The Bet

The Bet – Episode 12

THE BET Episode 12

©Tisa Phiri

Hey! Jack called Lucy, she sat on a couch her eyes focused on particularly nothing. She didn’t really feel at home..

In fact the moment the Kangwas left James got his keys to the car and headed out without a word.

Lucy had remained seated in silence not knowing how to begin and what exactly to do.. she wished the situation was different.. looking around she saw The portrait for James on the wall and looked at him.. he was handsome no doubt.. his flawless skin could be seen even from the photo.. may be working in the bank added to that smoothness.. but for whatever reason Lucy couldn’t help admire him..

Unfortunately her heart still longed for him even when it pained her so much he wasn’t intrested in her..

Surprising how a heart can choose.. it had no reasoning all it does is choose what it wants.. the person in love has no control over their own feelings invoving love..

She hoped to forget the feelings and one day live her life as normal as possible..

Hey ! She responded to Jack ..

Lucy I dont know what to say to you am really sorry for what happened.. I just.. he couldnt get to complete his sentence and she cut in..

Are you really sorry Jack? Or it’s your way of teasing me.. how dare you show that face in front of me.. am sure you are glad you lost and you are not the one in Jame’s shoes uh?

You know what just show me my room already and leave me alone.. you are both the same and I regret ever meeting you she scolded him..

Lucy calm down please and hear me out.. he said holding her hand to stop her from you walking away..

Stop touching me Jack and show me the room I want to rest already.. at least I thought you were a good person but now I can see clearly.. I beg you show me the room I will be sleeping in.. she sighed wipping some tears from her face..

Come with me, Jack told her, his voice almost inaudible.. I will show you the room for James..

No, I don’t want his room and you know why.. this house is big enough I am sure there’s a spare room somewhere..

Jack stopped for a while .. she was right.. at that moment it wasn’t a good idea to let her in James room..

He walked her to the spare bedroom and got his own clean sheets and made the bed for her while she stared at him in silence..

He finished and turned to look at her.. her pair of jeans defining her figure and her blouse well fitting her top part of the body.. if not told one wouldn’t tell she was even pregnant yet.. he imagined how she would look in her 9th month..

I really wish she was surely preganat for me he thought to himself.. it could have made me a happy man knowing she’s carrying my previous child..

Why are you staying at me like that ? Lucy asked him bring him back to reality..

Oh am sorry.. I was just.. forget it.. and please your bed is ready he added heading out to the door..

Am sure you are laughing at me now? I mean looking at how i fall for your brother and ended up getting pregnant .. what can i tell you Jack , I fall in love, she said between tears with a smile.. I fall in love and I couldn’t control what I felt for him.. it’s foolish you think? She asked him..

Jack had stopped by the door listening to her..

He turned his back to look at her..

No actually.. I understand you perfectly well Lucy.. I have been where you are..

Mmmmm you got pregant she teased shaking her head.. making it clear that Jack wouldn’t say he understood what she was going through..

Not really.. but falling in love with someone who doesn’t even see me.. he told her leaving the the room before Lucy could answer…

Lucy looked at the closed door in front of her wondering what Jack really meant..

She lay down and closed her eyes her hands on her stomac.. imagining her child growing up in,side her.. she whispered a prayer for the safety of the child and that one day his father would get to love him…

Jack went to his room and hit the wall hærd.. he couldn’t even feel the pain in his knuckles as he continously did that until blood started coming out.. he sat down on his small side chair holding his now paining hand..

The pain in his heart was however heavier and stronger.. he was trying to concetrate on his hand for minutes and when he realised he’s been in for a while he got out and went to prepare a meal for supper..

Walking to Lucy’s room when he was done.. Jack stood and knocked on the door..

It was quite and he knocked again..

Lucy opened the door and stood there her eyes puffed..

Jack could tell she was crying..

I came to call for you… superis ready he told her..

Thank you I will be coming.. she responded without moving. .

Well, Jack sighed indicating his hands for her to go ahead of him..

I will eat later Jack thank you she told him..

No Lucy you are not alone and I can’t let you stay with hunger.. remember we all didn’t have a proper meal for lunch.. so let’s move.. I want my nephew fat and heavy he joked making Lucy smile weakly ..

She had no apetite to eat but the look on Jack’s face and the feel of wasting his efforts he put in for her made her go..

So where is James? She asked him when they begun eating..

Mmmmm I don’t know my dear but not to worry.. am sure he will buy himself food wherever he is.. he added with a grin..

He can’t stand being around me.. this isn’t a good idea at all.. I hate to be forced on a person who doesn’t want me..she complained

Well let’s take a break from all this sadness and enjoy this meal I put in so much energy he told her..

Yeah it’s great she said with a weak smile..

Sorry I took it on you this afternoon Jack.. she told him..

Yeah you were right after all.. I was stupid and am sorry trully.. but let’s change this subject already..

They eat in silence and Lucy noticed the bruises on Jack’s hands which she had not seen before but she kept it to herself..

That evening she took a bath and went to bed at 21 hours leaving Jack in the living room watching soccer…

James looked at the dance floor.. a lot of people where shouting on top of their voices and dancing to the loud music from the stereo.. he could see their mouths open and some movements but he could not hear a thing.. it was like everything was on mute…

He’s mind was not even there.. he could only feel the hurt in his heart.. blaming Lucy for everything that was happening..

For some reason he could not see any good in her anymore.. all he felt was like a huge cloud was covered on him..

How could they force me to marry her..? Why didn’t they just let her stay back and ask me to support the child instead of throwing her in my life..? He asked his friend besides him..

I don’t know man.. I dont understand your parents man.. they are too much old fashioned.. these days people get preganant and the man is just asked for financial support not to marry the one you don’t even love.. that’s so outrageous…

Yeah you are right Kelvin… I don’t get them too.. and my father is hærd core my man.. he doesn’t easily bow .. I don’t know what to do with that woman back in my house.. I don’t even want to think that I hate her..

Kelvin looked at his friend and shook his head..just let her atay intil she gives birth then you can let her go.. it’s simple he told him… and James nodded.. you are right man.. I will try ensure her presence for a short while…

Kelvin was friends with James and he was so outgoing too.. though he was married his behaviour said otherwise..

He was always out playing and making out.. luckly his wife was from a wealthy family and had a good job.. the main reason why he even married her.. she was able to take care of their two kids without any fiancial challenges.. she was actually the one that helped Kelvin start a business and now that he was making his own money and business had grown.. he started drinking out and having multiple partners..

Jack had tried to warn James over such a friend and it all fell on deaf ears..

He had even started drinking too.. though Jack never got to tell their parents James started drinking.. for that moment the Kangwas had no idea their son drunk any alcohol.. he hid from them and never drunk more than a glass of wine in their presence..

That night he drunk more than his limit and he spent the night in one of the rooms at the lodge near the night club he and Kelvin where drinking from..

Jack woke up in the middle of the night and found His brother wasn’t yet back after checking his room..

He tried to call his cell but it went unanswered for the 10th time..

Jack was worried and tried to call Kelvin to find out where his brothers was.. knowing so well he was his only friend that could keep James that late..

I left him at some lodge.. he was too wasted to drive, Kelvin answered him.. he’s voice making Jack realise they had been drinking..

Tell me the name of the lodge and I will go pick him.. he had to go for work tomoro..

Jack paced around the house holding the car keys.. he looked at the phone in his hands.. it was almost 02 am and he thought of how dangerous it was to drive out in the areas of Chalala.. with groups of thugs rooming around..

He went back to bed deciding to go early that morning and bring back his brother..before time for work..

What is going on with Jammy? He asked himself folding his hands around himself and closing his eyes to try get himself to sleep..

It was going to be a different home he could feel the tension building up..

To be continued…

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