” Jay, are you really sure of what you’re doing?” Ace asked Jay the following day at school.

” No” He said.

” Liyah is nice” Ace said.

” I know and I’m not nice. I’m just trying to move on” Jay said.

” Yeah you have to . You should stop hurting her” Ace said.

” Yeah I know. She taste so sweet and soft. More like a greeny” Jayden said and ace chuckled.

” You’re a bad man. You shouldn’t hurt her” Ace said.

” No I won’t, I’m trying to let her be. Her dad hates boys but his daughter is an angel. So weird .” Jay said smiling at Ace.

” Yeah I understand his reasons. My mom hates boys too. She’s really scared of my kid sister she loves boys” Ace said as jayden laughed.

” Seriously, Ariana is something else” Jayden said laughing.

” Yeah . But really try and let liyah be” Ace said.

” Yeah, Todd is trying to eat liyah and I don’t want that to happen” Jayden said.

” Yeah, you just have to warn liyah”

” I have but she’s trying to make me feel bad by trying to hang out with Todd. Can you believe that?” Jayden said.

” I know. I’ll tell her myself” Ace said and Jayden nodded.
I was with violet that same day. I wasn’t happy . I smiled at violet who noticed my face.
” Lee what’s wrong?” She asked.

” Vi, I think I need to tell you this” I said.

” Tell me what?” She asked.

” I and jay have been having flings lately” I said and she smiled broadly.

” You’re funny, I know”

” No vi not that kind of flings. We kinda k-ssed , twice now” I said.
Her expression on her face made me understand she was baffled.
” What!”

” Yeah we k-ssed” I said.

She smiled and giggles, she clapped her hands and hugged me.

” That’s cool” She said smiling.

” You’re not getting it. Jay is really difficult, most times he act like someone who likes me and afterwards, he acts like someone who’s afraid” I said.

” Afraid?” Violet asked.

I looked at her and nodded.

” Afraid about what?” Violet asked.

” I don’t know” I said.
I just need to talk to him. Later that day, I looked for Jay around school but later find him at the table tennis court. He was playing with Ace. I walked in and waved at Ace who smiled at me.
” Hey liyah” Ace greeted dropping the bat.

” Hi Ace” I said.

He smiled at Jay and walked out leaving us alone.

” Okay” I said and sighed.

” I never knew you play table tennis too” I said walking to where he was standing.

” Well I’m learning” He said and sat down.

I looked at him and sit close to him.

” Jay I wanna talk to you about something” I said.

” Shoot” He said.

” I’m tired of you trying to make me feel really bad. What are you? Are you trying to play with me, I don’t understand” I said.

He looked at me and took a deep breath.

” Liyah I said I was sorry. I’m not really nice, like nice. Just try and forget everything that happened between the two of us. I’m really sorry” He said.

” So?”

” We should stop talking to each other. I know it’s kinda hard but you gotta try. I don’t wanna hurt you” He said.

” Jay what are you afraid of?” I asked.

He refused to reply.

” Jay answer me what are you afraid of?” I asked again.

” I don’t love you, not at all” He said.

I felt my heart sink.

” Yeah I don’t , and I can’t” He said.

I watch him got up and left the court.

” Oh God I’m doomed” I said.

I guess I was crying inside me.

I looked around for a while and finally des**ted the place. I walked to class, I saw violet, she was always happy not like me.
” Hey Lee” She called as she made me sit. She noticed my face.

” I’m fine” I said at once.

” Yeah I know you are fine. What did he say to you?” Violet asked.

” He doesn’t love me” I said.

” Lee he does” Violet said.

” Vi no. He doesn’t. He’s just trying to use me” I said.

” You’re misinterpreting everything. Jay might be a jerk I know but I feel he loves you for real. I think he feels you’re way better for him like he’s not good enough” Violet said.

I shake my head and smiled.

” Who cares, I’m not really sure I was into him. Maybe I was trying to have fun because I don’t have a boyfriend or maybe because I’m always bored” I said and laughed.

” Lee you should stop, you have me liyah” Violet said placing her hand on my shoulders.

” Vi, you have Ace, he understands you and he hates to see you sad . You know most times I normally like our quarrels. It’s sometimes fun” I said and laughs.

” Aaliyah you’re killing me” Violet said and smiled.

” I think you guys can still be friends” violet said. I was mute and really tired.

” I wanna go home” I said carrying my bag.

” We have one class to go” Violet said.

” Yeah I know. I’m kinda tired” I said smiling at violet.

” Okay wait lemme walk you out” She said standing up.

” No I’m fine. Just stay safe” I said and left school.

I saw Todd who esc-rted me outside school premises. He insisted he dropped me off but I declined. I felt like walking. I trekked home and left for my room. I was really exhausted.
I heard noises at the living room. It sounds like Jay brought friends. I didn’t bother to check. I lay on my bed trying to catch my breath when Jay walked in without knocking.
” Jay you should learn to knock, I might be unclad” I said.

” Yeah I know, I’m sorry” He said.

” What do you want?” I asked.

” Nothing much. I’m throwing a party tonight at this house” Jay said.

” So I should help you with the cleaning?” I asked.

” Not exactly, I just want you to do me a favour” He said.

” Stay in your room, don’t come downstairs” He said.

I know where he was driving at.

” Thanks I won’t storm your party” I said.

” Thank you, cause you’re really good at pooping parties” He said and walked out.

” Ass h0le” I whispered to myself.
That night as usual Anna has left for work, Jay and friend’s were already ready for their party. I lay on my bed thinking about myself when violet walked in.
” Oh God you’re not ready?” Violet asked.

” Ready?” I asked.

” Yeah ready. Jay’s throwing a party downstairs for friends only you gotta come” violet said.

” I can’t. Jay said I shouldn’t storm his party” I said.

” Liyah, this should stop. He has no right to place you on condition because he’s harbouring weird feelings towards you, get up and let’s party” violet said.

” Vi just stop, he doesn’t love me so stop all this weird feelings stuff I’m really tired” I said.

” Alright, get dress and let’s go” Violet said.

” Vi I can’t” I said.

” I can’t be downstairs and you are stock in your room” violet said.

” I will be fine, I just needed space to breathe” I said.

” Look, just assume you didn’t have any flings towards Jay and flirt tonight. School hotties are down there, you gotta hook up and free your mind” Violet said.

She was good at stuffs like this. I sighed continually. She visited my closet and got me a dress. I declined, I insisted I wear casuals .
We climbed downstairs only to find Jenner and jay sitting really close. Ace was with the other guys. He smiled and hugged violet really tight. I walked in looking at everyone.

Dave smiled at me, he was one of Jay’s pals. But they are not really close like Jay and ace.
” Hey” he called.

I smiled and greeted back.

” Wow, I’ve seen you in Piedmont’s I guess. You look beautiful” He said and I smiled.

” Thanks” I said.

I wasn’t in the mood for that.

Jay walked in.

” Dave you gotta let her be” Jay said.

” Is she your girlfriend?” Dave asked.

” Not really, she’s my step sister” I said.

” Come on she’s hot. Where have you been hiding this one?” He asked and jay ignored him.

” Liyah one minute please” He said holding my hands and made me follow him to the kitchen.

” What are you doing!” I asked.

” Lee I told you to stay indoors”

” Seriously, I’m not a child, you should stop ordering me around” I said.

” Really?” He asked.

” You need to stay away from college boys they are not who you think they are” He said.

” You don’t expect me to be single forever, do you?”

” I’m being serious” He said.

” Whatever” I said and walked out.
Jay’s party was really lit, violet danced with Ace, Jay was with Jenner. I was stuck, Dave moved over and ask me to dance with him. I agreed and we danced. Jayden held Jenner really close as they danced to the blues music.
” You’re beautiful you know” Dave said.

” Thanks, don’t tryna flirt with me alright” I said.

” Ooh” He whimped.

Jenner placed her head on his shoulder. She k-ssed Jay on his lips. He frowned and patted her hair.
Dave smiled at me and wanted to k-ss me, I pushed away slightly.
” Seriously I’m not your girlfriend, don’t see me as one” I said.

” I’m sorry. ”

” It’s fine. It’s a pleasure dancing with you” I said and walked outside.
I saw Todd’s car outside Jay’s compound. He came out and smiled at me.
” Hey liyah” He called walking to me.

” Todd what are you doing here? Jay’s gonna go wild if he finds you here” I said.

” I’m not here to fight. Just wanted to say hi and leave” Todd said and smiled.

” Thanks” I said. I watched him walk into his car and left.
I sighed and yawn. I was really tired. I left for my room to catch a nap. That’s one of the worst night of my life. Someone knocked on my door, I ordered the person in, obviously it was Jay.
” What now?” I asked.

” What was Todd here for?” He asked.

” Jay it’s none of your business. Just go back to your party” I said.

” Really, then tell your Todd to stop coming to my house. Alright I don’t wanna see him around my premises anymore” He fired

” Oh yeah, few days to go and I’ll be out of your house, that’s gonna put a stop to your bossing. Just learn to remove your mouth out of my business” I said.

” Are you sure about that?” He asked.

” Yeah” I answered.

” Deal” He said about leaving.

” Seriously you’re behind almost every attitude Todd is throwing at you” I said.

” Really, what’s your reasons?” He asked.

” He told me everything , how you collected his true love and slept with her” I said.

” What!, Todd told you that. F-ck that bastard is a liar” He said.

” Really, at least that same liar is better than your bad ass” I said.

” Don’t compare with me Todd alright . Whatever shit he told you is a lie. I didn’t take his girlfriend. I can’t explain anything to you, just don’t bring Todd to my house” He said and left.
I couldn’t sleep, Jay’s party was giving me headache. The noise was really annoying. I gently placed my pillow on my ear to make sure I fall asleep. Well it worked.

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