The Governor's Daughter

The Bad Girls Boy episode 33 – finale

The Bad Girls Boy

Chapter 33 💕
Story by, Goddy ( Bae Wondha )

Well I rushed to the clinic. I saw violet sitting at the reception hall. I rushed to her and sat down.
” Vi, is everything alright?” I asked .

” Yeah everything is fine” she replied.

” Where’s he?” I asked.

” In his ward. Let’s go” violet said as she led the match.

She took me to his ward, Jay was lying really cold on his hospital bed. I couldn’t help it but cry. Anna looked at me and frowned.
” He’s not dieing, you should stop crying. He was coming to your house, now look at him” Anna said.

” Anna you need to take it easy on this poor girl. She did nothing to our son” Trent said.

” I just hope nothing happens to my son” Anna said.

” Nothing is going to happen to him . It’s just an accident, and it’s not even serious” Trent said.

” For God sake Trent, Jay sprain his ankle” Anna cried.

Trent looked away and ignored her.

I held vi outside so that we could talk better.
” What happened?” I asked.

” I’ve no idea. Ace told me the news, and I have to rush down, that was when I called. The doctor says it’s nothing serious. He only sprained his ankle” Violet said.

I sighed and took a deep breath.

” Thank God, I hope nothing happens to him” I said and sat down.

” What about your dad?” Violet asked sitting close to Me.

” He’s fine”

” Have you thought about telling him the news?” Violet asked.

” No, I’m not just ready” I said.

” I think it will be better if you tell him now . It might be too late” violet said.

” I’m scared” I said.

” You don’t have to be scared . The deed has already been done. Jay isn’t denying it”

” Vi, you won’t understand” I said standing up.

” I totally regret my actions” I said.

” You don’t have to. You wanted to have fun.” Violet said smiling.

” Stupid fun, fun that ended me this way” I said and finally sat down.

” Chill liyah. I’d say you’re lucky to be with Jay, he’s a nice guy.” Violet said.

I kept quiet and looked away.
About two days later jay was a little bit conscious. I was not at the hospital that day. Anna never stopped gigling like a child.
” Where’s liyah?” Jay asked as Ace helped him up.

Violet was not in the hospital too, just Ace , Trent and anna.

” Why are you asking about her?” Anna asked.

“Immediately you get better we are returning to California together, you’re not staying back this time” Anna said.

” Ace where’s liyah?” He asked ignoring his mother’s compliment.

” Chill Jay, she’s fine. She’s at home. She needed good rest because of her condition” Ace said.

” Call her” Jay said.

” Alright” Ace said collecting Jay’s cellphone.

” Jay what is wrong with you?” Anna blurted.

” Mom, you shouldn’t get me angry alright. I’m not a baby, stop acting like one. Don’t order me around and try to choose a woman for me. Dad you need to talk to your wife. I need space” Jay said.

” Ann, he’s right. Jay’s in college, and this year is his third year at school. By next year Jay will be a graduate, he’s not a child. Don’t think you’re tryna protect him or something. You’re hurting him” Trent said.

” Look I’m only worried. ” Anna said.

” Worried about what?” Jay asked.

” And if I must tell you, liyah has my baby” Jay said.

Trent and Anna was mute, it was obvious his speech drive cold into their spines.
” You’re being serious?” Anna asked looking at Ace.

” What do you mean by, liyah has your child?” Trent asked.

” She’s pregnant for me” Jay said.

” Pregnant! Jay are you insane? Bill is gonna kill you” Anna yelled.

” I don’t care. Stop yelling” Jay said. He was really tensed.

” Ace tell her to come with her dad” Jay said and jay nodded.

” Oh my God. What where you thinking?” Anna asked.

” Anna calm down.” Trent said.

” Jay, are you inlove with her?” Trent asked.

” Yes” He replied.

” Then I give him my full support. We just need to plan with Bill, you’re gonna get married to her” Trent said.

” Yeah I will” Jay said.

” Without going through college” Anna said.

” I’m not planning to drop out of school” Jay defended.

” What if her father rejects you?” Trent asked.

” He won’t” Jay said.
Few minutes after, I showed up with dad. Dad greeted Trent and smiled at Anna.
” How are you boy?” Dad asked Jay.

” I’m good, thanks” Jay replied.

” Thank God” Dad said.

” Mr Bill why don’t you sit” Trent said to dad.

” Alright thanks” Dad replied and sat down.
Ace smiled and walked outside. I stood close to jay. Anna was already nervous, including me, even if I have no idea of what’s about to happen.
” Bill we wanted to tell you something” Trent began.

” What is it?” Dad asked.

” Jay told me Aaliyah is pregnant” Trent said.

I looked at dad as tears flow down my chin. Jay was also sad.

” Pregnant?” Dad asked standing up. He turned to look at me.

” Aaliyah are you pregnant?” Dad asked me.

I couldn’t speak. I could feel my foot trembling.

” Oh my God” Dad said silently.

” Bill You need to take things easy. My son Jay isn’t denying it. We are ready to take full responsibility of her. Liyah is our daughter too. My son really loves your daughter.” Trent said.

Dad was speechless. He turned to look at me and looked at Jay.
” How can you be so careless?” Dad asked.

” What the hell is wrong with you. I asked you if you guys make out, both of you lied, why?” Dad asked.

” I’m sorry, I didn’t want to hurt your feelings” Jay said.
That was how silence strolled by. Dad went outside with Bill. Anna also followed too.
” I’m sorry” He said.

” I’m really sorry” Jay said again.

” I really love you” Jay said.

He stretched his palm at me.

” Come” He said.

I took his hands and sit close to him.

” No matter the circ-mstances I’ll always be here for you. Alright, don’t try to blame yourself for anything, every single thing happened for a reason. I love you and I’ll always Love you” Jay said using his hands to car-ss my hair.

” Thanks” I managed to say.
Jay got discharged and everything turned back to normal. He retain his apartment and moved in. Anna pretty went back to normal, dad wasn’t that happy but he was cool. I was with dad one day at our house. We stood at the balcony staring at our garden.
” I don’t regret having you as a daughter alright. You will be best daughter I have ever had. At least I’ll be a grandpa soon. Just be careful, try and Concentrate in school and come out with a good results. I’ll always be proud of you” Dad said smiling at me. I hugged him as I cried.
Jay and I visited the beach, we were holding hand to hand. He hold me and smiled broadly.
” You’re my world and my perfect match . I promise to be with you till the end of time” Jay said k-ssing me on the forehead.

Well if I had talked about an happy ending, well it’s my story. So many things happen to us for a reason. Yeah I’ve found love and love found me.
Finding yourself in difficult situation doesn’t mean you should stop chasing, no I didn’t give up. With my belly I still became a graduate with Jay by my side.
You wanna talk about Ace and violet, it went smoothly with them, Regina ended up with Todd as they ( Jay and Todd ) managed to settle things together.
It’s a girl!!!

The doctor chorused.
The end 💕💕

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