The Betrayal

The betrayal episode 12 – 13


The betrayal 😪
(A short story)
Episode Twelve

I got home and went to my room straight because I was bothered about what Jayden said.

What if he recognize me?What will I do? Should I still revenge or I should let go?

Many questions were running into my minds that I didn’t know when I slept off.

*At night*

Someone woke me up and i stood up to see Mom sitting beside me, staring at my face.

“Min Seok,are you okay?”Mom asked worriedly.

“Yes, I’m fine”I answered her, avoiding her gaze

“Did Jayden recognize you?Did Lora sent you out?Why are you worried?”She asked, holding my hands and I laughed.

“Mom,Which question do you want me to answer?”I asked still laughing.

“All”She answered, still holding my hands.

“Jayden said My voice sounded like someone he knows but Lora didn’t send me out”I said

“Okay,Trust me he was just guessing”She said and I sighed.

“Mom,they need a Nanny and I think we should use this opportunity wisely”I said and smiled.

Mom went out to call one of the maids and returned with her

“Here I am,ma”The maid said and bowed

“You are Amanda White,the only daughter of Mr White who’s currently In the hospital because he has cancer and they need to do surgery for him but you don’t have a dime that’s why you are working with us”Mom said, smiling at the maid.

The maid was surprised that Mom knows so much about her.

“Surprised?”Mom asked and she nodded

“Well, you need to work as a Nanny in Mr Jayden Mendes’s house and I will give you a slow poison that you will be adding to their food everyday and you must make sure they eat it”Mom said, smiling devilishly.

“I…. I…. can’t……it,ma”The maid stammered, looking scared.

“You can’t do it?”Mom asked raising her brows

“Yes”She nodded

“I guessed you don’t love your father as I thought”Mom said, picking her phone pretending to be on a call with the doctor.

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“Hello, Doctor,I want you to kill someone In your hospital,his name is Mr White”Mom said, looking at the maid

The betrayal 😪
(A short story)
Episode Thirteen

When the maid heard this,she started shaking, staring at me while I looked away.


will do it”She said reluctantly,tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Good girl,You are starting tomorrow”Mom informed her

“Okay,ma”The maid nodded

“If you let them suspect you,I will kill you and your father”Mom said looking as if she wanna kill her.

“I won’t let them suspect me”The maid said

“You can go back and sleep”Mom said.

The maid walked out with tears rolling down her cheeks and I felt guilty but I quickly waved it away because I need to revenge.

“You need to tell Lora that you have got her a nanny and you will take Amanda there,okay?”Mom said and I nodded and walking out of my room while I slept back.

*In the morning*

I woke up around 10am, rubbing my hands on my eyes.

I walked sluggishly to the bathroom to have my bath and brushed my teeth.

I wore a pink crop top and Black jean with sneakers and carried a pink bag

I went to Mom’s room to tell her that I’m going to Lora’s house with Amanda and I bid her farewell.

“Amanda!Amanda!Amanda!”I shouted, walking towards the Maids quarters.I was about to knock that was when she opened the door

The betrayal 😪
(A short story)
Episode thirteen

“Good morning,ma”She said, bowing her head

“Morning,Amanda,are you ready?”I asked and she nodded

We walked out of the house and entered my car and drove off.

Few minutes later,we got to Lora’s house,I knocked the door and she opened the door, wearing only her pyjamas.

“Morning,Babe”I greeted her, ushering us inside.

“Morning,Min Seok”She replied, staring at Amanda.

“Well, this is the Nanny I got for you, she’s my friend’s sister”I lied

“Wow,Thank you so much”She thanked me, hugging me tightly.

“What’s your name?”Lora asked

“My name is Amanda White,ma”Amanda answered, bowing her head.

“Nice name,Your work start now, Money is not an issue, tell me any amount you want”Lora said smiling at Amanda while I rolled my eyes.

“Okay ma but let Madam Min Seok to decide on the Amount you wanna give me”Amanda said, staring at the floor.

“Is she not Happy about it?”Lora asked me,staring at her face

“She’s happy, she’s just a shy girl or are you not Happy?”I asked Amanda,staring at her deadly

“I am”Amanda answered.

“I will be going now,Lora”I said, hugging Lora and I turned to Amanda to hug her,I moved her closer and whispered gently into her ears”The poison is inside your bag”

Walking out with Lora and I stopped walking to look at Amanda once again and mouthed to her”Don’t make any stupid mistake or you and your father will die” and I continued walking.

“Thanks once again”Lora said

“You are welcome, darling.Moreover,we are friends now, right”I asked and she nodded.

“Where’s your husband?”I asked

“He’s at work”She replied smiling sheepishly.

“You are so lucky to have him.Do you really trust him?”I asked

“Yes,of course”She nodded.

“You know men are not to be trusted.Just becareful”I advised her, pretending to be a good friend.

“I will,Min Seok”She said

I entered my car,I saw her waving at me and I waved back smiling wickedly.


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