The Bet

THE BET – Episode 6

THE BET Episode 6

©Tisa Phiri

A week passed and the game of the two brothers was getting intense everyday as they fought to get the attention of Lucy.

With James using his direct persuasion and Jack trying to play a gentle way of winning her over. for Jack however, it wasn’t a matter of the game. He had actually fallen in love with Lucy.

James on the other hand, was just trying to get to win the bet and move on as was his trend.

Lucy was now getting confused with the two. she noticed how each brother was trying to get close to her. It was quite a challange for her because she felt both James and Jack where great in their own way.

The only difference was that Jack wasn’t proposing her per say and James was always asking her for more than friendsh¡p.

She sat in her office one afternoon recalling the previous day when James went to her house.

“Hey Sweety !” he called her out when she opened the door for him.

“James, what are you doing here?” She asked standing by the door.

“I just missed seeing you Lucy,” he whispered holding the door frame and moving closer to her, ” are you going to allow me in ?” He asked with a smile.

Lucy looked at him for a few seconds and sighed, before opening the door w¡der and stepped aside to allow him in.

He just went in a bit and stopped pushing the door close. he moved closer to her pushing her to lean to the door.

“James,what are you doing?” Lucy asked him trying to avoid his closeness.

She was feeling a bit uncomfortable being so close to him, his nice scent reaching her and making her strenght reduce. his dark blue shirt paired with a white vest in,side, defining his well structured shoulders.

He let his hands touch her face embracing her.. “you are so fair and beautiful ” he whispered. ” I have dreamt of touching your face so close like this since the first day I saw you.”

Lucy was speechless, she just stood there watching him.

He moved closer and placed his l-ips on hers. she however didn’t respond..

“Stop it !” she scre-med finally stepping away. she walked and sat on the couch leaving him standing.

James felt his temper rise, she was rejecting him and he was getting sick of her rejection. she had even made him stay longer than a week as he had planned. He knew his brother was playing it cool trying to scoop the game. But he wasn’t going to let him win.

“Tell me why you keep on rejecting me Lucy? ” he asked almost in a furious tone.

“Am, I um I am sorry,” Lucy stammered holding her face.” James I already told you I don’t want anything more than friendsh¡p I don’t know why you still insist ” she said with a sigh.

“Well, why won’t you tell me you are intrested in my brother instead of beating around the Bush. Don’t you think I see how he is always coming and chatting with you ? I see how you always smiling at him and you guve me that nonsense, come on Lucy you and me are not kids and I don’t appreciate you treating me like one. .” He snapped.

Lucy shook her head.. “what? Oh no, James you are something else. how can you even think I would want to be with you and Jack at the same time. you guys are brothers for crying out loud”

“Yeah we are brothers and I was supposing you make your choice already ” he snapped.

“Choose already!” he shouted before storming out.

Lucy watched him leave and she was quite. she didn’t understand his rush and frustration. it was like James was so much in rash to have her. even when she had started liking him as well she didn’t like the fact that James was acting all bossy and pushing her to accept him even when she knew dèep down her heart James was not intrested in a serious relationsh¡p.

She relaxed and bent down on her table as thoughts of James lingered her mind. she wished he was more gentle like Jack.

For some reason she liked the way Jack played it cool, she started believing Jack wanted to befriend her.

He was intrested in her personal life. asking her about her past and what she wanted.

She recalled the day he walked with her around the farms one morning.

“I like the fact that you do your job with passion Lucy.. ” he had told her.

“how did this thing start anyway?” he asked looking at her.

“Well ” Lucy, smilled..” my father used to keep pets, he loved dogs and cats. I think it started from there cause he had bought me a puppy when I was just 4 years old..I loved that dog so much I would sometimes sleep in the same bed with him. He was so protective of me and we walked to and from together except when I went to school. One day he got sick and died and I was so heart broken. I mourned him like he was a human, from that day I had this passion to want to save animals” she added almost sad at the memories.

” Oh.. what a sad story ” Jack had told her holding her hand as they sat near the cattle ranch.

“Yeah” she sighed, ” it all started back then when I was only 12 and here I am” she smiled looking at his hand still holding her.

She couldn’t help admire his gentleness.

“So enough of me ” Lucy told him, “tell me about you and your business.”

“Mmmmh there’s nothing so much touching like yours ” he smiled, “I just wanted to work for myself, though i went to study business courses it was just to help me run my business effectively. Otherwise the main issue of my choosing business was to avoid being ordered around” , Jack let a laugh.

They spent time talking and Lucy felt relaxed around him. His calmness was great but unfortunately Lucy knew what her heart wanted was what her mind was saying no to.

She had fallen for Jame’s charms. unbeknownst to her, James wasn’t genuine with his feelings, His was just to win the bet and lay with her. He had not considered to have anything more with Lucy.

“You have been too quite,” Victor startled her, bringing her back to the present.

” what is bothering you Doc? ”

“Am okey” Lucy responded sitting up

“just had some thing to think about but am back now” she smile..

“Listen Lucy.. I have noticed one thing, the kangwa brothers,” he paused.

“What about them ?” Lucy asked looking at Victor..

“I have observed how these two men are almost fighting over you., am sorry to tell you this Lucy but I think If you are intrested in any of them you make a choice sooner than later.”

“What do you mean they are fighting ?” She asked surprised.

“Yeah I found them the other day almost quarreling in the back yard of their house”

Victor explained what he had seen when he had gone to talk to Mr Kangwa on that same day he overheard the brothers talking.

” what is wrong with you man?” He heard Jack tell his brother..

“She’s not like those empty women you play with and I don’t want to play your stupid game. just let her be already.. ”

“I will do as I please and I know she likes me. if you cannot deal with it Jack thats your own loss otherwise stay out of my way ,” he heard James respond.

He couldnt get to hear more as the other worker walked to him and Victor walked away..

“You see, what I am telling you is that you are the key. help sort this issue before it’s too late my dear. You can’t afford having these guys fight over you. Am not sure our bosses will take that lightly. I mean you, coming between their family.”

“Oh Victor, what can i tell you. it’s not like I tell them to come to me. I have not given any of them an indication I am intrested. it’s not my fault that they are behaving that way. am sure all this will come to an end when they finally decide to go back to Lusaka. otherwise I was okay before they showed up here.” lamented Lucy..

“That’s the problem,” Victor cut in.. “you have not given a right indication to any of them meaning they are both hoping to get you.”

She stood and walked out. she had to take some fresh air outside. walking to the sheds she played around with the bulls in their shed trying so hærd to avoid thinking about James or Jack ..

“How am I going to choose any of them if that will cause them to fight ?” she asked herself as she rubbed her hand on the cow near her.

“I can’t” she sighed.. “Victor is right, i am the key and I have to set things straight. I have to let both James and Jack know my stand and hopefully this issue will be sorted out once and for all.”

She felt bad she had to give up her developing feelings for James. she thought she had to for their own sake and for everyone’s peace of mind.

To be continued…

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