The Bet

The Bet – Episode 10

THE BET Episode 10

©Tisa Phiri

Welcome back Jammy, Jack welcomed his brother.. it was was almost getting dark when James walked to the door from the garrage.. his wall fenced house in Chalala was quite as was always the case since it was one of the houses at the end of the townsh¡p..

Hey Jack, he gave his brother a quick shoulder hug.. pulling his case of clothes in,side..

From the door was a slitting room wide and so spacious just the way he loved his home.. with a 52″ flat screen TV mounted on the wall, two brown couches and a small coffe table in the middle.. nothing else was in the sitting room apart from two flower bases with dry nice flowers one on each corner of the room..

His portrait displayed on the wall.. he was dreessed in a suit.. everytime he looked at it, it reminded him of the time he got a promotion from work 2 years after he started working for bank of Zambia..

His ACCA professional papers and a degree in financial accounting gave him a greater opportunity to be promoted.. James was now planning on getting an MBA..

How is home? Jack asked as James threw himself on his bed.. a wide king sized bed was nearly done.. the mild green bed cover blending well with the wall painted cream white almost looking like yellow..

Home is great brother, I can assure you I enjoyed my stay.. I had lots of funny with a beautiful woman he said with a wide smile looking at his brother who stood next to the head board looking down at him..

Mmmmh I can imagine, Jack nodded his head..

Come on I have just prepared dinner, let’s go you taste my delicacy Jack smiled trying to ignore his brother’s silly smile which explained how he was enjoying seeing him jealousy..

Yeah I really missed your cooking Kiddo, let’s not waste any more time, he said jumping out of his bed..

He went ahead of Jack to the dinning table where Jack had prepared Roasted t born, nshima and green vegetables..

Mmmmh James sniffed in the aroma as he sat down.. rolling the round top of the table to serve hiself..

Jack watched him as he sat, without another word..

Mmmhm so? What happened in my absence? Did you finally make up with Nancy? James asked while chewing on his food..

Nope, Jack answered carelessly..

I gues you don’t love her then uh?

Yeah, I don’t just like being cheated at and lied to because i can never do that to someone i care about..

Oh.. sad..I always watch out for my self and you people judge me to be a bad person.. women will never appreciate you being all good and faithful to them.. they will always find a way of making you feel like you aren’t enough.. so before they beat me to the game I do watch out and take precautions..

Yeah, just like hurting the feelings of those that love you genuinely, added Jack looking at his brother while his hand was still on the plate..

What does that mean Jack?

Just wondering if you have ever considered the fact that maybe some of the people you beat like that fall in love with you for real.. Javk answered..

Listen James, the fact that one woman disapointed you once does not mean you have to purnish every other woman that comes in your life.. come on man, it’s not fair.. you have to grow up Jammy, we are no longer kids.. women are not games they are human beings with feelings and expectations..

You know one thing about you Jack , you forget that am your elder brother and I won’t take some stupid lectures from you.. the fact that I was born a year before you must give you some sense to respect me.. James snapped washing his hands..

Am sorry you take it as an insult Jammy but am just trying to make you understand.. it’s no good to play with people’s lives all the time.. mom and dad always taught us how to respect people..

I know and I do respect people.. but if a woman likes me and gives herself to me, is it my fault? They just give in and I on the other hand as a single man I do what I can with whoever makes themselves available..

Like that Lucy, she knew my intentions from the beginning.. I told her am not intrested in committing myself to anyone, I don’t want to marry anytime soon and later on have children untill later in my life.. but what does she do? she starts asking me questions about “us” and getting to know each other more and staff that i dont want to talk about now..

So tell me brother, how am I a bad person if I tell someone the truth from the beginning and then they expect more?.. no way that’s insane.. I won’t let a woman decide my life for me.. James added

When I find that one person I will want to settle down with I will definately be the one to ask her for anything more.. not the other way round..

Jack looked at his brother, his theory was outrageous and he knew James had convinced himself about whatever he was saying and nothing he would say would change his mind..

Anyway what can i say, he sighed.. it’s your life brother and like you said no one can control it but yourself… so I have no say..

Just a bit taken aback by the way you treated Lucy.. that girl loves you and you just used her..

Stop it now Jack am not talking to you about this any more.. Lucy or whoever, doesn’t matter.. it’s not like she’s a kid who cannot make a good judgement of things.. if she gave herself to me it’s because she wanted to.. he spat pushing back the chair and standing to go..

Get a life , brother and leave mine alone he added patting Jacks back before heading to the other room..

Jack sat back in his chair.. his hands still unwashed..

To Some extent, he thought to himself.. James was right… Lucy could have known better than to fall for James and letter on sleep with him.. he felt bad that now James was done with her and it would be difficult for him to get with her..

He thought of his ex girlfriend Nancy… she had been calling and coming to ask him to forgive her and forget about her cheating.. saying it was just a mistake.. he however, was not willing to get back with her.. she was not the kind of person he wanted to be with.. knowing he was cheated on by her would hinder the pogress of his relationsh¡p with her.. and the main issue was the fact that he never really got to love her as much..

Collecting the plates and cleaning them up Jack later went to join his brother who was watchting some reality show on DSTV..

They watched in silence with each one of them focusing on the screen…

…….A month later….

Mrs kangwa was walking around the farm.. she walked near the vet offices and saw Lucy seated at a stool at the back.. she ignored her at first but later on saw that Lucy was vomitting..

She stood at a distance and watched her.. .Lucy stood and staggered to walk back to the office.

Mrs Kangwa shook her head.. and decided to pass and went on her walk.. it was the second time she was seeing Lucy vomit and she even noticed Lucy looked pale..

Later that evening she called for Lucy to go meet her at the main house..

How are you dear? She greeted Lucy after welcoming her and serving her a glass of pure juice..

Am fine mam , Lucy responded wondering why she was called.. it was rare that Mrs Kangwa called her for anything.. everything to do with reporting and any work related matters she always discussed with Mr Kangwa.. .

Am sure you are wondering why I called you here my dear.. am sorry to meddle but I have noticed some changes on you and you seem not so active as you are always.. tell me is everything okay with you.? I mean am a woman and they are things that you can’t possibly hide from me.. she added holding her hands tendery..

Lucy looked at her and looked back down tears forming in her eyes.. she was surprised to know that the mother to the man that had changed her life had noticed she wasn’t okay.

How could she get to tell her that her son had impregnated her and that he was clear to mention that he was not ready to committ to anyone and have children for that matter..

She had not even called him to let him know about the pregnancy.. knowing so well what he would say.. she decided to keep it to herself instead..

Her eyes remained focused on the brown coffee table.. looking on the glass of juice that she had barely touched..

Please stop crying my dear and tell me what is wrong.. .are you preganant? Mrs Kangwa asked her..

Lucy nodded in agreement..

How far along Lucy? Mrs Kangwa asked again.

Almost 6 weeks.. she responded.

Mrs Kangwa was quite for a while recalling the time she had talked to James..

Sonny tell me you are not playing with that innocent girl’s feelings she had told him..

Mama, it’s not like she’s a baby.. and I am not playing with her she’s just a friend . .he told her avoiding her eyes..

I know about the bet you and Jack had upon her James.. so don’t tell me otherwise.. I am aware of what you two did and am disapointed with you.. how can you think of betting to win over a woman .? So what’s your plan now since your brother has backed out? She asked him..

There’s no plan mother and I told you already we are just friends.. so drop it already he had told his mother with a face to show he was not intrested in the talk..

Mrs Kangwa talked and lectured her son and made it clear she was not happy with his behaviour and insisted he put things in order.. she had warned him to either leave Lucy alone or got serious with her..

Now coming to the present.. Mrs Kangwa watched Lucy sobbing .. she knew it was definately her son’s pregance..

Is it Jane’s ? She finally asked Lucy..

Excuse me mama, am sorry I have to go Lucy answers standing and running out without answering her question… she couldnt stand being close to Mra Kangwa anymore.. she was hurting and she hated that she looked so vulnerable in front of her boss..

Shaking per head sadly ,Mrs Kangwa watched Lucy run to the direction of her home..

Later on she told her husband about the issue.. even when Mr Kangwa scolded the wife that she didn’t tell him earlier about what was going on..

They both decided to call their son after Mrs Kangwa insisted that it was definately James and they both agreed to make him take responsibility..

Son, we want you to come over this weekend.. Mr Kangwa called James..

What for dad?, don’t tell me you miss me already he joked ..

Just come over here.. Mr Kangwa answered seriously and James could tell by the tone of his father that his father had something really serious going on…

He sighed and placed down the phone as he sat in his office chair..

What could it be? He whispered to himself..

After going back home he asked Jack to go with him to the farm..

Dad called that he wants to see me this weekend Jack and I don’t know what for, just that he sounded so serious and am worried..

What could it be then? Jack asked concerned..

Did you ask him if mama is fine? He asked as they sat in the dinning table..

Yeah I did actually, and he told me she was okay.. I just hope they are both good he added..

Well I will go with you man… am worried too.. let’s go and find out what is going on back there..

Yeah sure.. responeded James.

To be continued…

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