The Bet

The Bet – Episode 16

THE BET Episode 16

©Tisa Phiri

Months later….

Lucy had recovered and her pregancy was now showing, she was 7 Months up.

Jack as always stayed by her side and they were now best of friends. they would cook together, go out for buying food and other things for the house. She would even help in getting his clothes ironed as Jack never wanted the maid ironing his clothes.

Jack was happy, it was not like he had Lucy as he wanted her to himself but being so close to her and see her improve her mood greatly made him excited. he would give anything to see her continue smilling.

He sat in his office one day browsing through the photos he had taken of her, he smiled at how she held her stomach and smilled at the camera. she looked good and he couldnt help watch her over and over again.

He played the video clip he had gotten of her.

She was sitted outside the house at the back with a dish full of mixed fruits as she liked them.

“Jack it’s not funny, stop taking such videos they are so embarrassing” she laughed.

“Well you look great I want to come and show your child how much you are eating” he teased her..

“Stop now!” she sreamed as she stood to grab the camera. Jack smiled his eyes on the now shaking images.

” If I didn’t know better. I would say you are the father to that baby in there” Hillary spoke up from the other side of the table.

Jack lifted his eyes to look at him.. “well man I feel good what can i tell you, the past months have been great and I can’t wait to head back home everyday just to be with her” he added with a smile.

“Mmmmh I see the brother is in love with his sibling’s woman.” Hilary teased.

“Shhshsh don’t say it aloud man, the walls have ears too” he laughed holding his mouth.

“So tell me now, ” Hillary asked sitting down.

“What’s your plan man? Lucy will give birth soon and since your brother has not come to his senses yet. it’s probably possible that she will go away, what are you going to do when your little fantacy comes to an end?” He asked him.

“Oh my God, my friend that’s a milion dollar question and I have thought about it but i don’t want to answer it, because I can’t imagine my life without her man. she’s my woman and you know what honestly?

deep down my heart am glad that my brother hates Lucy. I know am being selfish but I love her Man and I can’t help feel so excited everytime she’s around me. ”

“So you told her about this crazy love you have?” Hillary asked him again.

“No way, I can’t do that, first of all am afraid she might hate me instead and the fact that she was with my brother, it’s complicated man.”

“Well, get real my friend, one day you will want more than the chit chats you people are doing, tell me, what are you going to do then? Your feelings are growing everyday you interract with her Jack am afraid you will want to taste the forbidden fruit and in this case yours is more forbidden especially that you are a true African man, it’s tough for you.” he added with a chuckle.

Jack scoffed, “you are right and it’s clear I don’t know what I will do next man. I don’t know” he said sadly leaning back in his chair.

“life is hærd sometimes uh? I really wish everything was in black and white.”

James was back home earlier the same day Jack was having a talk with his friend and partner at their company.

He walked to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water and poured it all in the glass cup. he seemed to be lost in thoughts as Lucy stood in the door way. when she heard someone come in she had walked to check if it was Jack, excited that she would tell him about how the baby had kicked so much that day.

She looked at him lean on the fridge and closed his eyes, he seemed sad and she wondered what was eating him up. lately she had observed James stopped coming late, he was always home early and spent most of the days during the weekends watching soccer or some reality shows on the TV.

Jame’s mind wondered away as he felt the cold water run down his gullet.

He recalled the time he had gone to see Charity at her room. he didnt tell her he was going deciding to surprise her on her birthaday.

He had bought the latest version of a Samsung phone and had it wrapped nicely. He had decided to take her out that evening.

Knocking on the door there was no response. he looked at his watch it was slightly after 17, she was supposed to be out of class and since she told him earlier that morning that she wasn’t going anywhere, he thought she could be sleeping.

He knocked again and there was no answer, he tried to call her but her phone was off. As he walked away he met the girl from the next room and he asked if she had seen Charity somwhere..

” Yes, she left a while ago with her boyfriend, something like he’s hosting a birthday party for her ” she explained..

“I see, ” James pretended to be ok with the news.

As he went to the car he felt the strike of the news he just heard. He had really started liking her and he felt weak when thoughts of being betrayed again ringgered his mind.

That day he had gone back home and for the first time felt jealousy of his brother.

He found Lucy and Jack in the kitchen cooking. she was busy explaining to him how to cook vegetables with groundnuts, he stood behind her and watched.

Taste this, Lucy had lifted the spoon to Jack’s mouth.. ” mmmmmm! this is so nice” Jack exclaimed nodding his head.

“see i told you a little soda will do wonders” she smiled wipping his chick where a small drop was.

James had watched in silence and left before they could see him. That night he took his time to an-lyse Lucy, how much he had hurt her and for the first time since she moved in, he had realised how wonderful a person Lucy was. she had it all but he had refused to see.

He sighed in his bed and slept.

From that day James had been thinking and watching Lucy and Jack, they both seemed not to mind what he was doing.. All they did was greet him and sometimes Jack would go and talk to him.

James grew sad with each day that went by. Charity denied every alligation of having another guy, even after James produced photos that showed her with two different men in awkward positions.

He had decided to stay away and Charity teased him that he was just starting to feel jealousy now that Lucy looked happy with his brother.

She was the first one who pointed out that the two where so close to him.

“I can see those two are beyond any in-lawsh¡p James, ” she had told him..

Until then, James had not really taken time to see the Bond growing between his brother and Lucy But since he had Charity then, he didn’t let it bother him much. Now that he was all alone, he saw and felt it.

Lucy cleared her throat making James jump up coming back to the present.

“Sorry I startled you” she told him.

“Yeah…I guess I have been standing here for some time uh? ” He asked placing back the cup in the sink.

“Yeah sort of ” Lucy smiled. she had overtime started ignoring him as well and she realised with time she felt much better. she realised her life was actually more free and peaceful without stressing and thinking over James. being around Jack was worth it.

“I came to check on who entered the house I thought Jack is back” she added walking back.

“Lucy! ” James called her back.

“Yes? ” She responded turning back..

“How is the baby? ”

Lucy was silent for a second wondering what was up with James.

“He’s okay.” she responded directly, ” thanks for asking.. ”

“He?” James asked, he never knew Lucy and Jack had gone for a ultrasound and they knew the child was a boy.

“Yeah..” she smiled rubbing her berry “Jack took me for a scan and we were told it’s a boy months ago. we have been buying clothes for boys since then ” she added proudly.

“That’s wonderful” he answered looking down at her..

“Okay let me continue what I was doing” she told him walking away.

“What was that? ” He asked..

Surprising Lucy even more. she couldn’t help wonder why he was prolonging the conversation between them.

“James are you okey? ” She asked instead.

“Yes am fine why? I look sick? ” He asked her.

“Well you are behaving funny, you never talk to me in this house. what is going on?”

“Am sorry I just wanted to talk to you” He answered syhly .

Just then Jack walked in with his briefcase.

“Hey pregnant woman !” he smiled giving her a peck, he rubbed her berry gently ” and how is my Handsome Nephew? ” he smiled looking up her face.

“Fine” Lucy answered her eyes on James who was watching them without a word.

Jack looked up and followed Lucy’s eyes.

“Oh James, am sorry I didnt see you man. you back early? ” He asked giving him a quick shoulder hug as he always greeted him.

“Yeah I came in early, I was just asking Lucy about the baby. Excuse me, ” he said walking away.

Jack looked at Lucy and raised his shoulders,

“what was that? ” He whispered to her.

Lucy shook her head. “I have no idea” she smiled “but if you ask me he’s been acting weired the past days and he comes home early.”

“Well.. maybe God is answering our prayers after all” ack sighed.

“So tell me how have you been ? ” He asked her pulling her to sit on the chair.

“Been okey, I couldn’t wait to tell you how much this child was kicking today. it’s like he was dancing or something ” she laughed..

” Well that’s a good sign i guess” Jack told her.

He handed her a packet of chocklet.

” here.. just as requested” he smiled at her.

“Wow! You remembered! ” she said excited and opening the pack.

“Oh no Jack, I said white and not this one” she cried making a face..

“Really? Oh no, my bad I forgot I only could remember the brand.” He shrugged

“So what now we throw that away? ” He let a laugh when he saw her throwing a piece in her mouth.

” but I thought you didn’t. …”

She laughed before he could finish his sentence. ” well Mr since it’s here already, am not giving it a chance. but you owe me two more packets for this mistake” she chuckled her mouth full.

Jack folded his hands and watched her in silence. He was enjoying seeing her chew the chocolate he smiled happily.

“What? ” she asked him her hand mid way to the mouth.

“Don’t you think that’s enough? ” He asked laughing ” you almost taking down the wh0le thing.”

“Mmmmmhh I can’t stop eating it. it’s so addictive ” she laughed making him join her in laughing filling the wh0le house with their laughter.

James sat on his bed his ears taking in the happy voices of the two. he shook his head and went in,side the blanket covering his ears that he may not hear anymore.

3 weeks later James received a call from Charity. ” I have to see you James ” she had insisted when James refused to go and see her..

“What for? ” He asked carelessy. ” i don’t want to see you and am not buying any of those stories of yours. you are a cheap b**** who has no respect for yourself and other people.

“No Jammy if it wasn’t a matter of life and death I wouldn’t have called you, trust me it’s important you come over. let’s meet at an address I will text you” she added before hanging up.

James looked outside the car as he drove to meet Charity wondering what was going on with her? she sounded so serious and he was concerned.

He remembered how his mother had refused him to date Charity.. ” she aren’t good for you James” she had told him.

“But mama, how can you tell she aren’t good? You barely know the girl.” He argued profoundly.

“I know enough Jammy, am your mother even when you insist she’s just a friend I recommend you be careful with her.”

James sighed at the thought, ” she was right” he had chosen a wrong girl though he wasn’t so sure he loved her, but he had cared enough to feel hurt when he discovered she was cheating on him with a couple of other men .

He looked outside and saw her seated on the lawn at the lodge they were meeting up.

He stopped the car engine and walked towards her. Realising when he got closer that she was crying, his heart beating faster he walked quickly and held her shoulder. ” Charity what’s wrong? ” He asked and when she he told him what was going on, James went down on his knees powerless.

“Oh no my God. what have I done to myself !” he cried going done until his hands met the soft grass.

To be continued…

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