The Bet

THE BET – Episode 3

THE BET Episode 3

©Tisa Phiri

Lucy looked outside from here window as the vehicles drove in, “some visitors” she thought to herself.

She had just finished dressing up wearing a sleeveless black casual dress and some brown short boots matching with a brown coat she had on top.

She looked at the mirror for the last time and liked her simple dress code. looking at the phone, it was passed 18 hours. “The party was obviously starting any minute” she thought, grabbing her phone after applying a bit of make up.

She walked outside and saw little Mapalo playing in the corridor from Victor’s place.

She stood by the flowers demacating their yards.

“Hey little one! ” She called her.

“Hi aunty! ” Mapalo answered leaving her bicycle behind and running towards Lucy.

“Aunty, Dad told me you are going for a party. can I go with you please,” she begged making a face, “dad said I can’t go, but I also want to be there”

“Oh my sweet girl.. dad is right, this party is not for kids and I can bet it’s boring, imagine no jumping castle and no ballons” she smiled at her. Trying to comfort her.

The girl frowned. “it’s not fair” she cried.

“Don’t worry my sweet one. I promise to take you to the jumping castle this weekend okey?”

“Really ?” the girl jumped, excited.

“Yeah really” Lucy smiled.

“Okay, then ” Mapalo sniffed walking back to her biycle.

“Call your father and mother tell them we have to go now will you?” She asked walking towards the exit.

“Am coming! ” Victor responded from in,side.

“we are almost done. just that you women are something else when it comes to getting yourselves ready:” he added.

A few minutes later Cheelo, victor’s wife and her husband walked out dressed formally .

“You guys look great ” Lucy shouted at them as the matched out of their yard.

“Not sure am dressed appropriately” she winced.

“You are okey, it’s not like we are going for an official thing” Cheelo told her.

They walked toghether towards the main house.

“So tell me my sister,” Cheelo started

“what do you think about those two hot brothers?”

“What!” , Lucy scre-med “come on, they just came in and it’s not like am looking for anyone at the moment.”

“Mmmm. My sister you are single so are they, don’t tell me none of them has noticed you with your beauty huh”

“My wife talks too much,” Victor bugged in. “leave Lucy alone will you, don’t be a match maker it doesn’t suit you” he added and they started laughing out.

“Oh no my sister, don’t listen to him, single people are supposed to eye each other it’s allowed unlike marriage people who have no shame fighting for girls.” Cheelo giggled

“Take the opportunity and settle down already, you have been alone for a while now” she added holding Lucy by the shoulders.

Lucy sighed, “my sister the thing is am not even sure am ready to start a relationsh¡p. besides how do we know maybe they are engaged or committed to other women.” she shrugged slightly.

Lucy had been in a relationsh¡p with a guy for over 3 years but he disapointed her over 2 years back, when he impregnated a girl and his parents insisted he married her.

she was heart broken for some time. it was one of the reasons she had decided to move to the farm leaving the other offer she had from Zambeef.

She wanted to have some time away from Lusaka to avoid meeting with her ex. over the years, she had felt better about the break up. she however, had not dated anyone since then. A certain guy from her class at campus was after her but her heart was not for him.

“Anyway”, sighed Cheelo.” It’s just the beginning. Am sure we will see a great story unfolding here. I can’t wait to see you happy my sister ” she smiled as they approached the fence to the main house.

“Look there! ” Victor cut in… “you are not the only one in casual after all,” he said pointing at James and Jack standing and talking. They were both dressed in casual, James clad in a dark blue jeans and a light blue long sleeved shirt which he left loose on top of the trousers. Jack wore black p-nts with a cream white V necked tshirt some black sneakers on his feet. some other visitors too were dressed casually.

“Mmmmh lucky me” she smiled as they pushed the small gate to enter in,side.

“Just look at how they are eyeing you my dear” Cheelo pointed out, “they are checking you out..”

“Stop it already Cheelo and let me greet the Kangwa’s” Lucy told her, she went over and greeted them and walked back finding some seats near the wall and sat down.

Cheelo looked at her husband’s direction,” look at that husband of mine smilling like an idiot at those two girls. let me go there and show him who is in charge” she said standing up and heading to the direction where her husband stood chatting and smilling at the girls.

Lucy shook her head ” unbelievable” she thought to herself. She liked Cheelo who always refered to her as a sister since they both were Tonga by tribe. she knew however, that Cheelo was a heated up person who wanted to control her wild husband alsmost all the time especially when she saw a challange.

James and Jack stood near the big tree and watched as people walked in.

“Look bro, there comes the veterinarian” cried out James. “she’s gorgeous man.. damn, I could not see that shape in her coat. wow! I didn’t know there was more to her” he added rubbing his forehead.

“Stop that nonsense man that girl is too decent for you to play around with..” snapped Jack .

“Oh yeah!, I know let’s play our game kid brother. we are here for a week let’s see who gets to win her over” he smiled looking at her direction.

“What? Oh no, not that Jammy, come on. we are no longer in high school and we can’t hurt her like that, no way, forget it am not Betting for her man.”

“Mmmm never seen Jack backing out of a bet, come on little brother ” James smiled widely his hands in the pocket “don’t tell me you are that finished, you are afraid I will win uh? Besides, you owe me a challenge remember?

Come on don’t be a coward Jack” he whispered.

Jack looked at Lucy and back at His brother. He hated the idea but he knew better that refusing a challange. James would not let it pass..

“Okay am in ” he frowned, ” but nothing to hurt her man, no hearts involved, don’t make her preganant or something worse” he added pointing at James.

James lifted his hands. “whatever! let the game begin already ” he said excited walking away from his brother to the direction Lucy was.

” Hey Doc!” he called her out walking closer .

“Hey! “Lucy responded with a smile.. “welcome again” she told him standing up.

“Thank you, you look great this evening” James complemented looking up and down Lucy’s body.

“Thanx and you look great too” she smiled.

“and your brother?” She asked looking behind James.

“oh he was around maybe he’s greeting some people ” he answered pulling a chair and sitting next to her..

They were talking when Jack came by.

” Hey Lucy! mind I steal you for a moment? The music is nice and we have to utilise it” he smiled handing her his hand asking her for a dance.

“Of course” Lucy smiled taking his hand.

“excuse me James .”she told James as she stood.

Jack pulled her up and as they walked to the dance centre where people were dancing. he looked back over his shoulders and winked at his brother who gave him a stern look.

Jack and Lucy danced together and Jack asked her some questions about her family.

“I would love to hear more about you” he smiled at her..

“Well am the first born in a family of two.. my brother is studying Law at campus. my parents died 9 years ago and we lived with My uncle dads younger brother in Lusaka “she explained as they danced .

“Oh am sorry for your loss” he sighed.

“Yeah, it’s okey” she responded.

” I miss them sometimes but it gets better by the day” she smiled..

“I can’t say I understand you but I can relate” Jack smiled. He looked in front of him and saw his brother dancing with one of the girls and he couldn’t help smile. he knew it pained James that he was the one who took the first step to be close to Lucy.

Mr Kangwa called everyone to order and announced the return of his son’s and congratulated them on their successs.

“Am proud of you guys!” he shouted raising a glass of wine to them.

He told everyone to sit down as they would watch a video of the two growing up. “I want to remind my two sons of how far they have come and tell them am a proud dad of everything they have become now” he added as people clapped taking their seats.

They projected a video of the boys from the time they were still days old, the time they took their first steps, started school and all the way till high school graduation and their University graduation cremonies.

Everyone was smilling at the brothers as they challenged each other all way through and how close they were. it was hærd to tell them apart especially when they were babies.

“The most handsome one is me James” whispered in Lucy’ s ears as she sat watching.

Lucy laughed.. “mmmm if you say so” she chuckled “otherwise you two look the same to me ” she told him.

Jack had gone to the other side talking with another guy.

“So when am I getting to see your house?” Asked James with flirty eyes.

“What for? ” Lucy smiled.

“I can’t just wait to see where a precious gem like you spend her nights and mornings” he smiled holding her hand.

“Well anytime soon” she asnwered looking at his hand on hers. He was so good looking and Lucy couldn’t help admire his charms. he talked and joked around her for most of that evening until Lucy decided to leave..

she had greeted the owners of the farm and chatted with a few people she was introduced to after the food was served.

“This is our good Doctor” Mr Kangwa had introduced her to his friends. Lucy felt relaxed and now decided to leave.

Walking back with Cheelo, she smiled at the thought of James and Jack..” those two acted strange” she told Cheelo.

” it’s like they were both fighting to be close to me ” she laughed.

“Oh see.. I told you,” Cheelo stopped to look at her. “so tell me, which one do you like? ”

“Oh please Cheelo, I just met them I can’t be as crazy as liking any of them. They are both okay and that’s all, there is nothing between me and any of them.”

“Mmmmh soon enough this story will change” smiled Cheelo walking on, “I knew it!” she shouted..

“Oh you are silly” Lucy shrugged smilling..” let’s go I need to rest aleady” she giggled as they approached their homes..

After saying their good night, Cheelo walked to her house alone. her husband had remained behind drinking..

Lucy walked to her home and prepared to sleep. she lay back and recalled the activities of the day and read her bible before praying and later on she turned off the lights to sleep..

“Well I gues it was a good start Little brother,” laughed James as he sat opposit Jack who was browsing through some files on the laptop.

“Hmmm I know you are excited,” Jack answered his eyes still set on the screen.” I don’t think this is a good idea though.”

“Well too bad for you Man. No backing out the game is on and the winner will get 10 %of the earnings for next month. ” James told his brother standing up and finishing the wine in the wine glass in his hands.

Jack shook his head as he watched his brother walk away. He looked at the photoes of Lucy on her facebook page. He had logged in his Facebook and searched for her. he smiled at her photos in campus and also at the farm were she was with some animals.

Her smile made him admire her, he didn’t like the idea that he was actually starting to like her more than he wished he would..

He posted a few photoes from the party and closed his laptop before heading to his room.

Passing by his brother’s room, he heard some noise and he pushed the door open just to find him making out with a strange girl from the party. he shook his head and closed back the door..

He knew his brother was a lady man, he had always thought he over did it taking advantage of the Innocent women who fall for his charms..

“I have to win this game “he thought to himself, ” otherwise if James does it he will end up breaking Lucy’s heart ……”

Sighing he removed his jeans and t-shirts and threw himself on his bed. it was a great second day at the farm and everything was great so far..

” I loved your moves baby girl James,” sighed after doing his thing with a girl he met just a few hours ago outside. she told him she was a daughter to one of his father’s friends.

“Well you are the real deal handsome, ” Charity smiled at him. Running her hands on his chest.

“Am sorry babes but you have to go now.. I can’t have people discovering us” , he said grabbing some clothes and throwing them at her.

Charity complained, but had no option.. she walked out and drove her small car out to the gate. She smiled however, “I got the hot guy” she called her friend “I told you I will have one of the brothers girlfriend !” she shouted on her phone as she drove.

Her aim of coming was to win over any of the Kangwa brothers. she was glad James called her for a dance and she ended up in his bed.

“I got him…” she smiled to herself after hanging up the call with her friend. she planned on being a regular visitor till she acomplished her mission..

Unknown to her, James was already done with her. he got what he wanted from the girl who kept on flirting with him and his brother. She had a great figure and a perfect skin but he never got to see her beyond her external beauty. To him she was just one of those girls he slept with and damped without hesitation.

He imagined the day he would get to taste Lucy. The thought excited him as he took a shower. she was nice and seemed decent but that wasn’t the issue, his own was just to win the bet and lay her first before his kid brother would.

He wondered why Jack was so hesitant to take the bet. it wouldn’t have been interesting without any challange he thought to himself.

“Am coming for you cute girl” he thought to himself letting the warm water run over his body, “I am the man,” he smiled.

To be continued…

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