The Bet

The Bet – Episode 8

THE BET Episode 8

©Tisa Phiri

He stood watching her as she talked, raising her hands and smiling broadly. she was great and beautiful, very cheerful and he was begining to like her but not to the extent of committing himself to her. they had been out together 3 times in a week and he was begining to enjoy being with her she was easy to be with.

James sighed and smiled back at Charity when she went closer to him and extended her hands to hug him. “what’s up handsome? ” she smiled with a flirt look, “it seems you are not even here you can’t even get what am saying.”

“Oh no, am here, babes just admiring your beauty ” he smiled holding her.

He however was too scared to develop any strong feelings for her. what Jack and other people didn’t know was that James had this inner fear of falling in love. He had a girlfriend in campus whom he loved so much despite him having other playing girls around.

He was played to his game when the love of his life disapointed him and went for his friend.

Since then James had never opened up to love anyone. He just saw a woman as a tool for his pleasures. He had even made it his daily trend to buy c-ndoms for his protection as he never hesitated to lay a beautiful girl whenever he could.

“Hey , let’s go have lunch now handsome,” Charity pulled him towards the restraunt. They sat and ordered some food, but James was for some reason feeling out of place.

His eyes went around the wodden and natural environment around Fringila. He loved the calmness of the surrounding and the quiteness even when there people around making him think about his brother.

James had always loved Jack and he was glad he decided to stay with him back at His house. He knew that Jack always kept him in track though he never got to admit it direct to his face.

He had noticed how Jack looked and talked about Lucy he couldn’t help admire the fact that he had genuinely fallen in love. He refused to let him win however. But he couldn’t give a reason for that either, James just hated the fact that his brother was not as wild as him and that he acted more sane and calmly.

It was a bet after all and he wasn’t going to let his young brother win, he was the oldest and according to him losing would make him seem to be weak.

“He will get over her” he thought to himself, sighing and taking a big bite on the sausage on his plate. He had been out of place from the time they had been out and Charity was getting irritated.

“Let’s go back,” James had announced when they were done eating. “I have to work on something ” he added, grabbing Charity’s hand and leading her to the car.

She complained bittery.

” But we agreed to spend the wh0le day here James”, she told him with a sad face.

She was hating the fact that James seemed less intrested in her. The only time he seemed excited around her was when they made love and that frustrated her.

She had even put on hold her going to college that week. Hoping she would get him to love her.

Back at the farm, James walked to the house and found Jack seated in the sitting room watching some movie.

“hey! “Jack greeted him.

“Hey there!” he responded waving at him.

“We are good right? ” James asked still standing.

“Yeah man, we are good and I have decided to head back home tomorrow ” Jack added.

“Oh I see, ” James answered.

“That’s too early as compared to the initial plan of staying over for more days”

“I know, ” Jack said with a chuckle.

” I decided to go see what is going on at the office. So….. ” he shrugged ” its time I gues. happy i have lost?” He asked with a more serious face than he actually intended it to be..

“Yeah! Actually am glad I won ” James answered carelesssy and left, just to peep back from the door and whispered to Jack.

“I am actually going to see her now…”

Jack smiled at him, ” best of lucky brother” he responded and set back his eyes on the TV.

Lucy was laying down in her bed when she heard a knock on the door.

She sighed as she heard the knock for the second time.. “who could it be?” she asked herself pushing her self out of the bed. she was feeling tired after a days work and she wanted to have some rest.

“Am coming!” She’s shouted, her short dressed lifted up her th-gh. she pulled it down as she walked to the door.Wiping her face she saw James standing by the door.

“James, what are you doing here? ” she asked him leaving the door wide open to allow him in. Knowing so well he wouldn’t agree to talk by the door.

He walked in, his face focused on her.. “I came to apologise for the other day Lucy,” he begun.

“I acted foolishly and am so sorry. I have no reason to judge you and I feel bad I talked that way.. .”

“It’s fine,” Lucy responded.” I understand”

“you do ? ” He asked with a smile, ” I know am not that much of a good person but I like being with you and I hope you will accept me for who I am.”

Lucy looked at his long face, his deep eyes calm and showing off some passion, she knew she liked him so much and her body was aching to have him close.

Forgetting her initial idea of telling him off and staying away, Lucy smiled at James in a way that showed him she was intrested in him.

“I love that dress,” James managed to say after a few seconds of silence.

” um am, I came to say am sorry, um..” he stammered..

“And what? ” Lucy asked him.

James looked at her from head to toe her looks raising the beast in him. he swallowed hærd trying to push the urge to launch on her and get a taste of her already.

“And I , oh God Lucy i don’t know how to say this but….. ”

He couldn’t finish his sentence and Lucy moved closer to him, “say what you want to,” she told him in a low tone that made him even crazier than he already was.

Taking the chance he had been longing for, James was excited and took her in his arms, k-ssing her and embracing her like his passions where heaped up for that very moment.

Without another word he lifted her to the bedroom his passionate eyes still focused on hers, seeing her desire and vulnerability.

Taking his time to do what he knew best, James spent the rest of the afternoon driving Lucy to some great passionate moments full of excitment.

Lucy felt fully satisfied and even fall more for James, everything felt so right at that particular time her reasoning was not as it was before. she looked at him as the perfect guy she had been waiting for. Deep down her heart she hoped that James would change his mind and once in his life become serious with her. she felt she derseved him and that God was giving her a chance to be happy again.

“Hey ! ” She whispered raising her heard to look at him as she leaned on his chest. “that was great ” she smiled..

“Yeah I know ” he chuckled..” I have longed to be with you like that since the first day you chose an animal over me. ” he faked being sad.

“What? When was that? ” Lucy asked surprised..

“Yeah the first time I saw you and asked you to take us around but you gave an excuse of going to see a sick bull or something” , he explained his hand rubbing her back .

“Oh that day” , she giggled. “Am sorry you felt that way but that’s me, I love my job and I couldn’t give up on the sick animal just to walk you around when there are plenty of people here who could esc-rt you.”

“Mmmmh you are such a proud one sweety,” he let a laugh..

It was the most fulfilling moment for Lucy but unfortunately for James it was just one of those things he did with some other girls and moved on.

His pride took the best of him and he decided to play the game longer. going to her house and making love to her for the weeks he had remaining before the leave he had was over.

What shocked and hurt Lucy was the fact that James was not intrested in her as a person, he loved her body and showed less interest in her personal life.

She felt bad but played along with his sleeping with her, she comforted herself hoping that if she gave herself more to him he would eventually fall in love with her and change.

One Morning they woke up toghether in her bed, he had sneaked out of his house and went to her.

She sat up and asked him to do the same.

“James, I have something to ask you..”

“Yes what is it?” James responded rather disappointed she had to wake him up that early to just ask him things.

“I want to know what this relationsh¡p is all about ” she told him. ” I mean, what are we and where are we going? It seems we don’t talk about us as persons and you don’t really ask me about my life, what I want to do, what I love and staff like that.. ”

“Mmmmh is that the reason why you woke me up? Lucy, come on, I thought I already made it clear way before we came this far that am not ready to committ to anyone at the moment.

Let’s take one day at a time okey? There’s nothing to rash for, let’s enjoy making out and have funny life is too short to live it all stressed out ” he smiled holding her face and going right back to sleep covering his face with the blanket.

Lucy looked at his form and tears appeared in her eyes, she felt betrayed and used, her hopes to get him to love her back where really failing and she couldn’t do a thing about it.

Standing up she walked to her bathroom and looked at her unclad self in the mirrow..

“What have you done to yourself Lucy?” She asked herself crying, “you could have ignored your feelings for James and moved on with your lonely life. it could have been better than giving yourself to someone who doesn’t care about you.”

“Oh God help me” she wipped the tears and went in to take a quick bath before heading out to take a walk outside the farm, it was a Sunday and her weekend off.

To be continued…

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