The Betrayal

The betrayal episode 21 – 22


The betrayal 😪
(A short story)
Episode Twenty-One

“What’s the matter?”I broke the silence,staring at him.

“I was told that I signed a docvment and I’ve been sued to court”He said, rubbing his hands on his face.

Immediately he said that,my mind went to Mom.I’m sure she’s the one behind this.

“What are you going to do?”I asked worriedly but he just stared at me without saying anything and walked out of the ward.

“Lora,come let’s go.”I said, pulling Lora away from the dead body of Michael.

“I will call someone to bury him in the Mortuary”I said while we walked out of the room but Lora couldn’t stop looking back

We went outside of the hospital and took a cab to her house.

Few minutes later,we got there and I knocked,the door opened revealing Jayden and we entered.

“You ruined my life!!Are you happy now that Michael is gone?”Lora said angrily, pacing around the room

“I ruined your life?Do you even care about me?You Don’t even ask me how I got there Making out with a lady”He fired back, gritting his teeth.

“I don’t fvcking care!You are a cheat, you rascal!”She yelled while I tried to calm her down.

“Ohh, I’m a cheat?What about you?”He asked, laughing hysterically.

“What about me? I’m a loving wife,I haven’t ever cheated on you”She said sweetly

“You are not a cheat?What about this?”He brought out his phone and gave it to her.

I stood up to meet Lora to see what she’s watching then I saw the video of her making out with a man

Remember that video?But how did Jayden got it?I didn’t remember sending it to him.ohh, it’s Mom’s work

“What do you have to say?”He asked Lora while Lora kept quiet.

“Cat got your tongue?Why are you not talking?Ohhh, you think I won’t know?”He asked, raising his brows

“You fool!How did you get this video?”She asked, hitting his chest and he pushed her away while Lora landed on the floor

I rushed to her to carry her up.

“Are you okay?”I asked, dusting her clothes with my hands.

“I want a divorce”She said, pushing my hands away

“Ohh,I will gladly give you since my company is bankrupt now and My house is not mine anymore”He dropped the bomb

What? His company is in bankruptcy?His house is not his anymore? Isn’t that great? I’ve achieved my aims already

When I was in Coma for two years,he didn’t come to check up on me instead he got married to Lora and had a child.He sold my companies and my house too

I’m glad that his marriage is in mess because of me but I’m guilty of killing Little Michael who’s innocent

Mom helped me to revenge on him.If not for her,Jayden will go Scot free.

Even though I’ve achieved my aims but why am I feeling guilty?

Lora thought I’m her friend but I’m not.i’m just using her to ruin them and I did.

Mom is the best,she made it easier for me

The betrayal 😪
(A short story)
Episode Twenty Two

“You’ve lost your job?”Lora asked in surprise

“Yeah”He replied, shrugging his shoulder.

“How?Why?”She asked, standing beside him.

“Nevermind,you asked for divorce and I will give you.I’m gonna call my lawyer”Jayden said, walking out of the room.

“Aigooo,I need to pack my luggages”She said and walked out also, leaving me alone and I sat down.

Few minutes later,Lora came out with her luggages

“Let’s go”She said, gesturing me to stand up

We walked out of the house and took a cab to Royal Hotel for her to stay there

“I gotta go”I said, waving at her

“Bye, thanks for being there for me,I really appreciate it.You are truly a good friend”She said while smiling which brought tears into my eyes

I deceived her, I’m not a good friend at all.I just used her to get my revenge and I’m feeling guilty already.

“Why are you crying?”Lora asked,wiping my tears with the back of her hands

“I’m not crying”I said, shaking my heads vigorously to convince her

“You are”She said sadly, hugging me tightly

“I’m sorry,Lora.I’m sorry for everything,I’m sorry for all the pain I caused you”I said and bursted into uncontrollable tears

“Why are you saying you are sorry?You did not do anything to me”She said with tears.

“I hope you understand it soon”I said.

My phone rang and I picked the call, moving aside.

“Min Seok, you need to come home right now”Mom said

“Okay,Omma”I said, nodding my head and hung up.

“Mom want me to come right now”I said, hugging Lora once again and left

Thirty minutes later

I got home and saw Mom in the living room pacing around.

“Mom”I said and tapped her back


Seok,we need to go somewhere right now”She said sounding suspicious

“Where? Why?”I asking,raising my brows

“I can’t answer your question now”She said,taking a black scarf on the table and walked towards me while I moved back in fright, hitting my back on the wall.

“I got you”Mom said smiling sheepishly


Do you think what Min Seok is doing is right?

What do you think her Mom is trying to do?

What do you have to say to Lora and Jayden?

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