The Bet

THE BET – Episode 2

THE BET Episode 2

©Tisa Phiri

“Doc! Good afternoon,” Jack called Lucy from her back as she took her afternoon on the Ranch. She prefered calling it so cause the farm had more of cattle than any other animals, they had about 3000 heads and counting of cattle.

“Hey there!.. Jack Right?” she asked, turning to face his direction.

“Yeah it is” he smiled standing besides her.

“Sorry you two are like twins I had to try gues who you are” Lucy giggled.

“You are not the only one who finds us a challange”, answered Jack .

“So what’s going on?” He asked, indicating for Lucy to walk ahead as he stepped forward. They walked together towards Lucy’s office.

“So tell me about this farm?” Jack started.

“Well, depends on what you want to know”, smiled Lucy raising her hand, ” this farm has it all.. I would say. The best breeds of animals, good soil for growing hay and the place is large enough for every animal here. ”

“Okey I see”, exclaimed Jack . “you know when mom and dad talked about starting this farm I didn’t see it working. Am really happy it has turned out so well. ”

“Yeah sure it has and am glad am part of this” Lucy responded. “so what do you do yourself?” She asked him. He sighed and smiled “well, unlike my brother I decided to open my own company, am a business man.. ”

“Oh great, so you are the entrepreneur uh? I just heard one of the Kangwa brothers is a business man now I know which one” she chuckled.

“Mmmmh it seems people here really talk about us.” he scoffed.

“Yeah, what can you expect? I mean this place is a community and people will always seek for things to talk about.” she let a laugh as she opened the office door.

“Are you coming in?” she looked him.

“Well, I don’t want to disturb you, but if you are free I can chat with you a bit longer” he smiled.

“I can use a break.” she smiled back inviting him in. They chatted for some time. Lucy could not believe that Jack was actually good at chatting. Though she led most of the talk, he spoke up and said some things even to the extent of making her laugh. she had initially thought he was so quite.

“I have to go now.” Jack sighed… “mom is preparing some welcome party. I hope you will be coming” he told her standing up.

“Yeah sure, she invited me earlier. I will definately not miss it” she smiled watching him.

“Good, see you then” he shrugged before leaving. Later that afternoon Mrs kangwa and the house workers were busy preparing the meals for the party.

“Make sure the table is nicely set.” she ordered as she did her final touches on the cake. She loved her sons and was so excited they had decided to visit them after some years. Even if they had been to their home visiting, she still wanted them back at the Ranch.

“Hey mom! ” James called out from the door. “still busy? ” He asked smiling at his mother.

“Hey Jammy! yeah, just summarising ” she responded wipping the small cream from the side of the tray.

“Where is your brother?” She asked him.

“Mmmmm mama, Come on, we are no longer kids that I should watch over my brother everytime. I don’t know why you still think Jack is to be looked after like a child. I will remind you that he’s a fully grown man now.” She laughed, ” well I can’t help it my dear, you are still babies to me and i will always look out for both of you.” she talked whilst opening the fridge putting the now finished cake in,side. “so tell me about that your girfriend, have you guys decided to settle down now? ”

“Mom! ” scre-med James, “come on, I can’t be discussing such things with you. Please drop it already I know where this is heading to”

“Yeah sure Jammy, you are the oldest and….”

“Yea yea I know mama.” he cut her “you are the oldest, lead by example for your brother, settle down.. ” he mimicked her. ” I know that talk mama and i still give you the same answer. I will settle down when I find the right person.”

“Oh Jammy you are so stubborn” his mother sighed holding her wa-ist as she stood next to the stove. “you are now 30 my son. You have a good job, a house and a car, what else would you want for you to find that woman settle down and have kids?” she complained. “am not growing any younger sonny. I neeed to see my grand children from both you and your brother.”

“Mama where is dad?” He asked avoiding the topic.

“he’s in the back preparing the braii stand. Don’t tell me you want to walk away again.” she frowned as he left the kitchen. “Jammy come here!” She shouted as he raised his hands heading out.

“See you later mama and i love you too !” he shouted back walking to the back yard. Mr Kangwa and Jack were making a fire on the braii stand when James stormed out.

“Hey Jammy! What’s up? ” His father called out.

“Hey dad, just came from having our usual talk about marriage with mama. I don’t know why you guys insist I marry. Am just 30 for crying out loud. Plus why won’t you trouble Jack with the same issue huh” He complained standing aside as the smoke from the stand rised.

“Here’s, come on bro don’t push me in your things” Responded Jack.

“Yea… because you my dear is the oldest and your brother will have to follow in your foot steps,” Mr Kangwa answered.

“No, not you too dad.” Winced James. “I won’t discuss this with you guys also.. ” His father reaised his hands in surrender,

“Well sonny, I won’t say another word. But you two should consider what we are telling you” he added taking the cooler box filled with spiced beef and chickens for braii.

Jack laughed and patted the brother on the shoulder.” Cool down brother.. am sure God will answer your prayers and send you a wife soon..” he teased.

“Jezzi! Not you this time” James pushed his brother.

“Go marry first or what? you don’t have a house yet? What’s your excuse man.?”

They all laughed, ” you won’t find a strategy to push me out of your house big brother” cried Jack, “after all i cook better meals for you” he added with a chuckle. “Yeah sure, instead of buying your own you insist on staying with me. You are such a baby.” James said shaking his head as he placed the pieces of the braiI on the stand.

“Am not a baby, Jammy and i can prove it to you” Jack snapped.

“How? ” Asked James challengingly. “Mmmmmh let’s see, am sure by the end of the day I will think of something to challenge you with” he added.

“I can’t wait brother, bring it on..”

“Hey enough of your games you two, get to it and braii that” Mr Kangwa shouted at his son’s.

“Yes father !” they answered in unison moving closer to the braii stand. Mr Kangwa sat on his chair and watched his sons. He was proud they both turned out well. He loved that after all his efforts to give them a better life. he’s labour was not in vain. He even wished God had given him more children.

” It’s not my own to question God ” he thought to himself, “what I have is enough and these two here make me so proud” he smiled to himself. He looked at them chat and laugh and wished deep in,side him that nothing should have to bring the two apart. He knew they loved each other and that all their lives they had been close. They were best friends and that made him happy.

To be continued…

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