The Bet

The Bet – Episode 7

THE BET Episode 7

©Tisa Phiri

Jack woke up one morning after he had a fight with James.. he had insisted they both stopped playing the game on Lucy.. his brother wasn’t for the idea of stopping..

He felt irritated that he wouldn’t get him to reason.. okay tell me one thing Jammy and i won’t bother you about this..

Do you love Lucy, I mean do you like her to the extent you feel you want her to be yours? He asked him as James stood and him was seated in the garden chair at the back yard..

Give me an answer Brother yes or no and I promise if you feel something special for her I won’t get in your way.. I honestly don’t care whether you win or lose.

James scoffed, I see you are afraid if losing Jack..just admit it already, am man enough and you on the other hand is not yet there.. he responded avoiding the question..

No, Jammy am serious we are grown ups for God’s sake, we can’t play with people’s feelings like that.. just come to think of it.. if Lucy was to find out or maybe she fell in love with you.. then what? You just damp her and leave? He asked seriously.. his face could show it.

I don’t have time for your preaching Jack, you know I get what I want and if my head tells me to go for Lucy, that’s exactly what am going to do wheather I like her or not is not the question here.. so get out of my way already, he snapped leaving Jack staring in shock..

Jack had felt bad about the unfolding of the events.. he had come to learn that Lucy was a great person.. she was humble and her life was not as exciting..

He felt so much attached to her.. that any day that would pass he would desire to see her even at a distance..

He woke up and took a quick shower before heading out to the dinning table..

James was already up that morning..

He greeted him and later his parents.. sitting down on his usual seat he neabled on his food…

Jack , I have noticed you look bothered the past days.. is everything okey sonny? His mother asked..

Am fine mama, nothing is bothering me don’t worry..

Yeah I have noticed too, James responded looking at his brother a cup of coffe close to his mouth.. are you home sick brother? He teased with a smile..

Nope ! Answered Jack not raising his head to look at his mocking brother.. am perfect here..

Yeah sure.. you look great man I can see through your lies ..

Hey guys am going out today, Charity is coming over and we are going for a tour at some place called Fringila.. i hear they sell great sausages there he added..

Mmmmh Charity? Mr Kangwa bugged in.. sonny I have seen that girl here twice now.. what’s going on between the two of you.. her father is a good friend.

Twice? Jack asked looking up at James… like trying to pin point the fact that his brother, was playing Lucy and had another girl he was hanging out with..

Yeah , James nodded.. she’s a friend dad. Nothing more. I just like hanging around with her..he said avoiding to look at Jack .

Jack shook his head in disbelief. Not understanding his brother one bit .

After breakfast he followed him to his room when James was changing to prepare himself for the outing .

Brother, tell me you are not seriously going out with another girl and you are still insisting on hurting Lucy.. what is wrong with you? He snapped standing before him..

Stay out of my life Jack, its not like i have stopped you from getting any woman you want.. mind your own business now will you? He said in his face.

Stay away from Lucy James, am serious he spat.

James pushed him back making him stamble backwards to the wardrobe..

Don’t you dare, Jack charged forward his furry mounting.. you jerk you think all women are toys.. ? You are such a loser.. you think playing games makes you a man uh?

Get out of my room Jack ! James shouted his deep voice loud enough to be heard from the other rooms.. reaching Mr Kangwas ears as he prepared to leave the house to out and inspect the workers..

Get out now! James scre-med again.. and Jack shook his head and stormed out furious.

He met his father on the way who was heading to Jame’s room to find out what was happening.

What is going on here he asked the angry Jack but he passed without answering heading out..

James ! Wait! What is going on with your brother? What is this shouting I heard Mr Kangwa asked walking to James room..

It’s nothing dad, he sighed. It was just a little misunderstanding and it is settled now, he responded.

Nothing? You call all that yelling nothing? He asked worried that his son’s were fighting..

Yeah dad.. please excuse me am late..I have to go now he said passing by his father who stood shaking his head.. he sighed and walked out leaving the door closed..

He couldnt help feel something serious was happening with his son’s.

Jack went to the garrage and got his car driving out.. he felt the urge to take some time out… he drove at a high speed as he joined the main road. He went on driving for miles before stopping at some lay by near 10 miles..

He parked the car and stepped out.. leaning on the front boot, Jack faced the direction where the car faced and sighed..

He hated the hurt feeling in his heart.. how was he going to cope with seeing his brother play around with a woman he had fallen in love with? He was certain that despite him trying to be close to Lucy, she seemed to like him just as a friend and over time he had noticed she likes James more than she did him..

He couldnt get to tell her about the bet and that James was just playing her.. he knew that would hurt her feelings even more..

Oh God help me, he sighed.. I need to put this nonsense to a stop.. but how? He shook his head.. walking up and down alone around the Bushy area he had parked..

The tension that was growing between them was making him and his brother more separated. He recalled the times growing up, when all their bets used to be funny..

He had asked his brother to bet for a girl that James was going out with.. and after some time he had managed to convince her and she damped James and accepted him..

They both laughed over it and James actually told him he was glad she left him cause he was about to get rid of her.. the two had later confronted the girl and beat her up for betraying them.

He sighed, back then they were having their childhood moments and things where not that complicated, they had been in Grade 11 and whatever they did didn’t rally matter.

Now it was different.. he knew that that time around whatever they did ended up affecting their lives.. he regretted ever agreeing to the bet.

Thinking over it, Jack decided to end his vacation and head back home. It was the only solution he could think of as to avoid fights with James.. he knew deep down his heart he would miss her but since his mind already convinced him she liked James, he was to let things be. Hoping deep down his heart James would change and take Lucy seriously.

Jack went back into the car after over an hour of thinking. He drove back home and found his parents seated outside under some tree near the house..

The weather was a bit cold and the clouds covered the sky making the day look colder that it actually was..

He went to sit next to them and they both looked at him.. expecting some kind of explaination for the shouting they had heard that morning..

Jack leaned back in the wodden chair he sat on his eyes set on the deep leaves up in the tree.. they moved slowly with the breeze and he kept on staring without saying a word..

Sonny, are you okey? His mother asked her face displaying worry at the look on her son’s face..

Every child has a parent who loved them more than the other .. and for Jack his mother loved him more than James… who was Mr Kangwas favourite.. though they never got to show it clearly.. they both knew in their hearts about that fact..

Jack sighed holding his head before answering..

Mom and dad i think am going back home tomoro.. I have at least stayed her for over a week and I feel it’s high time I went back to help run things at the company.. some things just need me to be present physically..

Mmmmh I see, Mr Kangwa responded, tell me this has nothing to do with your fight with James…

No dad that was just a minor dispute.. I planned on telling you this earlier. He lied looking away..

Okay then, you can always come over to visit after all Lusaka is just a few minutes away his Father told him.. all I want is for both of you to look out for each other and remain good friends like you have always been okey? He asked patting Jacks knee ..

Yeah dad.. not to worry everything is okay he answered still staring up..

His mother however felt something wasn’t right but she decided to speak to him over it later that day..

She sighed and handed him a cup of coffee from the small table besides her as they had been drinking it earlier..

Thank you mama, he faked a smile at his mother. She shook her head and he knew she didn’t buy his story…

To be continued…

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