The Betrayal

The betrayal episode 17 – 18


The betrayal😪
(A short story)
Episode Seventeen

We got to his house,he carried Lora to his room and I followed him.

He placed her on the bed,removing her clothes while I stood beside him with my phone ready to video them.

He unbuckled his belt and slept beside Lora, caressing her face,he put her n!poles into his mouth while fingering her cl!toris and Lora m0aned out.

He put his Cock in between her [email protected],fvcking her hard.

He bent down, sucking her navel and he spread her legs wider,sucking her cl!toris while fondling her n!poles

He put the tip of his Cock inside her cl!toris, fvcking her slowly.

Then he thrusted into her deeply, making Lora to m0an loudly

I stopped videoing them and I walked out of the room,not wanting to interrupt them.


I got home,I met Mom in the living room, dancing to a music with a glass of wine in her hand.

“Omma”I called, trying to get her attention but she didn’t answer probably she didn’t notice my presence not until I paused the music.

“Who Paused the music”She asked, turning around to see me standing while I smiled.

“Mom,are you celebrating something?”I said,ignoring her questions.

“Ohh, Jayden’s Company is now ours except the one that is in Chicago but I’ve set it on fire already”She said, sitting beside me.

“Jinjja?,Mom,I’ve got the video of Lora with a guy Making out”I said, giving her my phone.

“That’s my daughter, Jayden is coming back home today”She announced

I collected my phone from her to inform the guy that make out with Lora to drive her home.

“Mom, Let’s Celebrate”I said, standing up to play the music while I danced, twisting my waist.

“Oh, yeah”Mom said and stood up.

*Next day*

The ring tone of my phone woke me up, thinking of who’s calling me by this time and I picked it up


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Seok”Lora called cheerfully.

“Lora?”I asked, rubbing my eyes.

“Yes, it’s me”She said, laughing hysterically.

“Why are you calling me by this time”I asked, rolling my eyes.

“Jayden came home yesterday but he’s going to a friend of his this morning so I was thinking if we can hang out together”She said


yeah, we can”I said, smiling to myself.

“Komansupmida”She said, blowing me a kiss and hung up.

I stood up, wearing my slippers, heading to Mom’s room to inform her.

The betrayal 😪
(A short story)
Episode Eighteen

I was about to open the door when I heard Mom talking to someone on phone

“I’m just using her,she thought I love her”Mom said, laughing hysterically.

This got my attention, who’s she talking about?Is she reffering to me?Hell,No!It can’t be me.

I opened the door and entered,Mom hung up immediately she saw me .

“Did you hear anything?”Mom asked, scratching her back which made me to suspect her


lied,shaking my head

“Are you sure?”She asked me again, staring at me closely and I nodded.

“Mom,Lora said she want us to hang out together”I informed her, sitting beside her on the bed.

“Okay, you can go”She said and I stood up, walking out of her room

But Mom’s statement”I’m just using her,she thought i love her”kept on ringing in my ears which got me worried.

I got to my room, thinking of what to do next.I stood up,pacing around the room while folding my hands.

I went to the bathroom to run a quick shower.
Then I wore Black Jean and White blouse with white Sneakers.I packed my hair into ponytail.

I carried my bag and walked out without telling Mom.

I picked my phone up to call Lora to meet me on the road because I won’t be coming to pick her up

Within few minutes, Lora came to meet me.

“Min Seok”She called my name, running towards me

“Hey,Lora, how are you?”I asked,faking a smile

“I’m fine, let’s go”She said, putting her hands on my shoulder

We took a cab to the nearest restaurant.We entered the restaurant and sat down

A young waiter came to ask us of what we want

“Do you have French fries”Lora asked, putting her hands under her chin

“Yes, Ma’am”The waiter said

“Okay,bring two plate of French fries and Coffee too”Lora ordered and the waiter walked away

immediately the waiter left,we bursted into laughters.

“Why are we laughing?”We said at the same time which made us laugh once again.

People in the restaurant were looking at us as if we’ve gone mad

The sound of the ringtone of my phone stopped us from laughing

“Sorry,I need to pick this”I said,showing Lora my phone,I stood up and walked outside of the restaurant to pick the call

“Mom,why are you calling me”I asked in annoying way.


down,We just trapped Jayden with a lady inside Star Hotel”She said

“Jayden?How come?I thought he went for a business trip”I asked still in shock, ruffling my hair

“That’s what we call connection”Mom said, laughing at me.

“So what do you want me to do”I asked


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