The Bet

The Bet – Episode 15

THE BET Episode 15

©Tisa Phiri

James was still sleeping when his phone vibrated.. he sighed and opened his eyes to look at his phone and when he saw it was Jack calling he ignored it the first time but when it rung for the second time he pushed himself to answer it..

What’s up Jack? Am in bed man.. I thought you were in the house.. why are you calling me.. ?

Wake up James something serious happened..Jack told him..

James wiped his face and sat up.. worried something might have happened to his brother.. despite everything James loved his brother and he was glad Jack had stayed with him after Lucy came..he had noticed how Jack loved Lucy and cared for her.. deep down his heart he felt a bit sad he wasn’t being so nice.. but his mind convinced him he had nothing to feel guilty about.. for some reason he felt Lucy got pregant deliberately to corner him into a marriage.

Lately he had decided to continue his relationsh¡p with Charity.. he loved her company and since she was within Lusaka at NIPA he had taken advantage and always got her out especially on the weekend..

What James didn’t know however, was that Charity was not in for love but for fam and money.. she had multiple boyfriends and had put a tag to each one of them.. one was for funding things like talk time and clothings.. the old man she had as a sugar dad was for big cuts of cash he even got her a car she used to drive.. James on the other hand was handsome and rich too giving her the admiration amongst her friends in school which she loved so much..

James! You have to wake up now Lucy is in the hospital she collapsed a while ago at Manda Hill I rushed her to the hospital at Levy Mwanawasa he told him..

Well I thought maybe you had an accident or something big.. what was she doing at Manda Hill anyways.. he shrugged.

Jammy.. come on man don’t give me that cold voice now.. get out of bed now and rush here you see the mother to your unborn child.. Jack shouted..

But you already there man.. what’s the rush.. I have to clean up first you know I had a long night and this is weekend.. James responded his voice as calm.. .

You know what? you jerk.. if you don’t get up and drive your stupid face here am going to call dad and tell him how you have been mistreating Lucy and inform him she’s streessed because of you.. lets see how you explain yourself to your father Jack shouted before cuttig the line..

James cursed as he woke up furious that his sleep was disturbed.. she wants to come in my house and starts to control everything he said to himself standing up and heading to the shower.. knowing so well if he dudnt go his brother would go on with his threats of telling his parents.. and that’s the last thing he wanted. Having his father on him was just not a good idea.

He bathed and dressed into a Jean trousers and a plain shirt and sleepers before reluctantly grabbing his keys and walking out to the car..

He drove to the hospital playing some loud music making sure his Windows were shut.. he had to keep awake as the hang over was stil affecting him..

Packing at the hospital front James walked margestically to the entrance his good looks and the type of car he was driving inviting a lot of glances..

I still got it he whispered to himself walking towards the reception to inquire about the room Lucy was taken..

Go down the corridor and ask for the emergence room sir, the nurse at the reception told him..

Thank you he smiled and walked away his eyes on the phone.. surprising how he was taking his time like whatever he was doing at the hospital wasn’t important after all..

He found Jack pacing around the corridor.. looking up he saw a woman he didn’t recognise seated in the bench. From the look of things it seemed Jack was talking to her..

Finally you are here, Jack sighed going towards his brother..

What happened? James asked his hand placed in his pocket and another one holding his iPhone. .I took her for shopping when she told me she had to buy some things in town and later on she met with a friend.. I dont really know what happened Her friend here, he said pointing at Harriet.. called me to say she collapsed so here we are. The doctor told us she’s conscious now but needs to rest a bit before we can see her..

Well that’s Good, then James sighed sitting down..

Are you going to ask about your baby? Harriet looked at him when he sat near her.. .

and who is she? James asked looking at Jack.

I just told you she’s a friend to Lucy.. they were together when it happened..

Oh I see. So tell me since you seem to know it all James smiled at her.

Harriet shook her head and stood up..

Jack pleased tell me when its okey to see her I will be outside she told him grabbing her hand bag and walking away her heels making a sound..

What ? James shrugged looking at Jack who remained giving him a serious look..

You are not the James I know brother and I can assure you I am beginning to lose my patience.. grow up already Jack snapped sitting down. You are so frustrating he added..

Calm down Jack.. I was only playing with her.. James smiled patting his brother in the shoulder..

They were still talking when the doctor walked to them..

Who is the husband to Lucy? He asked and Jack turned to look at his brother..

James looked back at him shrugging.. am not her husband he whispered.. you brought her here..

Well doctor he’s just scared something might have happened to the lady and the child..he’s my brother you can tell us anything toghether.he added standing up.. .

Well thank God we managed to save them both.. the baby is okey.. the lady is just tired and I have to talk to the baby’s father.. it seems that lady in there has had a lot of stress and it’s affecting her especially in her condition..

Is anything the matter at home? The Doctor asked looking at James.

No Doctor.. everything is okey. So what can we do now? He asked pointing at himself and his brother..

Well I have some more serious news the doctor added. she has developed high blood pressure so I recommend you help her stay calm all the time.. her pregnancy is now high risk and she needs proper attention if the baby has to survive until full term..

Oh God, Jack sighed worriedly. So what can we do to help her Doctor ? my brother and I are really worried he asked.. .

Don’t expose her to anything that puts stress on her.. anything stressing can trigger her BP and that’s not good for both her and the baby..

Can we see her now? Jack asked before the doctor went..

Yes you can and remember don’t upset her.. he told them and walked away..

Go and see her first.. Jack told James.. she needs you more than ever..

James looked at his brother and then back at the wall.. he wasn’t ready to see her but he knew he had to..

Come on man.. go already Jack pushed him towards the ward..

He walked in quitely..

Lucy was taken for high cost ward and so she was given a separate single room detached from the other rooms with 3 people in each ward.

She had faced the window when James walked in.. she turned to look at the door when she heard it open expecting to see Jack.. she opened her eyes wide open upon seeing James..

What are you doing here? She asked bringing down her face which was lit in expectation to see Jack..

Well I was called to come.. Jack insisted I came by he told me what happened..

Oh I see.. Lucy sighed.. so you mean he forced you to come. Thank you but you shouldn’t have bothered James.. am sure you had better things to do..

so how are you feeling? He asked ignoring her comments..

I will survive James and the baby too.. unfortunately for you uh? She asked him her eyes direct at his face..

You know what Lucy.. am not here to start a fight with you.. I just came to see how you are doing and simce the doctor said you are going to be fine and that child you are carrying too I think my visiting hours are over he added turning to walk out..

You are right James you made a mistake of coming here.. she shouted tears in her eyes..

He didn’t say a word and turned back pulling the door open..Lucy watched as he disappeared in the other room and she cried loudly..

A few minutes later Jack walked in and stood close to the bed..watching her cry painfully.

You know the doctor said you have to ensure you are not stressed out and that whatever you do to put pressure on youself will affect your child as well..

Lucy looked up at him her eyes blured with tears.. he just hates me so much I can’t bare to see him..

I wish i could die Jack and put an end to all this she cried..

Don’t ever say that again Lucy not even jokingly.. I forbid you to talk that way you hear ? he said looking at her. Let James be with his pride one day he’s going to come back to his senses and am sure he will apologise to you..

Let’s just conctrate on seeing you to the last trimester of this pregnance and you bring in my nephew or niece to this world..

Lucy sighed looking away..

She felt sad after remembering her friend’s words about Jack.. he loves you Lucy she told her. ..

She felt bad looking at his concerned face… it seemed he was suffering and she felt guilty. She knew it was almost impossible being with him now.. but in her mind she told herself to be strong.. not for herself but for The baby and Jack.. I have not to let him down after everything he has done .. even when I can’t love him as much as I love his brother I will endeaver to help him smile and be happy instead of having him worry about me all the time.. she thought to herself turning to look back at Jack. .she lifted her hand to him and he held it gently..

Thank you for being here and saving my life Jack.. I pray God will reward you with lots of love and peace she smiled.

He smiled too rubbing her hand gently.. you are welcome dear.. he smiled

Months later……

To be continued…

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