The Betrayal

The betrayal episode 10 – 11


The betrayal 😪
(A short story)
Episode Ten

Few minutes later,I got home.I saw Mom watching TV in the living room,when she noticed my presence she switched off the TV

“How did it go?”Mom asked

“It didn’t go well”I lied, pretending to be sad.

‘Mianhae,we can go for plan B then”She said.

“It worked!!”I screamed, jumping on her and she screamed too.

“Wow, I’m so happy, let’s celebrate it”Mom said, calling the maids to bring drinks and food.

“I’m going out to see Lora in the afternoon”I informed her, drinking my wine.

“Okay, let’s plan the step 2″Mom said.

“When I gain her trust fully then I will start feeding her lies that her husband is cheating on her or what do you think?”I asked, smiling devilishly

“I love it but we need to hire a lady that will drug Jayden when he’s [email protected] and the lady must be with him while you go out to call Lora”Mom said

“That’s a great idea”I said happily.

*In the afternoon*

I was reading in our private library when my phone rang and I picked it up to see that it’s Lora that’s calling.

“Hello,Lora”I greeted, trying to sound normal

“Hey,Min Seok!, I’m sorry I won’t be able to go out with you because My husband is around,He just came back from Jamaica for business”She said.

“Oops, it’s okay then”I said sadly but it’s not okay,why will I be okay?

“But you can come over,I will send the address to you when I hang up”She said

“Wow,Yeah,I can come over”I said, trying not to let her know that I like her idea.

“Okay”She said and hung up

“Excellent idea,she made it easier for me”I said, laughing hysterically.

The betrayal 😪
(A short story)
Episode Eleven
My phone beeped,I checked my phone and it turned out that Lora have sent the address which made me screamed once again.


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changed my clothes,I wore a short pink gown with a silver high heels and a pink purse.

“Wait….I think I’ve forgotten something”I thought within myself, trying to remember what that thing is.Then I saw the necklace I put Camera inside and I wore it

I went to Mom’s room to informed her that I’m on my way to Lora’s house.

“Mom,Lora said I should meet her in her house because Jayden is around”I informed her

“Okay”She nodded and I walked out of her room.I entered my car and drove off

Few minutes later,I got to her house,I knocked on the door,Lora opened the door immediately as if she’s been waiting for me to do so.

“Hey,Lora!”I greeted her, entering her their living room.

“Min Seok”She called, hugging me.

“You’ve got a nice apartment”I said


said, ushering me to sit down.

“Where’s my Michael?”I asked, looking around for the sight of the child

“He’s with his dad, wait, I’m coming,I need to tell him that you are around”She said, walking out of the living room.

Immediately she left,I removed the Camera in my necklace and put it inside a flower vase and sat down back.

Lora came out with her Husband and Michael laughing heartily and this made me rolled my eyes.

“Sweetheart, this is the lady I told you about that I met her at the shopping mall this morning”She said, smiling at him and he smiled back.

“Min Seok, this is my husband, Jayden”She introduced her husband to me.

I stood up and shook Jayden’s hands then our eyes met

Episode Eleven

“He’s more handsome than before”I thought within myself

Lora went to the Kitchen to bring our food and we went to the Dinning room to eat.

“Do you live around here”Jayden asked, staring at me from the corner of his eyes

“No,I live in the next street”I answered,smiling like a fool

“I like you already”Lora said, feeding her child

“I like you too”I said,I caught Jayden staring at me

“We are in need of a Nanny in case you see anyone that’s interested”Lora said

“Wow, that’s good.You really need a Nanny”I said, thinking of making use of this opportunity for my revenge.

We finished eating,Lora cleared the table.

“Your son really look like you,I meant he’s handsome like his father”I said sweetly and smiled.

“Thanks,Min Seok”He thanked me and smiled, showing his dimples.

“Thanks for inviting me over,Lora”I said when I sighted her coming out of the kitchen.

“You welcome”She said smiling.

“It’s a pleasure meeting you,Mr Jayden”I said, shaking his hands.

“The pleasure is all mine”He said, looking at me closely.


don’t want to be rude but why are you staring at me like that”I asked and he laughed

“Your voice sounded like someone I know,let’s forget about that.”He said, putting his hands inside his pocket.

“Okay”I nodded, walking out with Lora

“Please, don’t forget about the Nanny’s stuff I told you about”She reminded me and I nodded absently because my minds are far away

I entered my car,sat down for a while
about what Jayden said earlier and it kept on ringing in my ears

“Was he referring to me?”I asked myself

“No,it can’t be”I shouted, shaking my head vigorously as I drive


What will happen next?

What if she fall in love with him again?

Do you think Jayden know that she’s Ariana

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