The Bet

THE BET – Episode 5

THE BET Episode 5

©Tisa Phiri

“So how long are you guys visiting at the farm?” Lucy asked James as they moved.

“I thought of staying here for a week but since you are here I could spend some more time.. how about that? ” He smiled at her, his flirty eyes on her.

“I don’t think it’s me you ought to stay for anyway. Am just a worker and you and me we don’t know each other that well, so I wouldn’t say it’s exciting to hear you are staying cause of me..” she shrugged.

“Mmmmh I like you and I can use some time hanging out with you here, is that okey?” He smiled glancing at her..

“It depends on what ‘hanging’ around means. ” Lucy told him, “otherwise if you mean being friends that’s okay. anything else beyond friendsh¡p then am sorry. Am not ready” she said with a laugh.

“Ouch!” James scre-med pretending to be hurt.. “I really feel like the most urgly guy around. how can you reject me before I could even propose, come on swity don’t do that to me..” he cried turning to look at Lucy as she laughed slightly.

“Well I believe in knowing the person before I could date them” she smiled “and at the moment i still want some break from any relationsh¡ps,” she explained looking at the road ahead of them.

They had joined the main road and Lucy could see the canter a few meters away from them. James was almost catching up, but he reduced speed when they were a 100 meters away from Ngulube’s canter.

All the way James tried to get Lucy to accept more than friendsh¡p but she refused.

She looked at him when he was finally quite.

He was good looking for sure and his sense of humor was great. she smiled in her heart knowing she actually liked James. But her instincts warned her to be careful. she wasn’t going to throw herself at him. she barely knew Him and the fact that he was too quick to take advances sounded some warming bell .

James decided to change strategy. he knew it wouldn’t be so much of a problem to convince Lucy to be with him. after all, most of his relationsh¡ps he was invoved in he never got to really beg for a woman. In his heart he knew he was going right ahead for her with or without her acceptance . He had to win the bet and he wasnt going to let his brother get his soft way to her. He brushed off the thoughts and cleared his throat.

“So what are we buying and from where ? ” He asked Lucy as they drove into town.

“Some feed and vaccines, let’s just follow the canter the driver knows our buying points.”

“Okay” then James shifted in his seat removing the seat belt.

In about 2 hours they had finished buying all the supplies and had them loaded on the canter.

“Go right ahead Mr Ngulube.” Lucy told the driver, ” I have to buy a few groceries around here and I can’t have you waiting when I will have to drive back with James” she explained leaning on the window handing the driver some notes for launch.

“Thank you Doctor, ” Ngulube sighed ” it’s a lonely journey for me today” he smiled.

“Yeah am sorry dear” she said with a laugh.

“it’s just that you know… ”

“Well, don’t worry about it am just kidding” Ngulube smiled. “Will see you back at the farm then.. ”

“Yeah sure,” Lucy nodded leaving the side of the vehicle as it started moving.

“Well, we are done with work business now I can buy my personal staff” she reminded James as she opened the car door to sit. Pulling her skirt down which went up as she sat.

James gazed at her exposed part of the legs and he swallowed hærd. “Show me the way swity and I will take you there” he grinned proudly.

“Thank you.. ” Lucy answered honestly and directed him to Manda hill where she picked up her cosmetics from some shops and later on went to shoprite to get a few foods, groceries and diapers she promised to buy for Victors child.

“You have a baby? ” Asked James, pointing at the diapers she threw in the trolley..

She smiled, “mmmmh I would love to have one since am turning 26 this year, but no they are for Victor’s child..”

“Victor?” James asked her.

“Yeah, he’s the other veterinarian, seen him around i guess…”

“Yes i think I have, the guy who drunk a lot last night in a suit not sure if it was black or grey?” he asked with a laugh.

Lucy laughed too as she walked at James side he was the one pushing the trolley..

“I should think so” she responded, “he’s quite good with beer” she added..

“Mmmmh I know him, so he’s married then? ”

“Yeah with two kids, the wife sat with me last evening only that she went away the time you came over.”

“So do you wish to have your own children James? ” Asked Lucy

“Mmmmh not any time soon honestly ” he answered with a frown. “i am not ready to take care of a baby my dear. I know I can financially but not physically and emotionally and my parents taught me better on matters of raising children. I have to make sure am ready to take up responsibility but not now.I don’t think I am ready yet ” he explained looking at Lucy.

She sighed.. “well you have your own theories uh! So In short you are saying, you don’t feel you are ready to marry and have children? ”

He smiled touching her shoulder, “yeah I love being with a woman but not to committ myself to the extent of talking it to marriage” he said with a scoff.

Lucy shook her heard, ” you are unbelievable Mr Kangwa ” she teased as they waited in the queue for the till.

“so I get it now, for you a woman is just for pleasure and nothing more uh?”

“Come on don’t say it like it’s a bad thing to be with a woman. I like being around beutiful people that doesn’t make me bad does it?” James asked in a flirty voice.

Lucy shook her head without responding. Instead she started unpacking the items placing them on the counter to pay for them.

He offered to settle the wh0le bill for Lucy’s things using his credit card. After which they went for launch at some restraunt right at manda hill..

All along they talked but Lucy realised he rarely talked about wanting something tangible with a woman. he was so jovial she laughed almost all the time.

Later on they decided to head back home after Lucy insisted they drove back. James on the other hand, wanted to spend the wh0le day out with her. deep in,side he knew that would get Jack so pissed since he wouldn’t have time to set his cards for the bet that day.

“Alright then shall we go” he sighed after minutes of arguing.

“So now we are here, “he spoke up when Lucy finished putting her things in the house.

“Yeah I really appreciate your esc-rt, the lunch and the groceries as well ” she smiled folding her hands around herself as James leaned on his car..

“Don’t mention it Swity, you deserve more” he blushed.

“So Its weekend, you still going to work?” He asked

“Not really, it’s Victor working this weekend. I will only check on my sick Bull then am done till Monday.”

“See you soon then,” he smiled opening the vehicle.

“Yeah sure,” she said standing back as the car moved.

She went back in,side and unparked her things. before she could finish a soft knock came from the door and she thought it was Cheelo who had come for her baby’s diapers.

“Come on in ! ” She shouted. “The door is open..”

“Hey! ” Jack called her out,

Surprised to see him immediately his brother had left.” Hey there” she smiled not really sure what to say to him.

“I saw my brother drive to the house and I thought you are back.” he started still standing.

“Yeah we just returned ” Lucy responded.

” Oh sorry.. you can sit please” she sighed pointing at the seat before her.

“No thank you” he shrugged shly l. “I just came to ask for your power pack” he lied.

” I left mine in Lusaka and now my laptop is down.. that is if you have it..”

“Of course, ” she smiled, “give me a moment and I insist please sit down” she added standing up, ” don’t mind the messy am still parking the groceries..”

“It’s good,” Jack smiled at her.

He sat down and shook his head, he had no idea he would come like that. he had just seen his brother pass to the house and he rushed from the back yard to go and just see her. he had no idea what he would tell her so he was also surprised the issue of a power pack came out of his mouth.

He looked around the room and liked the neatness. if it wasn’t for the plastics still scared on the small carpet the room could have been so neat ..

He looked up and watched a photo mount on the wall of Lucy in her graduation gown.

He smiled and stood up to take a closer look, the next one hærd a photo of a guy he couldn’t recognise. His heart skipped.

“He’s my young brother” , Lucy spoke up from behind him pointing at the photo where Jack had his eyes..

“Oh I see the resemblance ” he sighed in fact relieved that it turned out that way..

“The one i told you about yersterday” she added..

“Yeah I remember” he answered turning to face her.

“Thank you!” He smiled lifting the power bank she handed him.

“I will surely return it soon” he added.

“Take your time ” she smiled back, mine is full and it can go up to tomorrow she told him.

When he left, Lucy smiled to herself,” these guys are starting to worry me ” she thought o herself. she found it awkward that Jack would come to ask for her power pack when she was almost certain someone in their house probably had laptops and that wouldn’t lack a power pack. She shrugged as she went back to packing her items.

To be continued…

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