The Bet

The Bet – Episode 9

THE BET Episode 9

©Tisa Phiri

Jack had left the farm after he had a talk with his mother. He had tried to buy his way out but she caught him up in his lies.

“Just tell me the truth Jack, am no kid and I have noticed you and your brother have not been in your right altitudes towards each other lately. Is this about the veterinarian? ” She asked him and Jack quickly looked at her shocked that his mother knew something about Lucy.

“Oh mama, what about her? Come on its not that. I told you it was just a minor misunderstanding and we sorted it out.”

“Jack! ” She called out her face frowning.

“I am your mother and I have seen you both grow up, you have been out of my care for just like less than 6 years if I could guess. so don’t play that game with me, tell me you and your brother are not fighting over that girl.

I have noticed how both of you try to get close to her and I have heard stories around. so don’t you dare lie to me again.” she added sitting down on his bed whilst he lay on his back in his vest. He had prepared to go to bed early that night.

“Okay mama, you are right we had this bet to win her over and…”

“What? ” Mrs Kangwa asked shocked “you mean you and James Bet to win over a woman like you bet for games? How crazy. Jack tell me all this isn’t true..”

“Oh mama, what can i tell you ? I know we were wrong and I really regret accepting the challenge..” Jack sighed sadly.

“Mmmmh so you are telling me you accepted, meaning your brother suggested this nonsense. How ironic, I raised you two better than this Jack, and you have disapointed me.” Mrs Kangwa scolded her son.

Jack sat up and held a pillow close to him, either to conceal his shame or to show he was really sorry wasn’t so clear at the moment.

“So what happened? ” she asked after she was Done rebuking him.

“Mama the truth is, I fall in love with her and James refuse to stop the bet, he insists to win and I can’t stop him cause I can’t say the truth to her. I don’t want to hurt her mama and i know she likes me but not as much as she likes James. I can’t stay here and watch him just screw her life over without even a bit of care for her. so am leaving mama, Am sure if I stay away I will be able to forget her.” Jack expressed himself honestly..

Mrs Kangwa sighed looking at his son’s sad face. She could tell he was hurting and she had no idea how to get him feel better. he wasn’t a kid anymore, she knew he had his own life to live now though she was his mother, the only thing she could do is be there for him and guide him.

She felt disappointed that the boys decided to play around with matters of the heart. but now wasn’t the time to continue throwing it in his face that he was wrong.

“Listen sonny, ” she started, ” I don’t support what you and James did, I will in fact let your brother hear me out today. but I want you to know that this is not the end for you. There a lot of good women out there and am sure God will guide your heart to that one person you will fall in love with and you will see that Lucy wasn’t that girl after all.

I am glad you have decided to choose to live in peace with your brother and stay away.

It’s not up to you to make that woman fall for you.. let her choose what she wants.. I like her and I know she can make a good wife for any of you but that’s not for you to decide.. let her make her choice and as good sons you are I expect each one of you to respect her choice and stay put..

I get you mama, thanks.. I just hope that I would honestly feel what I feel for someone else though.. it hurts to see her and not have her..

I know my son, take it easy and believe me it will get easier, she told him patting his hand..

She talked to him at lenght and she left him to sleep..

Jack was staring out at the office building as he recalled the moments.. he had been there for over 30 minutes and his partner and friend watched him from his office as the walls were glass.. he could see Jack stand in one place lost in thoughts..

He had observed how much of such moments Jack had had since he got back from visiting his parents..

He decided to walk over to him and have a talk..

What’s eating you up Jack? he asked making Jack jump a bit coming back to the present..

Oh am sorry Hilary, I didn’t hear you walk in.. what’s up man.?.

That’s what I want to know Jack you have been acting out since you came back from your vacation and I couldnt help it.. seeing you all cooked up and groomy is unlike you my friend.. care to share?.. you know maybe I can help you..

No Jack smiled, you can’t my friend am sorry I have to work myself through this and I promise to act normal from now on. I know I need to have my mind up for our business..

Yeah I hope so too Jack. Get it togheter already and prepare for the meeting in 5 minutes he told him leaving the office..

5 minutes, Jack sighed flipping through the paper’s.. he had some presentation to give to the clients and he had not gone through it..

He quickly grabbed the file and took a quick glance at the contents..

Walking to the gents, Jack looked at his watch.. he had a minute before the Presentation..

Looking at his face one more time from the mirrow he wiped his face and walked out..

30 minutes later he walked out of the meeting and went straight out. It was lunch time and he wanted to grab something to bite.. he had not eaten any proper foods for the last 2 weeks since he returned from the farm.. James wasn’t back yet and he knew it was because he was having funny with Lucy.

He felt jealousy mounting up when thoughts of his brother sleeping with Lucy went round his head.. it was done and now Lucy was officially won over..

James would call him almost everyday and he had boasted on how he had Lucy in his palms.. she’s mine now he had said proudly..

Yeah sure James, I just hope you are not planing on damping her when you are donr playing with her.. he told him seriously..

That’s my own to judge brother and i won’t ask your permision to do I I feel like doing.. James scolded and cut his brother off.. Jack sighed pushing the sad thoughts out..

He ordered his lunch and got his phone watching posts on face book.

Lucy had accepted his friend request on FB and he almost regreted ever sending her the request.. .he had been seeing her posts lately where she would post about love and being happy.. he knew whatever it was had something to do with James.

In that particular day he looked at her new update..

” life s-cks at times… some people can never get to understand the pain of being rejected by the one you love”

Jack read the post again and couldn’t help feel rage..

It was James and he felt sweat run under his shirt ..

At that very moment his food was served but he didn’t feel like eating anymore.. he stood up and left his bill placed on the table..

He decided to call his brother and find out what was going on..

Hey Jack, he heard James answer when the phone rung for the second time..

Hey Jammy ! How is home man?

Good and am coming back today he responded before Jack could say any more.. I have stayed here for almost a month.. I think it’s time I came back.. and I have missed my kid brother..

Okay that’s good then.. will see you back at home, Jack said stopping himself from asking him things as he had planned..

Since he’s coming back, he thought to himself, I will talk to him when hes here..

Walking to the car, Jack went back to his office… trying so hærd to stay calm and just work without thinking about Lucy.

Back at the farm.. Lucy tried tried to avoid James the week that had followed.. she kept herself busy with work..

He however didn’t make any effort to see her per say .. he tried going to see her one night and she told him she was busy.. he made some advance move to get here to sleep with him but she refused.

Irritated James went back to Charity who he had not seen for some time since he started making out with Lucy.. she also wasn’t around at the time..

Days later he decided to go back to his house.. he only had a few days before his leave was over and he thought he could go and get ready for work..

Mama and dad am going back tomoro..he had told his parents as they had their supper one evening..

Mmmmh okey Sonny, but you still have days before your days are over right? Asked his father..

Yes dad, but I need to go and prepare myself i have been her for over 3 weeks and I think I have stayed enough.

His mother looked at him, sonny what about your relationsh¡p with Lucy? She asked looking at him..

What about it mama, we are just friends I told you even the other day.. he responded upset that his mother was bringing the topic he tried to avoid..

Just a friend that you sneak into her house, come on sonny, grow up already and find one person to settle down with.. don’t live your life like you are still 18 years old.. get decided okey? It’s not good to move from one person to another, remember there are diseases in this world..

I know mama and i already told you if I find the one my heart wants I will settle down.. I don’t feel Lucy is the one.. she’s great and all that but i don’t just want her for more than just friends mama please understand me..

His mother shock her heard, she wished her son could start reasoning as a 30 year old that he was.. she remembered how passionate her younger son talked about Lucy and felt bad that she had to choose James who cared less about her..

The day James was travelling he met Lucy around the farm..

What’s up? He had asked her after greeting her..

Am just doing my job here James she answered..

What’s up with you?

Am okey just dispointed you shut me off the past two days.. I wanted to have some quality time with you..

Yeah I know James.. that’s all you care about me.. s€× and nothing else.. well I won’t be a fool twice dear.. I think am not ready to be played like a toy and I don’t really care what you say anymore.. I love you genuinely and look at you.. you can’t even tell a thing about my life.. the only thing you know is my body..

Oh no don’t say it like that Lucy, believe me I care for you in my own way he smiled holding her hand..

Lucy sighed, yeah what ever you say its great James,

And I can’t take it anymore so leave me alone already she scolded withdrawing her hand..

He grabbed her by the wa-ist and pulled her towards himself k-ssing her..

She tried to push him away but he held her tight.. i came to say bye sweety he whispered still holding her… and I want you to know that I care and trust you enough.. no wonder I made love to you without any protection which I rarely do with some other people he added with a smile..

As though that should make me happy Lucy pushed him back.. just go already she said her eyes almost tearing.

Am sorry Lucy I really am.. I wish we could have more funny but my time is up.. am sure we will get to meet again after all, this place isn’t that far.. take care okey?

Lucy watched him as he left.. tears rolling down her face.she knew in her heart that his leaving could be the end of them..sniffing and wiping her face Lucy turned to walk to her office..

Ngulube, the driver watched at a distance how sad Lucy looked.. he shook his heard sadly.. how ironic, he whispered to himself.. women mostly fall for the wrong persons and are blinded not to see beyond their nose.. he had been hearing stories from the workers how Lucy and James had grown close..

He knew James didn’t love her but it wasn’t possible to warn her..

Just the previous week James had sent him to take a parcel to another woman named Charity at some farm a few miles away.. he knew something was going on between James and that Charity…

However what really shocked him was that.. the time he reached Charity’s place, she was with another guy and from the awkward position he saw them in, he could tell they were not mare friends ..

He didnt get to tell that to James.. it wasn’t his business anyway, he had thought..

Ngulube held his wa-ist as he stood near the canter he had been cleaning that morning..

It is a crazy world he thought to himself… he wished he was in James shoes being loved by Lucy.. but the reality was different.. he was just a grade 12 with nothing but a driver’s licence to his name.. finding that Job at the Kangwa’s farm was a blessing.. he was given a house and his pay was enough to feed him and his two sisters he had to raise since his parents where poor and lived on the little they could gather from their small farm around that area..

He wished things were different for him and the circ-mstances in his life would allow him to take a step and courage to propose the woman he felt so much in love with even when she could barely see past his position as a driver..

Some day he sighed getting back to finish what he was doing, maybe someday.. i will get to fall in love with someone who can love me for who I am he shrugged pouring water in the back of the canter befoe scrabing off the dirty.

To be continued…

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