The Betrayal

The betrayal episode 14 – 16


The betrayal 😪
(A short story)
Episode Fourteen

I got home,I saw Mom In the living Making call but when she noticed my presence,she hung up immediately.

“Mom,Who are you calling?”I asked, sitting down beside her.

“Jayden’s Employee, He’s coming here with some docvments”Mom said.

“Oh,wow”I said,covering my mouth with my hands.

“We gonna sell his company without him knowing”Mom explained.

“Okay “I nodded

“I’ve seen a lady that will blackmail Jayden,She have sent some pictures of her and Jayden.All you have to do is to show Lora”Mom said.

“Hmmmm”I said, Wondering how the lady got the pictures.

“Call her now”she commanded.

I took my phone to call Lora and she picked it immediately.

“Babe,I have something to show you and it’s very urgent”I said

“Oops,Where do you want us to meet?”She asked

“Your house”I said.

“Okay”She said and I hung up.

“Mom,I need to go”I said, putting the pictures inside my bag.

“Bye”She waved at me and I waved back.

Walking out of the room,I entered my car and zoomed off.

I reached Lora’s house,I knocked the door and she opened it, ushering me inside.

“See your Jayden”I said, putting the pictures on the table for her to see and she picked it up

“This is not my Jayden”She said, shaking her head vigorously.

“Then who?”I asked, raising my brows

“It can’t be,why will Jayden be
cheating on me”?She asked in disbelief and I smirked.

“That’s Men for you,I asked you in the morning if you trust him because I’ve been seeing him around one Lady,her name is Sharon”I lied and she bursted into tears.

“Wow,my plan is working”I thought within myself and smiled.

“I’m sorry,babe take heart,he doesn’t need your love,show him you are the boss here,you can even ask for divorce”I advised her, putting my arms around her.

“I think that’s a great idea”She said, wiping her tears away and I stood up.

“Amanda!Amanda!!Amanda!!”I shouted, walking inside the kitchen

“I’m here,ma”she said, bowing her head.

“Bring food for Lora,I think she’s hungry”I said, folding my hands.


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will”Amanda said.

“Put the poison in her food now”I said quietly, walking closer to Amanda and I whispered”If you disobey me,you know what gonna happen to your father” and I walked out of the kitchen to meet Lora

The betrayal 😪
(A short story)
Episode Fifteen


walked out of the kitchen to meet Lora.

“I’ve told Amanda to cook something for you”I said, sitting beside her.

“I’m not hungry”Lora said, staring down at the floor.

“Take”I said, stretching the spoon full of food forward, telling her to open her mouth and she did.

Few minutes later,I was done feeding her.

“I need to go now,Lora.Make sure you rest”I said,pretending to look out for her.

“Okay”She nodded.

I put the pictures back inside my bag, walking out of the room and I turned back.

“Ohhh,do you mind if you can go to club with me tonight”I said, staring at her.


think I will go”She said and smiled while I faked a smile.

“Bye, take care of yourself”I said,waving my hands and continue walking.

*At home*

I got home to see Mom having a discussion with a young gentleman.

“Mom”I called, sitting beside her.

“Min Seok,this is Mr Jack, Jayden’s Manager”She introduced.

I shook Mr Jack, staring at him from up and down while smiling sheepishly.

“He has brought some docvments,so we are selling his Company soon because we’ve seen someone that want to buy it”Mom explained, crossing her leg.

“Wow, that’s awesome”I said.

“Mr Jack,you can go back to work now”Mom said quietly.

Mr Jack stood up and I stood up too to shake his hands and he walked out.

“Mom, I’ve shown the pictures to Lora.Moreover,we are going to club tonight”I announced happily since my plans are going smoothly.

“Good”She said,placing her fingers on her mouth.

“I will drug her then hired a guy that will sleep with her and video it”I said happily.

“That’s my girl”Mom said, hugging me tightly.


I wore a short transparent gown with high heels and I free my hair.

I texted mom to inform her that I’m going to Lora’s house to pick her up

I entered my car and drove off,heading to Lora’s house

Few minutes later,I got to her house,I knocked on the door and she opened it.

The betrayal 😪
(A short story)
Episode Sixteen

“Is your husband around”I asked.

“No, he’s on a business trip”She said which made me smile to myself.


you ready?”I asked,staring at the dress she wore.

“Yeah but I need to wear my shoes”She said, entering her room.

I used that time to call Amanda outside.

“How is the plan going?I asked slowly not wanting Lora to hear us.

“It’s going smoothly”Amanda replied, scratching her back which made me to suspect her.

“Are you sure?Did you give her son, Michael too?”I asked, walking towards her,glaring hard at her.

“I’m sure”Amanda said quietly.

“What are you guys talking about?”Lora asked walking towards us.

“Nothing, I’m just asking if she’s taking good care of you”I lied, faking a smile.

“Or is that not so?”I asked, glaring at Amanda,daring her to say “No”and see the consequences.

“Yes,Ma”She replied, walking inside her room.

“You are a good friend”She said smiling at me and I smiled back.

“Let’s go”I said,holding her hands and walked out of the room.

We entered my car and drove off

Few minutes later,we got there

“Wow, it’s beautiful”She said, walking inside.

“Yo, Let’s go crazy”I said happily, dragging her to the bartender.

“Give us a drink”I ordered,using my eyes to signal to him to start the business.

Wondering what I meant by Business?Yes,I told the Bartender that I’m coming here with a lady and He should drugs her through the drinks he’s going to give her.
I’m smart,right?I know I’m smart.

I collected the drinks and gave it to Lora to drink

“Come on,drink it”I said, drinking my own drinks.

“Mmm, it’s sweet”She said, drinking her drinks, licking her lips and I smiled

“Oops, what’s wrong with me?”She asked, rubbing her eyes with her hands and yawned loudly.

“I don’t know”I said, looking at her.

Within an hour,she slept off peacefully.

When I saw that she have slept,I clapped my hands and a young man came out, walking towards us.

“You can start now”I commanded,He carried Lora up, walking towards his car and I entered his. car.


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